Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

When it comes to nutrition, and especially
when it comes to vegan nutrition, we tend to focus on what we’re not getting enough
of, and the dire consequences of nutritional deficiencies. What about our protein? Iron?
Zinc? B12? Omegas? And on and on. And while these concerns are important, the truth is,
at least in America, it’s not what you’re not getting enough of that will kill you,
but what you’re getting too much of. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. If you’re not familiar with my channel, you may not know that I have
an entire series covering all the nutritients of greatest concern to new vegans with the
incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Michael Greger of, which is linked up
there and down below. While I had the pleasure of talking to Dr.
Greger for that series, we branched off into some other topics. One of which is the state
of the field of nutrition and how Dr. Greger believes it's focus is completely off. I wanted
to share with you his fascinating look at the real nutritional dangers for which we
seem to have a collective blind spot. There's all sorts of ways your
body makes sure you get enough of stuff, right…maybe? Look, there wasn’t even a nutrition of science for the first couple millions years of our existence, right?. Our bodies had to figure it out on their own. The whole
field of nutrition was based…the foundation of nutrition, based, you know…back the first part
of the twentieth century on deficiency diseases. We discovered scurvy. We discovered beriberi, and pellagra.
So the whole mindset of nutrition is…"are we a deficiency disease", “are we not getting enough,”
right? But, I mean, when's the last time a friend of yours was diagnosed with pellagra or beriberi, or some of these actual…or scurvy. These deficiency diseases. Okay now, have you ever heard of anyone diagnosed with
the overnutrition symptom like heart disease or diabetes, or high blood pressure, or…I mean these are diseases of not under consumption – of over consumption. Cause overconsumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, and sodium,
etc. So, but still the field of nutrition is in this kind of deficiency mindset making sure everybody
gets enough. Whereas people are dying by the millions, not…at least in the developed world.
Not by what they’re not getting enough of but what they are getting way too much of. So, that's why… …there really needs to be this change in thinking.
The whole field of dietetics towards let's make sure you're not getting enough. And there's
something we really, you know, are concerned about, I mean, there are a few nutrients that ninety seven
percent of Americans don’t get enough of: Fiber! 3% of Americans get enough fiber. 98%
of Americans don’t reach the minimum for potassium right? Where is potassium found?
Greens, beans okay. So, I mean, you want a deficiency disease? That’s what
you should be going after but most of the diseases are caused by getting too much of
the bad stuff. And so, that's really where we need to think. I mean, that's what people are going
to die of. That’s what your family is going to die of. And of course I’m happy to talk
and assuage fears about not getting enough of these various, you know, wacky things. But
you should kind of have faith that your body kind of figured it out, and that if we eat a variety
of whole healthy plant foods, we should be fine unless our diets are just packed with
empty calories junk where we’re getting enough calories to walk around every day,
because we are eating candy bars, but we’re just not eating enough food. Well, then okay you
can run into, you know, deficiencies. But other than that you know, other than the B12 issue, I think you
should be comfortable, you're getting enough, and the most important thing is that
you’re not getting too much of the nutrients of concern that are killing people. I hope you enjoyed this bonus with Dr. Greger.
What are your thoughts on our collective focus on deficiencies while we’re dying of excess?
Do you feel the field of dietetics needs a makeover? I’d love to hear your thoughts
in the comments! And for any deficiency questions you have, be sure to check out my nutrition
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I’ll see you soon. You’re vegan? Where do you get your… Omega 3s? Protein? Calcium? Protein? Iodine? Protein? Magnesium? Protein. Iron? Protein? Zinc? Vitamin D? Protein. B12? Protein. Protein?! Let's…ask a doctor. Protein.. Subtitles by the community

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27 thoughts on “Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

  1. I think the deficiency mindset stems from food industry marketing… you can't make billions telling people to eat less…

  2. Hi Bite Size Vegan, I was wondering if you could help me with this issue? I have been vegan since June 2013. I have a full blood test every year to make sure everything is ok, and this year I started to feel depressed so I went for the blood test and found out that I have a mild normochromic anaemia and early Vitamin B12 Deficiency, the iron levels are in the minimum 10 umol/L(10-33), Ferritin went from 37 ug/L to 26 ug/L (25-320), the Active B12 is in 28 pmol/L (>35). What should I do? have some supplements or do you know any foods in mind? Thank you

  3. YES… this. I would actually like to hear more about getting too much protein, as I have learned that that can actually be detrimental… I am oft questioned about it of course, but I never worry that I am not getting enough protein! I worry that people eating steak and chugging milk are overloading themselves, with many heavy things. {Saw your protein vid, loved that too}. A dietician once advised me to eat 65 GRAMS of protein per day {!!!}. I am 5'2" and not pregnant or nursing… I think that is what I ate when I was. That just seemed so excessive, and my system/digestion would certainly revolt against it. I feel the protein push is more about companies/factory farms making money than our health. {The dietician soon advised me about great powders and bars that they gym sells, oy vey.}

  4. awesome way to explain it ! loved your channel !!! just one year ago i started being vegan but im seeing watching your channel is gonna be SUCH a help to keep learning, thanks! greeting from chile

  5. bless uncle greger, he turned me vegan and i have never felt better. and thank you bite size vegan for this series~~!!

  6. First, I HAVE TO say, I absolutely LOVE your videos (they're exceptionally well researched AND clearly explained)! As for this video, since you ask for our opinion…I do understand that most of us ARE OVER-consuming, but, I believe the problem lies MORE in WHAT we're consuming too much of (causing our innumerable cases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.). ASIDE FROM our foods being overly processed and ridden w/corn syrup, processed sodium, pesticides, preservatives, etc., the soils our crops are now grown in, have become nutritionally DEPLETED, and the SYNTHETIC vitamins/minerals that are put back into foods are, insidiously TOXIC (they may seem to help for the first few years or even decades, but then JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SYNTHETIC PHARMACEUTICAL, after years of ingesting them, the damage done to the body becomes apparent)…but BECAUSE the damage had been created SO INSIDIOUSLY, our mainstream doctors NEVER blame synthetic vitamins nor other synthetic drugs!

  7. Great interview.  Dr. Greger's book "How Not To Die" is an excellent book for people who want to learn more about nutrition.

  8. lol its so true about the protein thing, i've been vegitarian a little over the past month, and every one keeps saying but you need protein, or where you gonna get your protein from

  9. I had it drilled into me all my life that I needed meat, dairy and eggs to be healthy, I was iron deficient and worried about changing my diet. I think children are born wanting to protect animals and not wanting them to get hurt, I always loved animals and it came as such a shock when I realized we were eating them one Christmas when I got served lamb… I flat out refused to eat it and my family were very unhappy about that, I was always considered a stubborn and difficult child by that side of my family, they told me that god put animals on this earth for us to eat but I couldn't imagine that being right, it didn't sit well with me and I was only 9 years old. Fast forward until I was 18 years old, I started working and volunteering for Greenpeace, I found out how terrible animal agriculture was for the environment and met a vegan who planted a couple seeds of thought… I began to question everything and took steps towards change. As soon as I stopped eating meat I started to eat a variety of food and was much healthier, my iron was perfect and I had never felt so good. My transition was slow, I didn't mean for it to be but I learnt things in steps and not all at once so I naturally just progressed into veganism. I have now been a vegan for almost 3 years, when I met my husband he wasn't a veg* at all but through gentle encouragement and sharing of knowledge he went from meat eater, to vegetarian to becoming a vegan, now we are raising 2 vegan children together, my son is 11 months old and my daughter is almost 3 years old – I went full vegan just after she was born. We are all very healthy and people used to give us grief but being as knowledgeable as possible has helped us to educate people who now come to us with questions instead of accusations and false information about nutrition and health.

  10. Its like having a house full of crap and being more concerned about the flavor and number of the air fresheners.

  11. That's a really good point; people are getting seriously ill from too much bad nutrition, but the link to nutrition is very rarely pointed out. Often, we are told how to treat the symptoms instead of the cause. It's yet another example of how blinkered people can be about their food; it's easier to ignore the negatives than to face the ethical and health-related implications and change how they eat.

  12. it makes sense not to worry too much about deficiency coz before the modern world we lived in the wild and just ate whatever fruit and veg we wanted and we were fine. You dont see orangutans worrying about if they got enough iron or calcium!

  13. Great videos i love this series, im vegan but i was just wondering about choline? im not worried about it but i have cronometer and it dosent say i have enough choline so i was just curious

  14. The drop of nutrients in our food sources has been investigated by congress since the 1930's again in the 1950's and again in the 1960's. Plant based or otherewise nutrients are lacking. Please show more scope of focus than the studies this year that we don't have to read. Thank You.

  15. Love Dr Gregor, but in my own case, there is more to the story of health and heart disease. Start with my worries. Constantly thinking about my health problems and that of my dear wife Brenda's, working 3 sedentary jobs, no exercise and little to no rest and sleep nearly killed me gave me 30% clogged arteries despite my plant based organic diet. Now I have a lot to do to get well. Just going 'plant based' is not good enough.

  16. The field of dietetics would certainly benefit from a MAJOR work over. Sadly, it's not the only area of human endeavor that needs, in most cases, MORE than a simply make over. Some of them important enough that a failure will render one's concerns about diet moot.

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