Cure cancer with nutrition and lifestyle changes – Luke Coutinho

Cure cancer with nutrition and lifestyle changes - Luke Coutinho

so welcome to this episode of the rumble my guest today is somebody who's coming from Bombay that is such a rarity we get more south in India but and he's a nutritionist okay I'm not going to say anything more we just ask him and find out exactly what he's up to and what is it that he's got to unique something unique to tell us so welcome to the show Luke hi Thank You Luke Ooty no you're obviously not a Bombay I tell you no not not really my parents are from Bombay said I didn't go I came to know they were actually booked go up at my dad's grandparents it's a long story go up Portuguese all of this I spent equal time in the US and Bombay between both places so you I know you're a nutritionist and that's a vague word I see books written by nutritionists lots of advice some very complex some not so complex and then you have written a book which I happen to flip through I mean I actually read through the entire thing at one go and I must say that it's the clearest I've understood it about nutrition from you oh that's great well written so tell me how did you get into that so basically I'm in a field called lifestyle medicine it's also called integrative medicine so what I believe that nutrition is just a piece of the puzzle ok you know so I'm more into holistic health so you know I work with oncologists I work with healers yoga therapist whatever it takes to fix the person basically so I think it's a large part where people are missing out on the element of nutrition and most people are yeah so then we need to go in and fix that sometimes it's pain medication sometimes it's managing the side effects of a chemotherapy treatment or radiation I specialize in fourth stage cancer now even first stage and second we specialize in that I mean nutrition for people who have reached that level absolutely nutrition and lifestyle for example when you reach fourth stage the doctors usually send a patient home and say go on and enjoy exactly but I don't like to believe it's terminal because we're not got to decide that okay so when they come to me and besides but for that part you just possibly reverse it at that point oh absolutely there are there are several people out there who are willing to speak about this you know you read stories on the internet people you know go to my facebook page you'll find survivor stories talking about how they've reversed a fourth stage cancer and they're still living as we speak right now and there's no magic and they didn't have to change their entire lifestyle some tips or is it is it substantially different from what they were doing before oh it's very different because you know while the whole world is figuring out weight loss and medicines and chemotherapy and radiation I believe that the human body is designed to heal itself okay and it has an intelligence of its own that intelligence is called your immunity yes so if you focus on immunity you empower your own body to take care of pathogens germs bacteria and even cancer cells people you find what I mean these specific things that you're talking about pathogens oh is it you know for them just follow what you tell it I just want them to know one word immunity and that it is immunity that helps you prevent disease and helps you cure and heal that's the key word that should immunity keeping in mind that's the key would develop that absolutely keep investing like a mutual fund it grows okay sometimes depending over here you keep investing in your immunity it doesn't mean you won't fall sick so what are the ingredients in the immunity so immunity I reported on four spheres balanced nutrition okay physical activity proper sleep that's the right quality and quantity of sleep and managing stress which is one of the because we've been hearing so much about stress and really has anyone found a way to actually reduce stress people are finding where you see it's not about I think a lot of people try to get rid of stress you can't get rid of stress we're all alive it's part of life so what you look at is managing it effectively like if you're stressed for six hours in a day can you make it fall and that also what exactly do you mean by stressed out I mean I've heard that somebody might just say I got stressed out in the office today so what is it it's just a pressure put on you on your job in what we want a job because everyone reacts to a job differently they're happy employees in a company and I'm happy because more of the person's attitude towards the job okay you know so I could look at it very positively and it will not stress me out would distress be say like somebody who doesn't want to go to office I mean the thought of office put some office it would that be because you'd be under stress it could be under stress and he could be doing something that's not as passionate so you never feel like going to office when you're working a job that you don't like yeah that's so then the biggest way to reduce the stress is follow you or you know I don't work if we have pressure on to complete something and then those are stress making the world's moving faster everyone's got doubt that's today right from doctors do you name it everyone's trying to finish that's horrible to hear that even doctors have got targets yeah two minutes three minutes with them you know you don't get a proper diagnosis you're written a prescription three drugs and you're out so the doctors today most of them don't even spend time diagnosed and what the problem was let's go ten years back where it would ask you about your lifestyle what you ate find the root cause problem and that's the flaw on the system we're treating without knowing the root cause so veteran we're just treating symptoms that's true that's true but we are going back into that kind of the old style of which I say medicine where you check back into the roots and say how did you get that people are going back into it right now oh is it again Thompson's suite of adapters yeah I mean doctors mostly there's no unfortunately the medical community is really moving the wrong way you know I mean I have nothing against doctors but you know what is really important is you find the root cause and then you can give whatever medicine you want but know what the root causes so you can tell your patient listen guy this is what caused the problem go back and fix that I'm giving you a medicine in the meantime to help you they'll be telling this for years and years and years how come they suddenly forgot the fundamentals well that's a good question because things are moving so quickly people you also brain people not to doctors people want to quit things or is it because they're not interacting with the patient and relying on machines absolutely there has to be a human relationship and touch machinery can technology is great but it can never take over human connection that's true and is it the lack of skills also happening no I wouldn't say that I wouldn't say that I mean in all professions you'll have people who are highly skilled than people who don't use their skills I think it's information and what I believe is a lot of new medical curriculum in fact a lot of curriculum worldwide is you know funded by the pharmaceuticals yeah so right from the things that doctors learn to the outcomes of risk searches all control about a person who funds it which is pharmaceuticals so they have control over the outcome of a drug which is tested let me give you a single simple example you may test a drug on a rat or a human for 30 days and they find 30 days there's nothing it's a great drug release it in the market but there are a lot of people in the alternative field of medicine that dragged on this test for 60 and 90 days and what came up post that was detrimental to health and talking breast cancer prostrate any cancer okay so you see the test is also controlled the outcome of research is there a hurry to get their money get the money back in for what they've invested in in all that drug and drug marketing so that market at the end of today everyone is a number like I always say there's no money in being dead there's no money and being healthy all the monies and being chronically ill okay the longer you're sick the more money it is forward for the pharmaceuticals and the personal touch which used to be part of the doctors kill tools in his in his back you know it was a good relationship a good bedside manner and all that stuff is still there I'm talking like I live in a different planet I I do see doctor but I don't see the mom as often as a lot of other people are sick so his bedside manner and all that we talk to very vital even today it's still there see I walk with a lot of oncologist worldwide and doctors too it is there a human touch is there but what we fail to see is the pressure that doctors have in hospitals you know to get a great seat at a hospital or even a place in a hospital they need to generate a certain amount of revenue so you CD scans use MRIs which is why that's handed out like candy today doctors do have that stress over them to you know generate a circuit for cancer too it's in every hospital hospitals in the US hospitals in India you need to generate you know a certain amount of revenue okay so doctors are as prone to this absolutely yeah folks you just got it from the guy who's a nutritionist a doctor they're as prone to stress as anyone else so they better work harder so that they make us I suppose but it there's more to it than what you've talked so far we'll come back to it the break we talk today then let me jump into the one that's scaring the Shannara where in the world cancer nobody knows what it's all about there's so many letters and mailers the internet is full of advice and who this do that eat this meant is Natan what is the present state of research if you want to call it that into your kind of treatment I mean not just drugs right where where are we in non-traditional ways of handling so I think the whole alternative approach towards cancer has come up in a big way now because you know chemo and radiation doesn't seem to be doing what it promises but is that true that it doesn't handle it as well yeah it doesn't handle people people rarely get cured with these things and if they do they're in remission for a while and then they come back with a cancer is what's the purpose of doing that then that gives if it's not it's a conventional treatment so chemo you're basically flooding the body with toxins and the hope that it targets a stem cell and it kills the cancer and in many cases it is effective it works that way okay sometimes if that doesn't work then the doctors do radiation which is simply burning trainable and the regions of cancerous cells or the surgery where you cut off the part of the body which is cancerous okay so these are the three conventional medications and then a there's of course hormonal treatments and nuclear isotope treatments it's it's really advanced okay but the thing is like I said I'm not I don't have a problem with these treatments I have a problem if these treatments are done without the person making changes in their lifestyle and nutrition so would the changes we necessary to be done before they go in for anything else or you can do it simultaneously before during and after so it's a lifetime change absolutely you know when you're putting toxins in your body you have to make sure that you're also detoxifying yourself so the more you help your liver your kidneys your skin your colon you know detoxify of all the toxins that chemo is bringing in the better chance for chemo even working and for you you know reduce the side effects of the treatment okay absolutely so so the treatment is supposed to do whatever it's supposed to but the side effects are equally deadly oh yeah I would say like most people never die after so they died of the side effects of the treatment like you know you never if you really ask a person who's lost some on the cancer and you get down into it you'll find that their liver failed the kidney failed they had a brain stroke at some point you need something to kill you so just a cell in your body has to make something not work your kidney back packs up your heart stops I draw whether that happens absolutely but I think you know when doctors take an oath it's to prevent suffering of people and I feel chemo increases that if it's not managed the same way now if we bring strong nutrition and lifestyle with someone going through conventional treatments you can actually prolong life with the help of chemo and radiation and reduce suffering and pain but when it's only chemo and radiation and that person doesn't make lifestyle changes they suffer miserably so it's okay if your livers failing but not at the cost of suffering the liver failing is like routine liver failing anybody's liver can fail it need not necessarily be because you had some kind of cancer in the liver a liver could have developed all sorts of problems isn't it even before yeah even it's not necessary that the treatment process is something that have celui liver alcohol fatty livers because lifestyle can also cause organ failure it's not only medication yeah and it's not only cancers that will cause those things to happen oh yeah anything damage it is cholesterol anything can cause organ failure you know why is cancer so dreaded if all of them are they out there causing things to fail why are we picking on cancer missing it cancer cancer is the cause cancers because I believe it's the way that even media's contributed everyone you think that they think it's a death sentence that if you have cancer yeah it's gone and when you when you hear something like you have six weeks left to live guess what I mean you lose hope you die you know it's a mind-body connection okay someone tells you that you're gonna fail your exam in most cases you know you believe you will go down that path exactly so what cancer I think there has to be more awareness that it is the symptom of a sick body yes but yeah not a sickness by itself it is the body trying to tell you your immune system is not working well so now start working on the immune system and let the immune system take over with the help of whatever it is chemo radiation alternative you may choose I'm not advocating one way like I said it's integrated yeah sometimes it may not even be nutrition all you need is emotional healing you know release resentment and I'm figured rest and the body starts healing so sometimes nutrition doesn't even play a role in it that's why it's integrative so who's going to make that final assessment as to what we need to do it's a person who diagnoses at the best is it the cancer specialist I don't think they're doing that no they're not you know so it could be a nutritionist it could be a yoga therapist it could be a healer it could be a normal general physician your family doctor who will say that this and something's wrong with your system your immunities out of whack you need to start looking at your food or your physical activity and you know all of those things because I believe the body gives you indicators of what's going wrong but we're moving so fast that we miss those indicators you know all the time if you're aging if you're suddenly putting on weight immediately we look at food or we look at something else but I would look at hormones I would look at iron I would look at you know something internal that is that the reason why you're putting but that's because you are a trained person an average person would he be trained to look anything things that way yeah if someone's taking accountability for their life they look into it but if someone's taking their life and putting their health in the hands of the nutritionist or a doctor and saying fix me you okay you know you're just passing on responsibility to someone else and that's what's happening in the cancer world you know you get a cancer and then a lot of people have money they fly to patients through the US and they dump them in a hospital and say yeah take care of take care of them without ever trying to find out the root cause making those little lifestyle changes something as little as less water in your body drinking less water it can be a cause of cancer because we're 75 to 80 percent water if we deprive ourselves of water guess what immunity Falls if immunity falls you can you're open to all these things open to anything cancer or any other disease any virus any bacteria so I'm also convinced that it is the press and the media that is building it up beyond belief absolutely I mean the reams and reams and reams being written about this nobody absolutely you would think in a world as advanced as today you know what's gonna happen is we should have found a solution by now yeah but no one for a solution New York the New York Times recently published an article where they said the goal of the pharmaceuticals is not to find a cure they're finding how you defining ways to treat a symptom so if they're only finding way this is to treat a symptom there will always be disease shit that scary as hell listening to this so when you come back after this break we'll find out what what is his suggestion that we should do I mean I drug companies have their own angle but what is his suggestion that everybody should adopt standard whether you suffering from anything or not what is the way we should you know live our lives we'll just do that I read a book coming no not the entire thing or as much as I could in the short time I had it with me I didn't see anything revolutionary which give me two makes me more convinced that your ideas are correct because you're not coming out with some stunning new thing like eat lava or some bizarre suggestion you are using ordinary day-to-day stuff which every household has in their kitchens and it's all the wives and mothers have been accessing so it tells something about the diet part of it all right so when I wrote the great Indian diet which shall we understood it on a flight back from New York in fact you know 98% of my clients even in America hmm they're on India Docks today there is so much of medicine and our local staple foods and spices but the problem is then you would say why is India become so unhealthy because we moved away from still being the cancer capital of the world exactly and it is it's become an epidemic so people are moved to other diets which don't have our spices and you know our staple foods so I threw the book we've tried to get people back to their roots because there is so much of medicine let me talk about turmeric for example I use curcumin which is an extract of turmeric for every single treatment is it the normal turmeric you get at the market it's you could say yellow but this is an extract from that which is still a yellow powder but is it available in the market well this available in the market is available all over India and in fact if you buy anywhere in the world you should know what comes from India so you're probably paying something in a foreign currency for something that comes from your own and believe me when I moved back to India to start reading cancer I needed curcumin to treat my patients and I couldn't find it until I got in the Sun got in touch with someone at Coimbatore and he said there's no market for this we sell all we send all I supply to the US they're our largest consumers who we stop using although if I could into capsules and send it back to us exactly they sell it all over Amazon and stuff like that okay we're changing that we're getting people through the book we're trying to get people back you know and the goodness of this has always been known to us it exists in Ayurveda 5,000 year old system of science it's always existed but the thing is people have moved on they moved into diverse cultures you know I mean they want fancy hospitals fancy doctors maybe it doesn't taste good yeah but there are ways to have it you know our parents gave it to us and milk with honey some of them just mixed it with honey and gave it to a curio do you know in San Francisco right now they sell turmeric lassies and it's a hot selling product it's here it's existed in India all our lives all of us have turmeric in milk yes and they charge eight to ten dollars for like a glass of turmeric milk it's nothing than that you know nothing turmeric is one that we need to get back to majorly anything else oh there are loads of them see there's no one food wonder because cancers a multi factorial disease so when you look at cancer and you look at treatments you want to see what is depleting minerals from your body so most cancer patients have deficiencies in vitamin d3 selenium zinc and my concept I don't have a magic wand I just believe that if I can repair the immune system which is very complicated for everyone you know the immune system is then empowered to take over the cancer see there's no doctor or nutritionist healer in the world who's ever cured cancer it is the immune system that helps you heal a disease so you understand immune system you see what's broken it down in the first place which is the root cause I'm talking about so I think I really like to understand what the root causes it is it exposure to radiation is it emotional internalization and stress which plays a massive role most women in India who have breast cancer believe me if the cause is not smoking or obesity it comes down to emotion internalisation the more you suppress emotions the lawyer immunity is and they contract these cancers over the husband and wife is cracking each other all the time so well the question internalizing so I advise everyone express your emotions to go fight inside you know the right way you know but human beings were meant to express we're all social animals yeah the more you express which is why we have a hormone called oxytocin some people call it the love hormone some people call it the sex or whatever it's meant to it's meant for you to express but today with social media and social groups everyone wants to keep it inside because they don't want to be judged they don't want to be spoken about they don't want to seem stupid or you know weak by expressing emotions and that's where most of the problems start and that's not only one of it it's multifactorial like I said lack of activity with children create the stress to give cancer to their mothers oh no I don't think so no again it's the outlook husband's since I have a wife I'm gonna say no it's the wife it's everyone like I said it's the way you take stress you could have the most stressful relationship but your attitude towards relationship could be you know your Savior okay you know some people accept some people let go and those are the two key words acceptance and letting go easy for me to say no I've not mastered it but if you master these letting go and acceptance stress becomes you know the most no there is no stop exactly you know okay come back to Indian food item or whatever you call this I mean onion tomato garlic in so many communities so many religions don't even touch it so is it that they miss the clues no I don't think so I think you know you don't have certain things but then they also have a dad which is strong and other vegetables and spices but that's a good question I've never really explored that community they don't have garlic and so you seem to be healthy as hell yeah absolutely so you know there are other factors as well and it's not just food see it's never about food it's about how you eat it now you could sit and have a whole bowl of salad but if you have a sedentary lifestyle all the nutrition from your salad never reaches yourselves because you need blood circulation which means you need physical activity or exercise okay so now you see the combination between the correlation between exercise and nutrition you have to eat well but you've got to get a new tree to all the cells of your body to your mutant all those guys waiting down the deliver to them exactly for that you need circulation circulation is promoted by exercise I mean these are the things that we've known for generations you know you need to exercise you to get up early in the morning don't you know drink half your life away but we still don't seem to be old except is it that we're stupid or doctors today some are simple doesn't work for people if I write a prescription for someone who has you know cancer could be as simple as a few food items and pranayama and meditation now a patient looking at Abbas I don't know it it's too simple it's not gonna fix me yeah they want to see some medicine ripped me do you want to see a drug needs to be complicated and that's the way it is today when you simplify things people get suspicious and the human body is intelligent enough to you know fix itself but we've complemented complicated we've compromised it you get a fever you pop across and no one's really understand that understood that the body is producing a fever to kill certain pathogens and viruses that cannot survive at that temperature so now we take a cross and bring down the fever guess what we compromised so the fever itself has a purpose it has a purpose so when you go into a chemo cycle you will get a fever because the a low-grade fever antibodies trying to protect you kill certain viruses but then the doctors will say old if he was come take some paracetamol take some crows and so you're further adding oxygen that giving you a message of medicine for that would be happening only when the fear was extremely high and shouldn't be that I you know it's even a low-grade fever today general physician will have people who come with a low-grade fever but in the olden days people would check temperature and see if it's about 100 and 110 it's a concern because again the media has projected a low-grade fever fever can be the symptom to an X amount of other diseases so it's fear dengue brings fear in people so people are not really you know understanding that okay let me observe this for a while you know there's so much of fear so you react to fear and any motivation out of your base so this book that you wrote with Shilpa how's it doing I mean you do you give it to all the bookstores I don't even see bookstores anywhere that's another problem that's all it's all online and whenever we travel we're always happy to see it at some bookstore the air who your publishers Random House okay well-known group so do you get nice phone calls from Random House saying look you just want to sell a million dollars on the royalties ah the books doing really well you know I mean I sure when I were very clear when we wrote this book we want a message to reach people yeah well I see the style in which you wrote it is also very messaging it's not like it's going to you know I demystify something you're actually telling it this is a real thing they just do this yeah I think more people to understand that is simple getting back to your roots and don't spend too much money on the health if you can find medicine as a spice use it so it looks been wonderful talking to you thank you and thank you for coming we should take or take a few more subject I'm sure in the field that you are in that is nutrition and health nothing zillions of things talk about thanks for coming thank you you

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  1. Thank you for this informative interview. I've just been told I may have breast cancer. Just waiting for confirmation. I will look into Luke's channel. He's very inspiring and motivational. He gives me hope that I can continue eating my lovely desi food should the test results are positive. I was already a believer in the great Ayurvedic diet.

  2. Nothing interesting. madhav das is a big chutia. In 24 min of vdo talks more than 15 min he is doing bakwas.

  3. just bought lukes book.. we need more people like him to bring awareness re health and everything… such a humble person..

  4. What we also forget is rats on which pharma does the tests are not fed the same food that humans eat. So the tests are not conclusive. It's weird why the research is so flawed.

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