Death Doulas, Heal Your Suffering.

Death Doulas, Heal Your Suffering.

our healing our emotional healing spiritual healing energetic healing psychological healing our healing isn't just for us the healing of our suffering touches everybody in our world everybody we serve everybody we both our work is death doulas is dependent on our healing that we don't stay stagnant and hurts from the past hurts of our present day we must move through the pain of our life in present time in past time in future time that's worry anxiety right so we are responsible to heal our suffering however we do that however we believe in doing that to shaman healing through talks with our chaplain through prayers there's a priest the blessings of the sacred people in our life through psychologists to therapy through walks in nature through exercise through meditation there's so many ways combinations journaling whatever it is a devoted path of healing for our own hearts is what we need to do we owe it to the people that we serve if we don't heal our own hearts our own ways and perceptions that we have we can find all the little chips in our own shoulders we can find that doing our own shadow work listen to what people say about you there's clues so take that kernel of truth of anything in here feedback about you things that hurt things that you don't really like but the point is doing our work is for the loving care will benefit in the loving care that we give others our healing is not for ourselves so indulge in it it is not a luxury I say indulging facetiously indulge in it in enjoy it know that the pain that you're in the the courage that it takes to open the door to your own healing will make you that much stronger will make you be able to go that much deeper with the people that you want to serve that when it's your time to die that you will be able to share that journey may be painful maybe it won't but you'll be able to share that journey because you've been doing your healing work along the way we're sharing with people around us how to die we share how to live by example and we share how to die by example that's just the way it is whether you know it or not really you acknowledge it or not how you live and how you die as affecting everybody around you we're role models Vermont were role models of healthy living exuberant living a vibrant living of being lifeless of being whatever it is we're being it's not our words it's our energy it's what people hear isn't it true it's our body language it's how we say things it's what's behind the words that's where we need to work on that level I call it the real world so need to take responsibility for the real world for what's behind the mask behind the facade that's my obligation so that I can serve you better as a death doula that is paramount to my work see you soon take care blessings

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