Current Nutrition & My Take On Food + Wellness Retreat Update!

Current Nutrition & My Take On Food + Wellness Retreat Update!

oh my gosh I'm filming yes I am filming this is just gonna be a random little kind of a late lunch video a very late lunch video and I'm also going to update you guys on my wellness retreat camp that is happening July 27th and 28th so you want to come girls only please come so yeah I just wanted to focus because it's been a long time and you guys I've missed you I am currently in Canada it's beautiful here it's actually sunny and so nice when I was visiting Chris a lot when we first started dating it was like end of October November December January February March April May and it was not the best weather so it's finally super nice end of June and it's beautiful this is where he looks he looks like downtown it's crazy downtown downtown Canada so I get asked quite often what I eat in a day I talk a lot about food a lot about digestive health because it's super frustrating when you have issues going on internally to figure out like what works for you and what doesn't as far as food goes so there I've played around with a lot of different methods as far as like paleo keto vegan non vegan intermittent fasting so I'm gonna tell you guys currently what I'm doing right now so I used to be a really big in terminus faster intermitted faster I would do like a 14 to 16 hour window but then I would sometimes like not end up eating around to like 2:30 by the time I got to the gym and then I actually would go longer and then sometimes when you go longer you just actually don't even really get hungry which is not good I also have a thyroid condition I did develop this slow-acting thyroid which is also very hard the metabolism because you don't metabolize food as fast and you really actually don't get that hungry so for me and you know you can like have an increase in weight and it's kind of like this fine line between like I know I need to eat to like fix my metabolism from a lot of insane crazy dieting when I competed but I also sometimes get like I have to really nah I mean I always watch what I eat I intuitively I always watch what I eat but you know sometimes it's like oh my gosh my metabolism I feel isn't working as fast so can I have that amount but I just have to know and like listen to my body be in tune with my body and just ride it out and just know that it will soon fix itself I know having a thyroid issue if anyone has it can be super frustrating you know anything from like if you have hyper thyroid or hypo just there's you know if you have hyper fast thyroid I'm not going to go into detail too much about that because I don't know too much about it but I know with hypothyroid it can be like weight gain fatigue your hair can fall out I've had some of that my thyroid was really bad in the past so sorry kind of went on a rant here I just kind of want to give you guys an update of what I'm doing now I am still semi intermittent fasting but I'm not going as extreme like I'm not trying to go 16 hours or if I feel you know if I'm hungry and it's before my 14 hour window I will eat I'm going to listen to my body in the end I'm not going to know anyway two more hours because I haven't had my 14 hour mark yet No so in the morning I do I technically don't even really fast because I have a matcha latte or a coffee with almond milk collagen so you know that technically for intermittent fasting isn't really fascinating because you could have like a black coffee or water with like a little almond milk but you're really supposed to have nothing so I'm mixing collagen sometimes I mix an MCT oil from bullet prove it really just depends so I'll always wake up and have that it's just like my morning ritual it's just what I look forward to I love it it gets me I feel really good on it I like to start my day with some collagen obviously and then I'll wait probably like three hours I usually train after that kind of depending or maybe I'll eat something small before I train and then I will probably eat around like honestly with my first meal like 11:00 11:30 12:00 so I just yeah that's kind of what I'm doing now just really trying to actually listen to my body and not claim I'm anything not claim I'm actually like 100% keto or paleo or anything like that because I'm not I'm right now what I'm having I want to show you guys so for lunch this was just pre-made from yesterday I made some salmon it's probably like three ounces of salmon I have diced cucumbers I'm not eating this much rice this was just put in a glass container probably like 100 grams of rice I trained earlier really really hard and I'm actually starving right now I just flew into Canada not too long ago two days ago 48 hours so I'm actually gonna have some vital proteins this defense collagen shot these are awesome I also love the sleep one we have them Chris is stocked up I love taking these before bed it literally knocks you out great but I'm gonna take this it's got some really here let me show you really good stuff in it there is also 7 grams of collagen peptides hyaluronic acid tumeric extract black pepper extract and yeah supports skin hair nails awesome stuff mixing black pepper with tumeric actually just increases its absorption rate and makes it more potent to the body so I'm gonna have a little defence shot have this meal love arugula so probably do like some arugula coconut aminos because this is my jam I've been using this forever and I've also if you guys watched my last little like Q&A video obsessed with these kavita drinks they are pricey I will treat myself once in a while they're like 399 a drink or I'll drink some of it and like save like last night I had some for dinner and I'm gonna have some now so I'm gonna eat this take papi on a walk and explained to you guys my walnuts retreat getting close to the details the final details of this retreat but if you're around July 27th and 28th please come it's going to be so much fun there is limited spots available but yeah I just want you to come so it'd be a lot of fun and I don't really like it's just like I don't do these so when you when I do do them it's something I want to do more of you know it's like real deal I'm collaborating with some of my favorite brands we're just gonna be doing tons of fun stuff lots of hugs good food heart training some speeches from me I'm not a speaker but you know we'll see how it goes so stay tuned I'm more details than that I need this and yeah get going with popping and pop you missed you guys – hey did you miss everyone say hi YouTube say mom take me Pete I don't give a about your camera I know let's go baby girl Loie come on oh do you want to go potty God you want to go potty okay let's go come on come on let's go you get a treat treat come on okay look at all of this this is a mess Kirsten I use a shoe collection these shoes are also adidas I got them in Canada they are like so stinking cute kind of God I'm dirty but I'm gonna stop talking about me and worry about my dog come on poppers let's go just got back from our little stroll Ewok poppy can't walk long luckily it's not scorching hot out today but it's Canada when is it ever scorching hot oh sorry Canadians I just don't feel like it is but in the 80s though so that's impressive but she cannot walk super long so super short walk good little movement for me little midday pick-me-up but I do want to talk about something really quick you guys said I did mention me not claiming I'm anything like I'm paleo vegan XYZ that in the other um I do I do notice certain foods work for me more than others and then I also noticed some foods don't work as well as others so for instance like white rice if you were paleo you technically couldn't have white rice because it's a grain and paleo like eating a paleo diet is like no grain so like oats rice any type of grain but for me I do incorporate sprouted oats and I do love white rice and since I did have a lot of digestive issues still struggle at times and like the bloating I notice white rice does work for me it's very easily digested for me I don't have I don't like blow up after or feel super like inflamed in my belly so a little white rice does work for me um but yeah I really feel like it's about finding what works for you I promise you maybe this week I will do it this week since it's Monday and I'll get it up by another day I'll maybe film it tomorrow or Wednesday I'm going to do a full day of eating I've never once done that you know I've like shown what I ate when I did like competition prep and crazy diet but um now I would love to do a full day of eating just kind of show you guys so if you guys want to see a full day of eating come below let me know I think you do because I have gotten requests on it so we should do that amazing Wow the pineapple in there pineapple in line oh that's good stop my salmon on there look my measured white rice I shouldn't be using the fork and I was taping the pads and some coconut aminos it's snow is my lunch got that arugula underneath some Jasmine Organic jasmine rice I did about a hundred and ten grams of jasmine rice close to a half a cup a half a cup is usually like 120 ish grams I just know all the numbers because it's like calculated in my head just from years of like macros and this and that I do weigh out my rice and stuff and potato because it's so easy to overeat same with oh it's like carbs in general like I can eat this whole thing but I'm like okay no he's so easy to do so I do actually still eyeball it slash weigh it out but I have to with rice because I can so easy over eat it I have my salmon and that's about it I'm gonna probably maybe sprinkle it with a little hemp seeds add my coconut aminos is dressing it's a little this boom already finished that and that viral proteins defense shot but so good I have to share this with you guys really quick so I was just listening to this podcast and they were talking about intuitive eating because you hear this like term a lot nowadays like it's all over like I just eat intuitively I just sit in my body which is great like that's amazing but they were saying in this podcast like a lot of the times you'll see girls like who just have an ice-cream and they're like you know just listening to my body like whatever hashtag balance and not saying that's that I love my chocolate I have it all the time but the thing is about intuitive eating which I really feel like they kind of hit the bullet on the head with this one is that how is that that varies whatever the hammer on the head they said that intuitive eating is not just about like eating whatever you want it's about taking what you already know about nutrition and you know what your how your body responds to certain things and then implementing that into intuitive eating so it's not just like you're like living this free-for-all life and like just eating whatever and like snacking on whatever and just you're just having balance because then that kind of becomes like also a cycle of not the healthiest so it's I feel I mean you can disagree but I agree with this podcast where they were saying it's about taking what you know about nutrition about your body about the information that's given to you out there nowadays and still keeping that in the back of your mind and then making those intuitive healthy decisions so that's just a thought and I devoured this plate I even looked it I'm disgusting I can't believe I just told you that I like the plate oh you should oh wow probably shouldn't film that I didn't film that thank the Lord but maybe I should have that would have been real cute this is where Christopher Lloyd it's so pretty hey we're just going out a little bit I don't sound like that we're going on a little bambam stroll it's quite lovely what is this called a canal the canal just wanted to finish this video off of there so I want to let you guys know that this week I said this last week but really this week I've had like last final things to do for this wellness retreat will be posted on my website this week it's gonna be loads of fun work out great food community like girl time lots of hugs lots of laughs it's going to be a good time so I'll give you guys a full rundown details but if you are available July 27th and 28th so it's all day the Saturday the 27th and like from 9:30 to probably 12:30 on the 28th so if you're there if you're around please come I would love it or you guys can fly in I've done these I've done like strict Fitness one only before and it wasn't as like in depth or we didn't do as much and that one was just like a one day thing we had like girls flying from everywhere so it was fun that was in Phoenix but this one is in Chicago so from Chicago or want to fly in for it save the date it's then we're gonna go because Kris is probably hungry let's go say goodbye how cute are these of two really cute as ever look at babe swag well you kind of magic that kind of matches papi you're dead you're done okay it's time to go okay [Applause]

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  1. So interested in that wellness retreat! Maybe this is what I’ve been saving my JetBlue points for! Hello from NY πŸ€—

  2. Thank you so much Courtney this really gives me insight into your diet. my name is Valerie and I have sent you a few messages on what I eat in a day knowing that you have digestive issues, so I thank you and I'm really looking forward to this what i eat in a day. love you and I wish I could be there, but I am in Maple Ridge British Columbia which is in Canada also, talk to you soon sweetheart and have a great retreats β€β€β€πŸ’‹πŸ‘

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