Deji Mental Health Situation * Deleted video* (DramaAlert re-upload)

Deji Mental Health Situation * Deleted video* (DramaAlert re-upload)

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24 thoughts on “Deji Mental Health Situation * Deleted video* (DramaAlert re-upload)

  1. imagine saying that your not gonna cry then 5 seconds later you cry then you watch the clip again whilst editing then upload just for views

  2. Fuck all of you Deji cocksuckers. Deji lied about the girl see the new Dramaalert and see how my. Of a liar he is.

  3. Keem speaking straight facts, Deji has severe mental issues and can’t handle this YouTube thing, just remember he’s a multi millionaire who doesn’t need YouTube.

  4. why the heck would is this dude still beating on dejo at his lowest he even said that his channel/voice has a powerful impact so why would you even do that…ITS THE INTERNET BUT THE INTERNET IS NOT STUPID

  5. Videos like these are taken down due to what happened with the falsely accused peedo. Keemstar shits himself So badly when he’s wrong or when he doesn’t have all the proof .

  6. I’m not hating on Deji but he could’ve solved this AGES ago but refused to. Why the hell would you refuse mental health? Sorry, it’s not like I’d know but if he wants help why is he refusing help? It makes no sense

  7. Wooohoooo!!I was like shit it's deleted someone must have reuploaded 🙏🏻 thank you very much 😂 👌🏻

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