Does Marijuana Cause Health Problems?

Does Marijuana Cause Health Problems?

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  1. I’d say the real threat of smoking weed is what you smoke it out of, a blunt is obviously not healthy. I prefer a bowl 🤷‍♂️

  2. Of course weed is not safe and good for your health. But hey, who gives a shit. Alcool is bad, cigarette too. Fastfood is bad. Evrrything can be bad. You just gotta hope it won't kill you lol

  3. It can cause psychological problems i have over 15 years of on and off experience but there seems to be nothing permenent, all you have to do is stop for a while or for good and you'll be back to normal within 1-3months. Remember its medicine if abused it will mess u up mentally/emotionally and spiritually but like all natural herbs its a very short term negative side effects where with pharma drugs that's when it gets long term and many times permanent damage.

    Cannabis when used properly can actually repair damaged cells but again once optimal health if you continue to use its pointless because at the end of the day its medicine to show you the door, get you back on track and not to rely on.

    Lets not forget when you "get high" your heart rate beats much faster so that should say enough for long term use.

  4. If you want to consider an extreme example of marijuana use look to the northern arid deserts of the middle east where they live in tents beat their wives and fuck their daughters

  5. This is misleading to the youth. Stop trying to censor plants. Our society keeps proving how we are a failed manipulative, and selfish species for continuous lies to our children for selfish greedy money making opportunities. Wait for the change to come. Those who mislead will not be safe.

  6. Let’s talk about things that are created like Xanax and opioids. Y’all do anything to depict what God has left us and promote Satan well being

  7. Yes Cannabis can cause health issues, when it's grown by total fuckwits who either don't know or don't care about flushing out the chemicals they put into it's when grown.

  8. Mind and body are connected. Being dependent on any drug is going to put a lot of stress and anxiety on your mind when you aren't getting high, which opens up the door to a number of other health problems, including muscle tension, headaches and insomnia. in severe cases you can start having some gastrointestinal issues, heart problems, etc.
    Weed may be harmless for casual users, especially in comparison to other drugs. But we can't ignore the relevant downsides from smoking too much. You can get addicted to it just like any other drug because it's a psychological stimulant. it's fun. it's relaxing. and it's harmless. It's the perfect recipe to form a dependence if you're not careful.

  9. Too much of anything is bad for your health…No matter what type of smoke goes into your lungs. You're simply burning something and consuming it into your lungs…Plus the weed they grow has gotten a lot more potent over the years and they have all these fucking crazy names for them and a bunch of crystals all over the weed and shit…Cmon guys can you just admit that its no good…too much of anything isnt good. Just like meds you get prescribed from the "DOCTORS", too much of that isnt healthy either. It only has benefits when you use it in moderation. Same thing for cannabis, using it in moderation can have benefits to certain things people have such as glaucoma, and a few other issues. Yes Cannabis has health benefits of course, but abusing it isnt good. People think just because they smoke all day everyday its healthy. People roll blunts all the damn time and bongs i guess are a safer way but ehh you can debate on that too. I personally think marijuana is unhealthy your brain. I smoked for 5 years and just recently stopped and im fine now. I was a pothead, for a long time i was okay with it but my brain isnt cooperating with weed anymore. Recently i was getting paranoid and getting more anxiety, and just getting the spins, and not feeling like i was real. Ive been clean for 6 months and i feel much better, i feel grounded on this earth. I had some good highs and some bad highs. All in all i stopped the shit i just got tired of feeling stuck. It actually does fuck with your brain chemistry and possibly can increase epilepsy or scitzophrenia. Cannabis should be for the people who Actually NEED it not just something you wanna abuse and be recreational with…i have more to say but i'll leave it here. Let all the potheads attack me now lol

  10. so here is the quick answer. NO! Cannabis itself cannot kill you what so ever however the smoke you inhale into your lungs can cause some minor health issues later in life but simple solution just dont smoke weed eat it vape it etc.

  11. I've never in my life heard of anyone eating a mmj editable and jumping out a window or off a balcony… Just saying I'm a daily smoker and wouldn't be stupid enough to jump from a window or balcony

  12. I'd say that it seems that basically any related health issues are caused by motivation loss. I smoke, but I eat pretty healthy and I workout, and I'll admit that far fewer potheads have stuck with working out than the more sober crowd. At least In my experience.

  13. ok I got a good one for ya: Swedish Snus. Its big where I live and theres even an MD in America promoting it as safe. what say ye ?

  14. So you advocate that eating a plant based diet is a good way to help reverse or prevent cancer yet you completely ignore that THC from cannabis(tetradyhrocannabinol) has been proven to kill cancer cells? Interesting.

  15. Just about Everything on this planet can cause health problems if abused- including healthy foods. As with everything moderation and exercise is the key.

  16. I smoke a lot of weed and play college soccer, and screenwrite for small companies in Hollywood here and there..weed helps me write my stories.

  17. Don't know about smoking it, but taking it orally (cooked with coconut oil) dries your mouth out pretty thoroughly. Can't be good in that respect. Sure helps with sleep though.

  18. Cannabis causes brain damage to offspring (via Epigenetics); it handicaps Executive Functions in these children and makes them LOSERS…unable to follow goal directed behavior over time… so they tend to sit on the couch and just watch TV, and not do anything in the world.

    Not how I want my kids to grow up!

  19. What about vaping. You can buy devices which can vaporize dry marijuana, and also oils/extracts. Are these health effects due to marijuana specifically or just the act of inhaling combustion products which you could get around using the formentioned methods

  20. It is the most dangerous substance on Earth. It is the only drug that effects your decisions and health in a way to attribute the consequences to other factors. Cannabis says: "Move along here folks nothing to see here".

  21. It is faulty reasoning to compare the number of deaths from cannabis use to Viagra and imply that it is safer because less deaths can be attributed to cannabis. On the face of it, Viagra users are much more likely to be older than cannabis users and likely have more circulatory problems. It is comparing apples to oranges.

    It is hard to believe smoking any burning substance is not detrimental to one's delicate lungs in more than a minor way.

    The recent videos are not the same quality as in the past.

  22. I'm healthy..I'm a vegan, 29, I do cardio and Pilates and yoga…I don't drink or smoke ciggs but I smoke cannabis four times a week, its part if my healthy lifestyle for my epilepsy

  23. You may not die from cannabis but you will increase your risk of having schizophrenia, which will totally ruin every aspects of your life.

  24. Here is your mystery solved, research (cannabis and dry mouth) AND (dry mouth and periodontal disease) AND (periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease).

  25. I liked it until i got into my late 30's. Now it just messes with my sleep and makes me feel tired and old. So smoke it up while you're young,kiddos. The high isnt that great after you start getting old.

  26. Thanks for consistently examining comparative context.

    Cannabis fear-mongers religiously avoid risk context.

  27. What are the long-term health and economic outcomes of being arrested for marijuana?

    An implicit question is the efficacy of prohibition as a medical intervention.

  28. It's simple every person that smokes or vapes anything always will be coughing their lungs out. People that do this long term have throat problems and eventually will lead into more serious health effects. Also breathing in bad pollution of any kind for years and years is pretty much guaranteed to knock off 10+ years off your life and makes your chances of getting a heart attack a lot higher. That's why in polluted countries the average life span is 10-20 years less than the rest of the world.

  29. Using cannabis this last year (first time since I was 22…I’m 57), I was able to get off all psych drugs. 😍

  30. The one health hazard not mentioned was the high death rate of those forced to interact with dope smokers, and who die of boredom. Like drunks, dope smokers are just plain boring and tedious.

  31. you hear his impression of a pot smoker from 0:40 to 0:41?…. tony the tiger called, he wants you to stop mocking his shitty cereal ads with bad voice acting….

  32. Ref: THE LANCET Issue 9904, 9-15 Nov 2013: "The key findings from estimates of other outcomes of illicit drug use were as follows: regular cannabis use made a VERY SMALL contribution to disease burden (approx 7000 DALYS globally). The highest estimated global burden was attributable to opioid dependence (9.2 million DALYS)." From the article cited in the video

  33. Marijuana is great. Use it as a tool to expand your mind. Think every way possible. Your brain has the ability to utilize the same hardware without marijuana software afterwards; how great is that?!

  34. Over 40 years in hospital work cannot recall one instance of person being admitted for overdose of Marijuana or being admitted because of health issues related to quitting marijuana. With alcohol, the legal and more socially acceptable drug, the picture is COMPLETELY different. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous narcotic drugs on planet Earth. One of the most dangerous things an alcohol abuser can do is to quit cold turkey by himself. Even with the advanced medical techniques to help alcohol abusers deal with withdrawal it is often several days of serious issues before person is out of danger.
    Most human beings like to claim that they are 'rational'. Attitudes about marijuana and laws that have been on the books for decades tell a completely different story.
    Do I believe use of alcohol should be criminalized in the United States AGAIN ?
    Absolutely not. But penalties for drunken drivers are WAY, WAY, WAAAAAAAAY too lenient!!!
    I have had three family members killed by drunken drivers …. in three separate incidents.

  35. I was diagnosed with cannabis use disorder when it helped with my spasms and I mostly would smoke reg. Now that I've no other choice but to stop, CBD biofreeze cream has helped me with my pain enough to walk again. 🙂 Can't wait for it to be legal in KY. Maybe then I can drive again too.

  36. Known a lot of die hard pot heads over many years n they all have these similar traits. Self absorbed n only present when it's comfortable for them. Which is not very often.

  37. I smoked on weekends in high school and college. Graduated and moved to Colorado, where I stopped drinking alcohol and started using pot recreationally every day. It’s been 4 or 5 years with no ill side effects on mentality, motivation, physical activity or cardio. I also don’t use it constantly. Probably twice around 8 and 9 o’clock at night, every night and it really helps with muscle soreness, and just getting to sleep. That being said, about sleep. I have noticed that when I stop using cannabis for maybe 2 or 3 weeks, I have vivid nightmares of primal shit, or like a dream where I get very very drunk and feel wasted in my dream, it’s so real. That is literally the 1 negative side effect I can think of with cannabis. It does effect your ability to REM sleep, thus when you stop smoking cannabis for 2-3 weeks you are basically catching up on your Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

  38. You got to stop watching Reeder Madness . It's only a propaganda movie.Really No one plays the piano faster and faster then jumps out the window .

  39. What about the hundreds of millions of years of health GAINED by treating other mental and physical disabilities with cannabis?

    Have there been any studies on this the effect of inhaled cannabinoid oils on endothelial function? There's one fact-sheet on secondhand smoke describing a deleterious effect of particulate smoke matter on endothelial function here, but is there anything about inhaled vaporized cannabinoid oils and how they impair endothelial function or promote atherosclerosis, in relation to dietary consumption of oil?

  41. indeed..pot is harmful, particularly psycho-social, but not as "bad" as alcohol or nicotine, cause there are many more causal users of marijuana than either alcohol or tobacco..these #s may change as marijuana becomes more readily available

  42. So what is the verdict?? I don't think it would shorten my life and I am surprised about the study's results. Was that chronic everyday use or just casual use? What psychiatric problems are associated with it?

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