Cure for Wellness

Cure for Wellness

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12 thoughts on “Cure for Wellness

  1. I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out over-this scene. Literally stupid like you’re teeth only has couple roots so the pain from drilling a hole into it isn’t going to be excruciating. Hell pulling a tooth would be infinitely more painful, unless they did this because the guy has a phobia of the dentist.

  2. my mouth was extremely painful after having my teeth removed in preparation for a brace so i can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have them pulled out without numbing injections

  3. I doubt anyone can imagine how unbelievably painful that would be. The kind of pain you pass out from because it's too much to handle.

  4. “… if we can’t trust each other, how can I help u” damn! If that was me and I delivered that perfect roast I would be so happy with myself and just step out the room and be like “yes then!! I’m so proud of me” * pat on the back * 😂😂

  5. They should have drilled a hole through all his teeth one-by-one, then bashed them out with a hammer, then poured gasoline inside his mouth and lit his mouth on fire.

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