COOK WITH ME | Healthy + Vegetarian Buddha Bowls! ✨

COOK WITH ME | Healthy + Vegetarian Buddha Bowls! ✨

Hello friends I’ll sing and welcome to
the very first episode of Allison eats so basically this will just be a series of
cook with me videos that I post every other Sunday morning and I just hope to
provide some healthy and easy meal inspiration and I’ll just be sharing my
favorite recipes for lunch or dinner maybe even breakfast sometimes who knows
and I’m kicking off this series with one of my all-time favorite recipes and
meals and that is a bootable I love this recipe and think it is perfect to kick
things off with because it is so incredibly easy and you can customize it
to fit your flavor profiles and your taste buds so I really hope you guys
enjoy it I wanted to read you the definition of what a bootable is just in
case you’ve never heard of it before so a bootable is a vegetarian meal served
on a single Bowl or high rimmed plate which consists of small portions of
several foods served cold this would be a really great meal idea to take in your
lunchbox for work or school or college wherever you are in life or a yummy meal
to meal prep at the beginning of the week and then you can have it for dinner
throughout the week so I really hope you guys love it and let’s get into it so
for this recipe you’ll need garlic powder onion powder some chili lime
seasoning oregano a red onion avocado sweet potato lemon green pepper naan
bread cherry tomatoes spinach plain Greek yogurt garbanzo beans hummus and
quinoa I’ll list all the ingredients down below and of course you can use
whatever spices you prefer a really are able to customize this recipe which is
one of the reasons why I love it okay so I have all my ingredients in front of
me and I like to pair my beautiful with some naan bread and a yogurt sauce just
to make it a little more fun and exciting because this is a very healthy
healthy meal so for me as a bread lover and card lover this just adds a whole
nother level of yumminess for me so I love that and the first step is to
just basically the only step is just throw everything together so I chopped
my onion already and I’m just going to add that to my spinach full and again
you really are just gonna eyeball this and do what feels good for you and what
sounds good for you and in your body but I like to put personally I like to put a
nice big spoonful of quinoa and that will help us get our greens and I’ve
just been keeping a container of cooked quinoa in our fridge so that it’s just
super easily accessible and makes this meal that much easier to create and even
if I don’t make an actual bootable I would love to have salads with quinoa
makes more filling okay and then I’m going to add my onions and some are
ready but I’m add a little bit more and only two things that I actually cook for
this recipe is my sweet potato and my garbanzo beans because I love them
crunchy so for my sweet potato I’m going to do is I’m going to slice it into
little round slices put some olive oil and sea salt and
pepper on it and throw it in my airfryer if you don’t have an air fryer that’s
totally fine you can pop it in the oven or if you want to just if the sweet
potato if it’s too difficult you can just cook the chickpeas on a skip some
olive oil and sea salt and they’ll get nice and nice and crunchy but for me I
just absolutely love my airfryer so much and you just make cooking so much more
efficient so I’m gonna cook those two things real quick and while it’s cooking
it we can assemble everything else okay I’m just gonna throw everything in
my airfryer these are my sweet potatoes and I I just cooked them together but I
just kind of separate them my airfryer came with a little separating wall that
you can attach but I mean it’s not that fancy no need to be that particular um
and then we like our garbanzo beans so I usually put quite a bit okay that looks
good to me and it’s totally okay if there’s like on the same side but
because I end up shaking it up anyways but for now I’ll just leave them a
little separated and then I keep my olive oil in this spray bottle just a
little life hack for you guys it just helps make everything easier
sort of pouring it I don’t think this is the best spray bottle for olive oil but
hey it works and then I’m just going to sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper
on top and then for cooking settings I put it
up 400 because I again love to be efficient and then I cook it for about
eight minutes and I’ll check it and see if it needs more time so I’ll link my
exact airfryer below in case you’re interested in it again
I really love it it’s essentially like a small oven so anything you can cook in
the oven you can pretty much cook in the airfryer if it will fit people even tell
me that they love to bake cakes in it and all that good stuff so it’s really
interesting such a good invention and again the biggest reason why I love it
is because it makes things super crispy on all sides and it’s so so fast okay so
while those are getting and nice and crispy well everything else it’s a
little bit green about peppers you can use what ever peppers you want or these
no peppers it really just depends on what you prefer and I need to cut up
these Tomatoes you don’t have to cut them but I like learning little smaller
pieces and I love these tricolor to me yes I just love when my food looks so
colorful and I do love the tastes of the other
ones I’m sure they like barely even taste differently to most people but
maybe she’s in my head I think just like that our garbanzo beans and sweet
potatoes are cooked so I’m gonna let them cool for just a few minutes and
while those are cooling we can make our yogurt sauce so if you’re vegan you can
make vegan yogurt sauce but I’m not and I just used this organic Greek yogurt in
the plain make sure you get the plain flavor because you don’t want vanilla
yogurt on your bootiful and we use this as a substitute for a sour cream and
literally it tastes almost exactly the same it’s healthier so why not so I just
take about that much yogurt and then I just add some of my favorite spices to
it so these are just a few of my basics and I’m going to sprinkle leaves on top
of my beautiful at the end as well so oh my
these are my most frequently used spices of course salt and pepper are just a
staple but then we have this Chilean lime one from Trader Joe’s which i think
is so delicious but it’s just a combination of sea salt chili pepper red
chili pepper lime juice powder citric acid and rice concentrate which I don’t
know what that is but hopefully it’s okay and then we have cayenne pepper if
you don’t like spicy food you can just skip this one and then garlic powder
onion powder oregano leaves lover you know and that’s it okay so for the
yogurt sauce I am going to add some onion powder just couple of sprinkles
and then garlic powder cayenne pepper I love spicy so we’re
just gonna do like a lot of that and then it’s a chili and lime seasoning and
then some pepper okay so I’m just chopping it off with my favorite
seasonings it’s already so flavorful but I am a spice obsessed gal so the more
the merrier in my book and then we’re gonna squeeze some and then add your
yogurt sauce I just add a scoop at first and then I add more like home hunts
visible so full so once I get closer to the bottom I add more but there we go
that’s beautiful just like that we’re done you have your
beautiful bootable that’s so healthy and packed with nutrients and very filling
and for the naan bread I like to keep mine up because I love warm naan bread
so I just pop it in my airfryer for like a minute on 300 degrees and it just gets
nice more and soft and I also like to use my yogurt dip as a little dip for
the naan bread and sometimes I’ll kind of make like a naan bread bootable taco
and I’ll tear a piece off and then add some bootable in it and take a bite out
of that super super yummy and I hope you guys love this recipe as much as I do if
you end up making it feel free to tag me in your stories your posts anything like
that I would love to see you guys recreating this and of course I did not
invent the bootable it’s really just like whatever you want to make it so
just wanted to say that as a disclaimer that I’m not the brains behind the
bootable but I wanted to share my personal variation of it but thank you
guys so much for watching my first Allyson eath I’m so excited to continue
doing this and help you all enjoy it and I’ll see you super soon

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