DENTISTS Explain Biggest Mistakes People Make In Dental Hygiene

DENTISTS Explain Biggest Mistakes People Make In Dental Hygiene

dentists of Reddit what's the biggest mistake or misunderstanding people make when it comes to dental hygiene it's not the amount of sugar consumption that's a problem it's the frequency if you chug a 2l bottle of coke in under a minute I mean it's not great but your teeth are exposed to the sugar and acid for under a minute compared us to sipping on a giant cup of soda throughout the morning at the office that's a near constant exposure of sugar and acid to your teeth all throughout the morning compare it to ripping a band-aid off quickly versus slowly taking it off through a four hour period edit on black coffee sugar is bad because bacteria eat the sugar and converted into lactic acid which erodes your teeth and creates cavities black coffee skips the sugar part and jumps straight to the acidic part frequently consuming black coffee all day long will cause problems as well edit to on sugah free gum check the ingredients for xylitol which is amazing for your oral health it's basically the world's most tantalizing mousetrap for the bacteria in your mouth but it's poisonous to cats and dogs after vomiting rinse with water using one teaspoon of baking soda mixed with eight ounces of water rinse with water if there is no baking soda available do not brush for teeth for at least one hour brushing after the acidic challenge of stomach acid will accelerate enamel tissue damage edit to out following an episode of vomiting it is advisable to rinse the mouth out with water or ideally a fluoride mouthwash to avoid the effects of gastric acid on the teeth ideally the teeth should be brushed before eating but if this is not practical again wait at least an hour after sugar consumption edit two 8-ounce equals two hundred and thirty six point five eight eight milliliters speaking from my experience as a form of olymic I'd encourage any current one potentially reading this to heed the advice when you're throwing up on a daily basis the damage can get significant I'm dental assistant so I'm around dentists more often than not if I had a dollar for every time I heard them tell a patient that an electric toothbrush is way more beneficial than a man I wouldn't have to work again but it's true also just because you scrub your teeth harder doesn't mean they're getting cleaner you're actually causing harm which is one electric toothbrush is more beneficial because some stop when you apply too much pressure I bought a fancy electric toothbrush because it was 70% off earlier this year my teeth have never felt cleaner and brushing is so much less of a chore because I just stand there going by quadrants and boom it's all brushed it literally feels like I've just come from a dental cleaning each time I'm done teeth so smooth dental hygienist here kids need their teeth brushed too baby teeth get cavities kids can have dental pain kids sometimes need root canals just because they'll lose those teeth doesn't mean you can just avoid brushing them met a woman yesterday who stated that she never brushes her two-year-olds teeth please brush their teeth please don't make them get dental work at such a young age this is what causes dental fear and avoidance of dentists later in life edit many people asking when to take child for their first visit it's a little subjective a DA recommends when teeth start coming in I personally feel like age 1 is a great time unless there are issues you are concerned with at age 1 they have almost all their baby teeth gives the dentist something to see the first appointment is not just to check the baby's teeth but to give advice and educate parents also getting baby slash Todd lettuce it open and tolerate brushing it's a crapshoot some do it willingly and some freak the duck out parenting is the bee's knees sometimes you hold them down you headlock them and get her done I had to wrestle mine for over a year until he starting sitting fairly calm while I brushed I'm a dentist in the Midwest US and the worst thing I see on a daily basis is soda by far just cavities everywhere from people sitting at their desk job sipping sodas all day in kids it's when parents put them to bed with a bottle with milk or juice or kids walking around with juice or kool-aid in sippy cups all day water-only between meals is key and you never want to sip on anything acidic or with any sugar otherwise I see plenty of bad brushing I often recommend an electric brush to my patients the sonic errs are the bomb if they have anything less than perfect oral hygiene if you insist on an annual you tube the base or Chartist technique for tooth brushing and practice you will thank yourself later also fluoride is your friend not a communist plot I'm a veterinary dentist if that counts brush your pets teeth I could show you the horrors of a pet whose dental care was neglected and it's bad I've seen dogs slash caps with mouths so bad that I can't even understand how they are still able to eat mouths that are just so painful and infected that it would literally bring tears to your eyes it's one of the best things you can do for your pet just like with us and our teas bad teeth can affect their heart lungs liver and kidneys I've seen so many great pets go into heart or kidney failure because their teeth are so bad you can take 20% off their life without proper dental care I know most people on or did adore their pets and want the best for them so I hope this gets through to some people I can post pics of awful mouths or before / after pics if anyone is interested please don't buy expensive toothpaste off of Facebook I have personally seen patients who are a dental mess who have needed meter removal multiple teeth advertising their favorite charcoal toothpaste on social media using doctored up photos another trick if the toothpaste lists sackler is a major ingredient it's because it is being labeled as a cosmetic product in following different labeling standards this is usually because there is insufficient evidence or the company hasn't spent the time or money to research whether or not their product actually does anything so it gets labeled a cosmetic and they call it a day do not whiten your teeth with charcoal toothpaste you're scrubbing away your enamel and making your teeth weaker and more prone to cavities and sensitivity what is a natural way for me to whiten my teeth if you were my patient I would ask you why are you seeking natural if it's personal I would tell you I'm sorry I don't know any safe and proven ways most of the things that are out there on Pinterest and dy blogs are just not going to work boils are pointless charcoal is corrosive mouth washes aren't true and lemon is acidic and will erode your teeth if I were you I would go to a dental office for their whitening products zoom and polilight on my personal favorite reason behind it is these products have been studied and are proven to work in a safe manner and won't harm your enamel and if you are doing it from a dentist's office if you start experiencing sensitivity they can always help you to be honnor it's not as expensive as you may think either call around there is a lot of competition we offer same-day whitening for about $200 but with that it is highly suggested you are on a fluoride treatment for a week prior because it could make you very sensitive the most effective tooth care is a bit unintuitive brush first thing in the morning before you have eaten don't rinse with water just spin out this is when the fluoride does its thing you can drink some water but don't rinse it around mouthwash does bring benefit but it is best used during the day partly for a fur mentioned reason of not washing out the fluoride one day I came to the realization that my swishing with water was probably rinsing the toothpaste / fluoride / whatever protection I was adding to my teeth off so I stopped along with my new electric toothbrush my teeth have never been whiter and less sensitive and now dental student here one thing I learned in school is about to come that has xylitol people should choose I little based gum at least three to five times a day xylitol actually kills a specific bacteria in our mouths that cause cavities streptococcus mutans these bacteria take up the xylitol thinking it's real sugar but in actually it's a poison for them therefore to help lower your chance of getting cavities gun like Mentos and ice cubes are the best it will give your dog a seizure / maybe kill if your dog eats the gum though those black charcoal whiteners on Instagram do not do it you are rubbing tiny rocks on your teeths and damaging enamel that is why they look whiter temporarily because the top dirty layer of enamel was roughly scraped away revealing the brighter whiter layer underneath but you want that enamel to last as long as possible not to harshly destroy it because Kylie needs to pay for stormy to get lip injections when she's 14 months old dentist here fluoride is the most important component in toothpaste some brands do not include fluoride and may be referred to as herbal all natural fluoride is s naturally occurring element and there is a tremendous body of research pointing to the positive effects for a mineralization of enamel as well as some antimicrobial activity also as someone else pointed out you should not Vince with water after brushing you should not Vince with mouthwash after brushing either if you like mouth rinse you said before you brush toothpaste works best due to its direct application and scrubbing on during brushing mouth rinse oftentimes has lower fluoride levels that become diluted in saliva root canals are not that scary anymore old dent history had these horror stories from getting them more than anything today it can just be annoying to get it done and oftentimes will relieve some pain fairly quickly it's a great way to keep a tooth that can be saved crowns are often the best treatment on a root canal tooth so don't skimp on that step to save a few bucks you got all that work done do what's best for the tooth long term you have been visited by angry dog go comment calm down little angry Papa to get rid of rough day

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28 thoughts on “DENTISTS Explain Biggest Mistakes People Make In Dental Hygiene

  1. " your gums are bleeding because you don't floss/brush enough."
    * proceeds to stab my gums like he's Jack the ripper *

  2. Man xylitol sounds like a good idea but it just murdered my digestive system when I tried it (even just chewing gum with it)

  3. Ive always had pretty good luck when it came to the healthiness of my teeth. I barely ever… EVER brush my teeth (I know, it’s horrible) but I rarely get bad breath and I’ve only had a couple cavities, whereas my brother who brushes all the time, and many people I know that take care of their teeth have the worst luck. I barely brushed with braces on, and I expected white spots when they were taken off, but I have none of those, either. Can anyone explain why this is? Do I just have really good luck/genetics or something?

  4. Gotta second that thing about root canals not being as bad as they used to be. I had to have one this year and the most painful part of the procedure was the anesthetic injection at the start.

  5. My problem is that fluoride makes me feel sick/salivate excessively whenever I use it, so I have to opt out of the treatments at the dentist and use toothpaste with low fluoride content. Is there anything I can do about that?

  6. Baking soda is actually not for baking nor is it a soda its actually an anti oxygen poison that keeps food fresh by destroying the oxygen in the air lessening the bacteria flow in the air allowing food to last longer by not being touched by oxygen so when people put baking soda in their mouth they are destroying the very air they breath and can easily die from either poison or lack of oxygen.

  7. Personally, I really hate sugary drinks especially pop. I try to always take good care of my teeth. Even the Dentist I went to was kinda surprised by how well I was keeping my teeth clean. He said I take good care of my teeth compared to other people my age. I was 18…Please brush your teeth people.

  8. Why did no one mention that not brushing your gums can cause gingivitis? You've got to brush your gums so you don't get an infection. Gingivitis, when left untreated, can lead to death.

    The person in the thumbnail has it.

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