Corruption, neglect cripples Pakistan's public health system

Corruption, neglect cripples Pakistan's public health system

this mother has just lost her 3 year old daughter Zakia she had brought her to this government hospital in Pakistan's – Parker district for treatment Zakia is one of the nearly 500 children under the age of 5 who died in this region every year over 40 percent of children actually under 5 are stunted we have a situation of almost 20% underweight and 15 percent wasted it is definitely a wake-up call that there is a silent emergency in the country and it needs urgent attention from all concerned the other girls sharing Zakia's bed also died most children here are killed by preventable diseases because they're malnourished bodies are too weak to fight them malnourishment here is a multi-faceted issue even the mothers are either malnourished or have stunted growth they have children every year and because they're so poor they can't provide proper nutrition for their children Pakistan's health sector has been neglected for decades corruption and bad governance have been made worse by a lack of awareness and literacy the bigger the family the less food there is to go around so there's a whole multi sectoral approach to this washing hands not defecating in the open not becoming ill because then you can keep inside the children or keep inside the food and the nutritious that they do get so lots of different factors it's not just about an absolute lack of food sorta had six children but he lost one child recently the others also don't get enough food every day in addition to one toddler in the family his wife is pregnant once again there's no food no electricity you can see our lives in this Hut but despite the poverty in this predominantly Hindu community in other areas across Pakistan the population is growing doctors say stunted growth and children begins even before they're born yeha Pazzo's a bizarre that caught a critical reason of malnutrition related deaths is lack of family planning and birth spacing that's resulting in anemic mothers in miscarriages Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about the problem of malnutrition in his inaugural speech last August but a weak economy means his governments have to slash the health budget in the largest province and the provinces have also reduced money for health care especially for mothers and children this means parents like Zakia's will likely continue to suffer sama been Javed al-jazeera Mitte southern Pakistan

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41 thoughts on “Corruption, neglect cripples Pakistan's public health system

  1. So sad, isn't it? Pakistan has so much potential, but all have been wasted for the past 30 years and now they are a new level of degradation!!

  2. 1:28 He says, we are so poor, checkout our miserable condition !! but then his wife is pregnant with his 7 child. Seriously dude 😠

  3. This is the result of corruption, and the irony is that the money that is meant for these people is invested in the western countries, it’s shameful for the so-called developed nations not to return that ill gotten money to the poor plundered nations.

  4. To Pakistan religion fundamentalist are more important.
    To Pakistan supporting and spending millions on terrorist groups like Taliban are more important.
    To Pakistan ruling over poor innocent people is more important.
    This nation should not exist. It’s a land build by British to divide people and make Pakistan a terrorist factory for Asian nation.

  5. This is very pathetic. This happens because the bureaucracy of Pakistan is engage in terrorism & war with India! I suggest the government to do something for the public!

  6. Stop being pregnant if you can’t afford to take care of the children. You are suffering the children by bringing them into a world and not being able to take care of them.

  7. Corruption and neglect are also affecting the migrant children at the US border being held in concentration camps.. International sanctions need to be placed against the US for 'playing' with war with Iran and crimes against humanity. When US policy makers travel outside the US, the International Court of Justice should charge them with crimes against humanity and arrest them. The US has abandoned all thought of human rights. Enough!

  8. I would like to congratulate you on the wedding of the leader of the homosexuals in Turkey, Ardokan, on the spoiled young boy Prince Tamim, where the wedding ceremony was legendary attended by thousands of homosexuals and gays in Turkey
    We congratulate Qatar for this great achievement despite the siege

  9. I don't understand why poor countries like this spend billions on nuclear bomb and army while their people struggle. Dirty politicians inhumane!!!!

  10. Madarchod Nawaz sharif pmln and ppp zardari dono madarchod kha gae humare azeem mulk Pakistan ko Maki lodi Maryam Nawaz imran khan zindabad

  11. All Pakistani politicians are criminals and corrupts and they are terror they got billion US dollars in the name of terror and they create taliban they spent it on wazeristan to killing innocent Pashtun people in end this is results I don’t thinks will survive Pakistan in 4 five years gonna be worse Pakistan is cancer they don’t have a got relationship with neighbouring country also all presidents steels

  12. Pakistani governments new covert policy of clearing ethnic Hindu minorities , neglect the health services keep them backward etc etc . Why don’t you just admit that it’s a genocide .

  13. This rouge nation is the reason we still hear about disease like Polio HIV birth retardness due to inbreeding. absolute cesspool..

  14. no why you showing pain and suffer in the beginning this is horrible and should be banned from youtube in my eyes is that respectless should be flagged

  15. This is not only corruption it is all about war of terror we spend alot of money and America doesn't want to return our money and it is not only money america also have our money which we spend on F16. It is sham ful act of America that we so much lost in war of terror but they demand do more. America must return our money so we can give treatment to these poor peoples and heath organisation teams act quickly. Mr president if you have kind heart for Iranian people so you can think these poor people too. Please return our money.

  16. Pakistan is currently one of the youngest countries in the world and the second youngest in the South Asian region after Afghanistan. Out of the total population in the country, 64 per cent is below the age of 30, and 29 per cent is between the ages of 15-29 years.

  17. Dont worry aljazeera…
    Now imran khan has came and he will make acountability against every single corrupt person in pakistan…inshallah its new pakistan now

  18. Apart from corruption , pakistan's use of terrorism as state policy is also responsible for this mess. Long history of state funds getting diverted for terrorist activities by Pak have created bankruptcy.

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