Detox Success Story, Viral Summit, Nutrition Seminar, Keto Creamer

Detox Success Story, Viral Summit, Nutrition Seminar, Keto Creamer

hey it's dr. Schmidt at the nutritional healing center I want to go through a testimonial I'm gonna read this to you and I have a few products on a share and some services and then I also want to show you the results of a guy that he had some heart issues for a long time and we put him on the right supplements and diet and through a machine called the heart sound recorder I'm gonna show you the results it's been two months since he started but let's start with this testimonial so this is a guy that grew up near a smelting plant and I think it was a bronze metal factory and they released toxins into the air and that settled on there was dust everywhere all the time and in a five-mile radius nobody could grow up garden because the soil was toxic so he grew up in this environment and then he called me up two years ago now he's he was 60 at the time and he had a collection of symptoms so I started detoxing on my head among the true cellular detox program from systemic formulas I bring this up because I'm on Twitter too and there are quite a number of people on Twitter who think that detoxing is a complete fantasy nobody's toxic and if you are I got a do is wait for your liver and kidneys to work well just drink some water eat some fruit and take a walk around the park and you'll be fine and it's kind of funny to read these comments that people have and then one guy said show me proof that anybody's ever toxic so I sent him the website for a lab that I like to use called Quicksilver Quicksilver scientific calm Quicksilver testing calm and his reply was seemed sketchy and I thought well you know you can apply that to any emergency room in any hospital because they can also test for heavy metals too but so this guy is feeling much better let me read this I started treating with dr. Schmidt two years ago at age 60 at that time my symptoms were extreme chemical sensitivities anxiety attacks tachycardia and heart palpitations and muscle stiffness and soreness with frequent muscle cramping I also had frequent headaches brain fog and dizziness I was so chemically sensitive that two sips of Coffee could and did send me into a tachycardia episode so his heart would start beating too quickly two beers would give me a vicious hangover I haven't drank coffee or wine or beer for 20 years I walk like an eight-year-old with pain and stiffness especially after driving dr. Schmidt put me on a detox regimen and also a lactic acid reducing regimen and at my last consultation I told dr. Schmidt that my symptoms have resolved to the point where I feel I no longer need consultations my stiffness is basically gone I feel flexible and pain-free I get up I can get out of bed and touch my toes without problem I haven't had an anxiety or tachycardia episode in over a year they used to be a weekly occurrence I can drink coffee without fear of tachycardia I can drink a few alcoholic beverages and have a social life without a huge hangover the three or four splitting headaches a week are gone basically a field extranet correctly helped me detox to the point where my symptoms have resided and my completely detox I doubt it I will continue my daily detox to protect my health gains and I I am extremely grateful for dr. Schmidt for his expert knowledge and guiding me to renewed health I also have a personal primary care physician who I was also consulting for help and although I like my primary care physician he only offered from Souter goals to keep to help with my symptoms and that did nothing to restore my health I think my health gains were all due to dr. Schmidt correctly diagnosing my problems and helping me address the root causes Thank You detriment all right you're welcome so there's a lot of medical doctors who have commented to me on Twitter saying that detoxing is complete fantasy but they never learned it in school and their treatments are the problem their chemical poisons that they use to control symptoms they are the problem they are part of the problem so now there are people who have exposures that are pretty obvious because they work in an industry that's filled with chemicals or toxins like dentists breathing in mercury without proper protection or working in a factory or welding I had a patient once who he was retired he decided to take a welding class at a local Community College and the hood vent for his station didn't work by the end of that semester he had slight Parkinson's he was shaking so obviously that's a toxicity and how deep is that into the nervous system well he didn't stick around you know more than two months he didn't have enough faith in what I was doing or whatever but the point is you can have toxicity deep in your central nervous system and you get diagnosed with Parkinson's or autism or whatever and then you try to pull it out and maybe you're not successful or maybe you are but yet the damage to the nervous system is too far is too much and the symptoms won't go won't go away there's a guy named Boyd Haley who I think it was University of Kentucky I've talked about him before he had a nutritional supplement that would pull out toxins for autistic kids and at the same time neutralize the heavy metals that were in the nervous system so he was reversing autism in two weeks very strong nutritional supplement and the FDA came down on him and he moved out of the United States to Ireland Boyd Haley you can look him up he can read some of his literature you can see him on video and he's researching right now to make a supplement that would be or than actually might be a it might turn out to be a prescription but they're working with that and they're very very close to having something that we're you know that would be workable for Austin United States according to our federal guidelines okay the next thing I want to go over is we I have a seminar Saturday June 29th and it's called elevate it's for nutrition practitioners who are new and practice or maybe veteran practitioners who are looking for a new technique it's all day in my office and I'm putting a link below the next thing I want to go over is this is this product right here it's called it's the company's called catching ketones and it's a coffee creamer powder now I don't drink coffee and I would never use this because I don't use coffee but I have a few people in my office who are coffee fiends and one of them absolutely loved it and she actually when we received this bottle she thought it was hers as a free gift from a company she just started eating it or using it and she absolutely loves it I have another employee who the erythritol wasn't she didn't really like that but she wouldn't she used it she'd go longer before eating lunch so she was able to fast longer because as MCT oil powdered MCT oil in it and it's got collagen which is good protein for hair skin and nails etc so this is a very nutritious creamer that you might want to consider purchasing and know they're not paying me for this I've never been paid to promote a product ever which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing that's just the way it is the next thing I want to go over is this viral and retro retro viral summit so it's a collection of speakers online and each one's about 30 minutes long interviewed by dr. Jay Davidson he's done a few other summits and I've been a part of a couple of them one is a Lyme summit and then another one is the best of Lyme summit so he invited me on for this one it starts July 1st it's free you just opt-in with your email and then they'll release several videos per day for a number of days and the informations right here I will put the link below so I'm a part of this and I want to define for you really quickly what is a retrovirus so everybody knows what a virus is retrovirus is a in a category of viruses that will live in the body for a long long time decades 20 years 30 years and they cause fatigue the whole time and they don't necessarily kill you they keep you going and this would include for example cytomegalovirus or maybe epstein-barr virus and but then you add on top of it other problems with your health and you get downward trending health situation your health gets worse and worse but there are people with epstein-barr virus diagnosed in 1990 and they're still alive but yet they're still tired so the ways that you address these retroviruses is somewhat similar to the viruses themselves but I do muscle testing I do the biofeedback enhanced muscle testing procedure and we figure out what supplements are best for you what herbs to help your immune system to clean your lymphatic system out and then I have an antiviral diet but these other practitioners and professionals will give you more information than that and they'll give you their take on how they address chronic viral retroviral situation all right the last thing I want to go over is a success with a gentleman who was he had enlarged heart for a long time and he was failing and this is May 13th at noon and we have this device called the heart sound recorder and you can see that's not in the not in good shape and this doesn't look very good here what does look good is love space dub and then a rest period love space dub rest all right so I put them on some supplements in an hour later this is what it looks like you can see that they all look calmer there's still like fluttering going on here this is all flutter and but this is an hour later so now I saw him recently so now we're talking one month later and the flutter is pretty much gone it's really pretty amazing sale flat that is that's very flat now there is a disturbance here and I circled some here's a disturbance here and here and here so you want this to be cleaner this is pretty clean love space dub but here it's love and then this space is there's a dist it's there anyway so we're working on that but he's doing a lot better he's feeling a lot better and the main therapy is meat I told me red meat every day and then I had some supplements to address this and and fluttering here and so we have very specific supplements to take care very specific service about situations that's picked up on this heart sound recorder device all right there you go there's my update I have I had a lot of things I wanted to get off my chest and now I told you and I feel better all right if you like this information please give me a thumbs up share and subscribe and hit the bell for notifications

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26 thoughts on “Detox Success Story, Viral Summit, Nutrition Seminar, Keto Creamer

  1. @Dr.Schmidt: I appreciate getting rid of heavy metals by the method of Dr. Klinghardt; he uses Chlorella and Coriander; Chlorella works unspecific binding toxic substances on its surface;

  2. Darren, just wondering why do you promote the True cellular detox instead of pushcatch or the blackboxt provided by quicksilver scientific?

  3. Hi, Will you ever do a video on why some people say red meat is so bad and why you disagree. In fact why you advise it. ??

  4. Thanks Darren! The company of Boyd Hailey and a team of other researchers in Ireland is called Emeramed. The product is called Irminix:

  5. Dr Schidmt
    Can you please do a video about how to heal, the sodium & potassium imbalance at the snaps causing adrenal fatigue & excess testosterone, caused from removing positively charged mercury amalgams prior to negatively charged

  6. If someone told me that your liver metabolizes toxins are fooling themselves, yes, it can recover but diet is so important to help the body cope and relieve these things from the body, that just goes to show how much we know about detoxification, trust me, working in automotive for about 15 years, started keto w/intermittent fasting and alot of stuff that was not right (lets just say it was horrific) came out, so know knowing these things i would never challenge a practitioner on this, too many variables and situations

  7. I'm in ketosis for 2 1/2 months. Blood ketones are between. 6and 4.4 (when fasting for min. 3days) . I'm diabetic, on Metformin, and I can't get my blood sugar levels under 6.5 mmol/l . Please advise me on what should I do ?

  8. How can a medical doctor comment on detoxing or nutrition at all considering they have zero training on the subjects? They are taught and trained to recognize someone's symptoms and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that do nothing to contribute to health.

  9. I've had this wart in my finger for years and I've been doing hard keto for a month with nmn resveratrol and a shit ton of other antioxidants and it's not even noticeable anymore

  10. Detox does work. I did it after chemo and radiation. I have these symptoms , a bunch of them. Now. How can I contact you. I'd like to see about an appointment. I could use a healthy coffee creamer. My cardiologist died laughing at me. When I told him my heart goes lub dub. . I have Afib. Would that help me too. Love your videos. You're a great Dr. I'd love to visit your office. As a patient.

  11. I think you should do a short video on the autism guy and process…it's a terrible modern effect of, well I believe, vaccines! If you can help children be normal, you will gain treasure in the next life, when we account for our deeds!

  12. Keto is the answer guys just lower the carbohydrates and eat meat with healthy oils like AVOCADO and OLIVE. AND DRINK WATER.

  13. I’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome for ten years. I’ve been doing keto diet for two weeks now while using restore with little change in my symptoms. I wonder if it could be toxicity or retro virus? I did get it after I got mono when I was 17.

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