hey y'all welcome back Teresa and I recently did a meet-and-greet at the Lighthouse Lakes in Aransas Pass we had no idea this was about to happen but that morning right there became one heck of a safety lesson this is what not to do so this boat had to stop going 40 miles now I had to stop to not wake this guy he was paddling straight down it's like riding a bicycle down i-10 i-20 I 45 it's what he's doing right now right down the middle and these boats are coming that fast what's up y'all I got Wayne he's from Georgetown Texas was north of Austin he's down he can only gets to come down here what a couple times here yeah if that right so he's trying to figure out how to negotiate the canals and some people up there I've totally I've told him that the boat to slow down for you so check out the wake this offshore boat is throwing so once again this is a highway folks ain't stopping me if they do you're lucky get away now I just noticed this look at the boat on the other side of the canal having to deal with the massive wake from that giant offshore boat that's a big center console he's having trouble you can imagine what being in a kayak would be like no they don't slow down and create a big huge wake like the one vote that just went by here yeah you got to be careful Tolly was telling me is like being in a night 35 with a bicycle you know the trucks not going to slow down for that bicycle so this is the highway and we just have to kind of just understand it they're gonna be cooking and ain't gonna stop and we just have to shoot the gap and get it up in the marks in the flats where they can't get and then you're fine spin is little time in the channel as you can as you saw this morning yeah yeah I got I didn't get flipped over Ian but I got hit by one of the boats coming up here and yeah I had to go into his wake and yeah push my bow under the water it didn't really yeah it did yeah and then I got a P 814 and it still put my bow under the water alright he gots to get out the way shoot the gap and get out of the way how many fish y'all caught he lost count love your boats man alright so check out these little guys eight years old they're sitting here waiting on the flag for the for the boats to pass and they're waiting for the time to shoot across so here we have two young boys with dad in command he's doing an amazing job of teaching them to use common sense they're sitting on the flat out of the canal waiting for an opening where they have 5 or 10 minutes they could see left and right very far when the opening arises they're gonna shoot across and go back in the miles and miles of mangrove swamp so the boys and dad made it safely across did some fishing let's watch them come back in they're coming in hot now boy whereas was know what they're doing so they did the same thing in Reverse when they were coming back toward the trucks they just sat over there on the flat they looked left and right Clyde crossing the street waited for the boats to stop and then they quickly shot across the canal once they're back up on the flat on this side they're safe again no big deal good work dad the boater is in the boating channel this all looks the same but it's not there's eight feet of water going right down the center it's like a ditch but on either side of the ditch there's about a hundred yards of 2 foot flat that's where they're at now here and they're safe and fine you made it let's catch you crossing there huh lost your fishing rod so here we all just got a lesson from an eight and ten-year-old stay out of the boat channel folks you're the smaller vessel you will not win that fight right or wrong catch y'all later what

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  1. by law the engine powered vessels are supposed to slow to no wake speed within certain distances from kayaks

  2. Have the same problem on man-made lakes. The water is deep almost everywhere and the powerboats do not slow down for kayaks. So make sure they can at least see you. Even in sailboats it seems that people in powerboats do not know or care about right of way on the water in the inland lakes. And if there is a fishing tournament going on!!! 250 hp and a kayak on the same water gets dicey.

  3. This isnโ€™t always possible%. Sometimes, the only way to get to a spot to fish is by paddling along a channel.

  4. Man there was a guy who died right in that ship channel the other day. Saw it on the news…. itโ€™s a crazy area. Always gotta make sure no boats are around there! Great video

  5. It is better if the big boats fly through rather than to wallow and make those giant wakes. They throw the worst wakes when they slow down fast approaching a no wake zone. I get rocked more by 20 foot center consoles than by barges on the intracoastal. Technically they should begin slowing BEFORE they reach the no wake markers.

  6. Excellent safety points to consider. As a safety professional for the last 23 years, I fully endorse this message. Great video, Ty!

  7. Crossed at that spot a few days ago. I was fishing back in the marsh and an airboat came in there. So FYI the danger isnโ€™t over crossing. You gotta worry about airboats back in there.

  8. I have been in that same spot and you're exactly right about crossing the channel. I know how the young man felt about loosing his rod and reel. I lost one myself near that same location two years ago. Send him one of those Lew's combo's you have and that will cheer him right up! Glad to see you guys back in Texas.

  9. Crossed that channel hundreds of times and it is always sketchy. If it isn't the boat wakes it's the tidal current, or 25mph wind, or all 3. Oh, don't forget to pull up your stringer if not using a bag. Dolphin will pull you or the tax-man will take a bite.
    Still love that area though.

  10. The only yak in the episode with even a cursory safety-flag was the guy out in the channel … go figure. Brand name ( "H-word" ) flag and LED flasher units are grossly overpriced, but something, anything, is better than zero when your butt's on the line. Many of us have lost gear overboard, and can comiserate with the youngster. On the plus side, a valuable lesson ( or two ) were learned.

  11. I hate the little guy lost his rod and reel. If he ever in mobile Alabama Iโ€™ll give him one of mines.

  12. People don't understand how a wake works… You don't want the boats to slow down because they just make a bigger wake.
    I would prefer they stay in their lane (middle of channel) and don't change their speed.
    The faster the better…
    I never use a kayak in a boat channel aside from crossing it to get to the flats when the coast is clear.

  13. I use to go threw where big container ships would pass threw to get too fishing spots now I just go to laid back areas cause it should be a chill hobby not feeling on edge

  14. Kayaker lost his life a few weeks ago in Aransas Pass. He was out there pre-dawn with no PFD or lights. Power boat hit him & apparently didnโ€™t even realize it.

  15. A fue weeks ago in the intercoastal around Port Arthur. A boater hit a kayaker killing him. And he kept going the authorities investigated and got him days later. Make sure you can be seen. Aka visibility flag

  16. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž Inconsiderate Aholes-everywhere, I own the water and I don't care!! Feel sorry for the kid who lost his fishing rod. Keep'em coming Ty.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Š๐ŸŸ๐Ÿก๐Ÿšคโ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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