Democratic Debate: Beto O'Rourke, Bill de Blasio Spar Over Healthcare for All | NBC New York

Democratic Debate: Beto O'Rourke, Bill de Blasio Spar Over Healthcare for All | NBC New York

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35 thoughts on “Democratic Debate: Beto O'Rourke, Bill de Blasio Spar Over Healthcare for All | NBC New York

  1. Outside of New York City, no one knows De Blasio. He had to get loud and interrupt O’Rourke, so someone would notice who he is.
    O’Rourke wants the ACA tweaked so that there is a public option. He understands that many Americans like their present health care and do not want to be forced into Medicare for All.

  2. DeBlasio who has run New York into the ground really thinks he knows what he is talking about. Remember he was the one to run off and join ANTIFA in Germany when his own city was dealing with a police shooting or funeral etc.

  3. Retchel Madcow… All you need to know that this is a first class clown show! Douchebags rolling Rs and pandering to illegals demonstrates they don't give a shit about this country, just who can keep them in power. Jay Inslee is the worst thing to happen to WA in a long time; out of control taxes, homelessness and drug addiction at record highs, revolving door justice, and law enforcement openly speaking out against him and local Looney Liberal Lefty mayors and city councils. BETA O'Rourke is the crown prince of Clown World. He's the American Justine Trudeau. And Pocahontas… Dear, sweet Pocahontas. She with forked tongue and empty head.

  4. News flash government free anything sucks balls look at the va. You dinks want va healthcare lmao switching to private health insurance may cost but its worth it

  5. It's a stain on America that we didn't see child drag queen and trans candidates on this stage. We need Pride flags at every podium! This isn't inclusive enough! Why isn't this whole debate in Spanish??? English is the language of the colonizer! ¡Si se puede!!!

  6. The Democrats seem to be living in a fantasy world they're not even living in reality and they want our votes.

    Hopefully tomorrow debate is better because none of these Democrats are going to get my vote I'd rather vote for Trump that lives in reality.

  7. What a debate,,which Wimp wants to be president, last 5 minutes,, views against the president ?? Democrats are done, gloves didn't come off, they forgot their "chones" pendejos !!

  8. Don’t just be “the party” that fixes everything that’s broken, be the elected official you are to help fix what’s broken. Just saying

  9. This is honestly borderline retarded. “People should have the right to choose both” “No!” That was the entire debate

  10. Let's be honest, America. Aside from your typical limp-wristed liberal, who in their rights mind are going to vote for any of these virtue-signaling buffoons? If this is the best the Dems can throw up, Trump already has a 2020 landslide.

  11. They have white privilege but Tulsi Gabbard loves Putin. Andrew Yang is the antirobot racist thug beating up robots in Detroit: Become Human. Anti robot politics is the new racism called FantasyRacism.
    Pick Kamala Harris the first Jewish African Female President because she will end whiteness and white privilege.

  12. Disappointing to bed. The commentators need to realize there are more than four people on that stage hoping to present their ideas. That sure seems to be a preference toward the front runners.

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