Daniel Fast Meal Ideas for Lunch and Dinner

Daniel Fast Meal Ideas for Lunch and Dinner

– Hi everyone, and welcome
back to Rhoades24eva, I’m Terri, and in this
video we’re going to talk about Daniel Fast meal ideas
for lunch and dinner. So if you’ve already
seen our other two videos you know that this is video number three in our Daniel Fast series. Our first video was about
how to do the Daniel Fast and our second video was all about Daniel Fast breakfast recipes, so if you haven’t watched those videos, make sure that you click the link in the description box to
check out those videos. Also in those videos, you will notice that there is a link to a Daniel Fast food list PDF, and what that does is it talks about what the Daniel Fast is, it gives you a list of all the foods you can have on the Daniel Fast, and it also has the breakfast recipes. In today’s video, in the description, there’s also going be a Daniel Fast food list PDF, and it will also have all of the recipes including the recipes we’re going to make in this video. So if you’re excited for the Daniel Fast and you’re excited to check out these lunch and dinner recipe ideas, make sure you’re givin’ us a like, and let’s dive right into the video. All right guys, so here are
all the items you’re going to need for you Daniel Fast lunch recipes and Daniel Fast dinner recipes, and these Daniel Fast
recipes are interchangeable, so you can either have
them for your lunch, or you can have them for dinner, so it’s really up to you. And one of the things you guys know from my Daniel Fast breakfast
recipes videos is that I like to use items that
are packed with nutrients, because the only thing
I want to be hungry for on the Daniel Fast is God and not food. So I am picking items which I
know will help me stay feeling full throughout the day. So these items that you see are packed with fiber to
help you feeling full, or also to clean out your gut, they are also packed
with prebiotics as well, which are good for your gut, and they’re packed with
protein, vitamins and minerals, so again, making sure that all
my items are very nutritious, and that I’m going to be
feeling full throughout the day. So the first thing that you’ll
see here is that I have some dried cranberries, and make sure again, that the only ingredient here is cranberry and no sugar has been added. Some slivered almonds,
again you know your almonds have healthy fats in them, so healthy fats help to keep
you feeling full longer, you have your onion, I have a cucumber, I have some baby kale, a lemon, and some mango chunks, and the mango chunks are not a must-have, and the lemon, I’m going to use
them to make a salad dressing, because again, I like flavor in my food. But you could just make a salad dressing by using extra virgin
olive oil, salt and pepper, but I’m just going to spice
it up a little bit. I also have a sweet potato, you might see these in the stores as yams, so these are packed with beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A, so that’s really good for your eye. I also have an apple, the last video, you know
I had a honey crisp apple in the breakfast, the
Daniel Fast breakfast video, but here we’re going to use a gala apple. I have some ripe bell peppers, you could use a yellow
bell pepper, orange, or even green, but I have red because that’s what I
picked up at the store. I also have some black beans, and so as you can see from
the ingredients label, this is only black beans and water, so when you’re doing the Daniel Fast, make sure that you’re
reading the ingredients label to make sure that there’s nothing added that shouldn’t be here. So again, this is just black beans, and you’ll see sometimes it will say sodium or salt on the can, so just make sure if you’re picking up the low-sodium
versions of the black bean, that you rinse them off so that way you can decrease the salt content, especially if you’re someone
who has high blood pressure, so keep that in mind. Again, I have corn and see
for the ingredients list, it’s just corn and water, so again, make sure that when you’re
doing your Daniel Fast you’re really paying attention
to your ingredients list. I also have some unsweetened
coconut milk here as well, and you guys know that I
love to use coconut milk, or just coconut in general. So coconut milk has healthy fats, again, it’s going to keep
you feeling full long, it’s going to add a really
good flavor to your meals. I have some spices, you don’t have to use
these spices I’m using, but these are just what I like. I have cumin, I have some oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and salt, and I
also have turmeric as well, because I like to add turmeric because it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s great for you. And so these are all
different things I’m using for my Daniel Fast recipes. If you are liking these items, make sure you’re giving
this video a thumbs up, so that I know to continue making more
awesome videos just like this. I was actually going
to make a soup recipe, but I just didn’t want this
video to be super-long, so for now, we’re not going
to make any soup recipes, but these are all things that
you can make pretty easily and with all of these
ingredients that you see here, it will make all of the
recipes you need for the week, and so you don’t have
to buy anything extra. Everything here is all you’ll
need for these recipes. So let’s jump right in and make our first Daniel Fast recipe. Quinoa is another ingredient that we’re also going to be using for our Daniel Fast recipes, so add this to everything
else that we just discussed, and quinoa also has
fiber, and has protein, so this is going to be
awesome on your Daniel Fast. So for our first recipe, what I have in this bowl
is two cups of baby kale, all I did was rinse off that kale and then pat dry with a paper towel, so to get rid of the excess water. And so what I’m going to
do is I’m going to take half a table spoon of olive oil, and I’m just going to pour
that right on top of the kale, and then I’m going to massage it into, the olive oil right into the kale. So I’m just gonna pour that over it, and then gonna use my hands, they’re nice and clean, I’m just going to massage
the kale with the olive oil, so this will kind of soften it, and trust me, it will make a difference than if you were to just wash the kale and eat it just like that. All right, so I’m just
going to keep massaging the olive oil into the kale and so you can see it looks nice already, so I’m really excited you guys, trust me, it’s going to taste really good once we’re done adding
all our ingredients. So once that’s done massaging, all I do is then I add my apple which I just chopped up earlier, so you guys saw I had that gala apple and it was a big apple, so I’ll probably save
some of that as a snack that I can use, you know, in terms of eating that
with some nut butter, whether that’s peanut
butter, almond butter, or cashew butter, so I have
that extra apple left over. And the I also chopped
up half of my cucumber, and I’m just going to add
that right into my bowl, then I’m going add my
slivered almonds on top, and my dried cranberries. So this is going to be a really
delicious, hearty salad, and trust me guys, it tastes delicious when you
add all of these ingredients. And then I’m going to add
a little bit of pepper, but I’m gonna add that in
my salad dressing recipe, so you could eat it just like this and it would be perfectly fine, but because again, I
like this added flavor, I’m going to quickly make
my mango salad dressing that I’m going to just
sprinkle right on top of this. So for my mango salad dressing
I’m just going to blend half a cup of mango with
the juice of half a lemon, a dash of black pepper, a quarter teaspoon or less of salt, and some oregano, and then two tablespoons of my extra virgin olive oil, and then all I’m going to
do is just sprinkle that right over the top of my salad, so I’m going blend that together, and then I’m going to show
you the final results. So here is my blended
mango salad dressing. Now I used the frozen mangoes, because you can see this is more thicker, if you want it to be
obviously more liquidy, you want to use mango
that’s at room temperature, so that’s not frozen, but trust me, this still tastes pretty amazing. So all I’m going to do is spoon, and again, like this is up
to you when you’re doing your Daniel Fast, you don’t have
to make salad dressing, you could just, like I said, eat the salad with just the olive oil and the seasonings on there, but again, I like flavor, so I’m just going to spoon this right over top of my kale salad
with my apple and cucumber, and then just mix it all up, and that’s our first recipe. So that’s our kale salad
with mango dressing, I hope you guys enjoy this one. For our next two recipes I’m going to be using these next two items, I’m going to be using the sweet potatoes as well as some quinoa, and for the quinoa all I did was take one cup of dried quinoa, I poured it in this fine mesh strainer, some people call it a colander, and then I just rinse
it off with some water. If you don’t rinse your quinoa guys, it’s going to taste bitter, so I highly recommend
rinsing off your quinoa before you cook it. I peeled the sweet potatoes
from earlier that you saw, and then all I did was just chop them up and I rinsed them off, and then to cook these, all I’m going to do is put
it in a zip-lock bag, add some olive oil and some garlic powder, shake that up, and then I will show you how I’m cooking these two items. Now in terms of these sweet potatoes, if you wanted to make this spicy and add it as like a side recipe on top of your salad, or even, you know, make it part of
like a breakfast thing, that you eat by itself, all you need to do is just like chop up some onions and bell peppers, and season it with some
cumin, some black pepper, and the garlic, and you can cook that up and have that as a different meal, so just a little extra tip for you if you love sweet potatoes. All right so let’s jump
right into showing you how I cook this sweet potatoes
as well as the quinoa. All right guys, so I have a pot heating up with some oil over medium heat, and then I also have another pot with half a cup of coconut milk and then one cup of water, and I mix that together, this is for my quinoa, so to cook your quinoa I use
one and a half cups of liquid, so I mixed water with coconut milk, you could also just do veggie broth, and again, I’m doing this
for a flavor profile, so I’m just going to let
this water come to a boil and then I’ll add my quinoa. The quinoa cooks, takes
about like 10 to 15 minutes, so you just have to watch it
until all the water evaporates, and then all you have to do
is fluff it with your fork. Now my potatoes pot is heating up, and as you can see here, what I did was just put my
potatoes in a zip-lock bag and I just tossed that with
some olive oil and some garlic, and I’m just going to add
that right to my pot. (potatoes sizzling) And all I’m going to do is I’m just going to
put a cover on this pot and let it steam for about 10 minutes, then after that 10 minutes I’ll
start to like mix it around, but while it’s steam cooking
I don’t take the cover off, I just keep it on the medium, low to medium heat, and
just leave the cover on and it just kinda gets soft on its own, and then I’ll mix it up. So I’ll show you what it looks
like when it’s all completed, as well as the quinoa. All right guys, here are
my cooked sweet potatoes, so after that 10 minutes like I said, I just took the cover off
and then I just let them continue cook on so
they got nice and soft, if you want them to be a
little more crispy and brown, just turn the heat up higher, and just leave them on the fire longer, so that’s really up to you. Same thing with my quinoa, once all the water is evaporated, I just let it sit for a couple of minutes and then I just used
a fork and fluffed it, so you can see this is
perfect, it tastes amazing, and now let’s jump right
into making our recipes with this quinoa, as well as sweet potato. All right guys, so here
is our quinoa in a bowl with some of that sweet potato, and then all I did was I drained the corn and the black beans, and I rinsed them, and
so what I’m going to do, and you don’t have to do this, you could just mix this up
and enjoy it like it is, but for me I’m going to
just take my black pepper, some cumin, and a then
a little bit of salt, and I’m going to just
sprinkle that on top, mix it all together, and that’s
going to be our next meal. Also if you remember, we made that amazing mango
salad dressing earlier, if you’re feeling adventurous you could probably just
put that on this as well to give you an extra pop of flavor, and that’s your next meal. So here is the mixture all combined, guys. I promise you this tastes amazing. So make sure you add that pinch of salt, black pepper and cumin, and
just like the flavor profile is through the roof. So hope you’re enjoying
these Daniel Fast recipes, make sure that if you’re likin’
it to give it a thumbs up, like I said before, but
this is your next meal, it’s so, so good. So let me know in the comments down below if you’re trying this
and what you think of it. All right guys, so for our next recipe all I’m doing here is sauteing
some onions and peppers, and so I just cut up the
bell pepper from earlier, and I cut up a half of the onion, so it’s one bell pepper
and a half of an onion, and all you’re gonna do is
make sure you just saute this down until the
onion become translucent, at this point is when they’re
gonna taste pretty sweet, so this is just a little of the stir-fry, and this is our next meal. So all I’m gonna add to this combination of onions and peppers, is some black beans as well as some corn, so all I did with the
corn was just rinse it, rinse the black beans
from the can as well, and I’m just mixing this in
to my bell peppers and onions, and it’s on the fire over medium heat, so to stir-fry the onions and peppers I just added about half to
one tablespoon of olive oil, so just gonna mix that up. And then the next thing I’m going to do is just sprinkle some
seasonings right on top of that, and so for my seasonings that
you see me sprinkle on here, I just had a mixture of
cumin, some onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper and salt, and the beauty of this
is you don’t have to add the exact same seasonings, you can just modify it
to your taste, right? So add your own unique spin on it. If you like curry powder
that’s also something you could add in here, you could add that turmeric
that I mentioned earlier, so I’m just stir-frying these vegetables together in the pot, and it smells heavenly. Trust me when I tell
you these recipes, guys, taste good, because I know
that if they don’t have a nice flavor or it doesn’t taste good, not only am I not going to
be excited to eat into it, but Kyle is also not a big fan food that doesn’t have a lot of flavor, so this is how you add that flavor, you mix all of these
different ingredients, and then you make sure that
you add some seasoning. So the next thing that I’m
gonna do to this stir-fry is I’m gonna add some of that
cooked quinoa right on top, and I’m just gonna mix that in. (food sizzling) I’m gonna turn this pot
on low and just leave it for like a minute to just keep steaming, and then I’ll take it off and enjoy it, and I’ll show you the plated product which is like a said, gonna taste super-amazing. All right guys, so here
is the completed product, you can see it’s nice and hot, you see you have steam coming out of it, and it is yummy. So this is your next meal
for your Daniel Fast, so this could either be a
Daniel Fast lunch recipe or a Daniel Fast dinner recipe, it’s really up to you, but I tell you that it is so good. It’s packed with protein, it’s packed with nutrients, and a lot of flavor. So hope you’re enjoying these recipes. All right guys, so our next recipe is actually going to be a sweet potato, black bean and quinoa burger. And for this all I did was
take one cup of the black beans and I rinsed it. I added one cup of that sweet
potato that I made earlier, and then I also have one cup of quinoa, but I’m not gonna add that in yet. And then for my seasoning
mix I just did one fourth teaspoon of all my seasonings, which was, you know, the black pepper, the cumin, Himalayan pink salt, some onion powder, some garlic powder, as well as some paprika. I also chopped up one bell pepper and a quarter of a sweet onion, and I just diced them up really small, put them in the pot with some
olive oil and let that saute. So while that’s cooling, ’cause I’m definitely gonna
add that to the mixture, so while that’s cooling
all I’m going to do is just mash up these black beans, and I’m using a fork to
do this, because honestly, not everybody has a
food processor at home, so we’re doing this in a way
that is realistic, right? I mean I do have a food
processor actually, sitting right here on the counter, but I’m going to just
mash it up with a fork. So all you’re gonna do is
just mash up these black beans and combine it with your sweet potato, just gonna keep mashing, and guys, I’m sure this is
gonna take me a minute to mash, so I’m sure you don’t
want to be watching me mash this for a minute, so I’m just going to mash
this and then come back when it’s all mashed and combined, so you can see what it looks like. All right guys, so here is my mashed up sweet potato and black beans, and honestly you could
probably just stop here, and just make this into a burger patty, but we just did all that work
and we want a lot of flavor, and we want something that’s hearty, so now I’m just gonna
add in my sauteed onions and peppers to this mixture. And then I’m also gonna add
my one cup of cooked quinoa, so you guys saw how we
cooked that up earlier, so just gonna add this in here. Then I’m just going to
sprinkle right on top of that my seasonings mixture, I’m just gonna mix this all up together. And once it’s all mixed up guys, all you have to do is shape
it into like burger patties, and we’ll just cook it on
the stove in a skillet, and we’ll have these little
tasty Daniel Fast burgers that we’re gonna enjoy. So I’m just gonna mix that up, then I’ll shape them into burgers, and so all you have to do
is take like a nice scoop, put that in your hand, roll it into a ball, so let me just show you
that really quickly. So in case you’re like, “What do you mean make it into a burger?” So you just take a nice scoop, put it in your hand, just like this, roll it together into a ball, then press down in the middle, and you have this really
nice burger patty, and then you’re just going
to add some olive oil to your skillet, and then
just fry on each side. So it’s not gonna take
long, ’cause remember, all of these ingredients
are already cooked, so it’s just gonna take you like a minute or two on each side. If you’re, you know, not interested in frying it on the stove, something else that you could actually do is just probably just
put these in the oven and bake them at probably 375 degrees. So that’s an option if
you’re not interested in putting it on top of the stove. So hopefully you’re enjoying these recipes and you’re looking forward to trying them. And so here are our shaped
quinoa, sweet potato, black bean, onions and pepper
patties in the skillet, and again like I say, just like one to two minutes on each side, and then you’re gonna flip them over, and when they’re all done I’ll
show you what they look like, so you could put these
on either lettuce leaf, or you could add avocado on top of this after they’re done cooking, or you could even grill some Portabello mushrooms
and use those as burger buns, and just stick these little
burgers right in there, and that was probably gonna
be something that’s delicious, so just an idea for you as you think about what you can do with this black bean, sweet potato, quinoa burger. So guys here is a sample of our completed quinoa, sweet potato, black bean burger, and you know, just when
you’re taking them out, they’re a little delicate, so just be careful with your spatula. I actually left it for
two minutes on each side, ’cause I like that nice brown crisp, and then you just cut into it, and then you just enjoy. And I guarantee you guys, this right here is delicious. So those were all of our exciting recipes for the Daniel Fast, now let us know in the comments down below which of these Daniel Fast
lunch and dinner recipes you’re most excited about. Guys, trust me they all taste amazing. I want to thank you so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it make sure
you give it a thumbs up, share with your friends, and subscribe to our channel
for more awesome content just like this. Before I leave you I
just want to remind you you’re only one prayer away. Thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see you in
the next one, bye guys. (imitates kissing)

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