Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review – Mega Wellness OG | BREALTV

Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review - Mega Wellness OG | BREALTV

yo what's poppin y'all this is be real AKA dr. greenthumb with another straight and review for be real TV what's good as of late we've been on in to tear with some fire ass flower in the fucking place you know i'm sanna and yet people still complain about this flower like why he always givin fives it's because everybody's always giving me fire as of late you know sometimes you get boo boo but you know as of late we've been getting very fire strains and you know with the the culture growing as it has you have a lot of talented growers in the space now you know guys that are coming up with some fire shit and one of which is nameless genetics they've been around for quite some time so they have honed in their craft of cultivation if you will and they send us over the mega wellness OG to review when i got a say in his fucking loud as fuck it's it's the type of nuggets that when you pop it out the jar one the the fragrance the smell is overwhelming then when you pop it out and you put it on a tray it's so goddamn pretty it's pretty it's so pretty it's glistening like you know like you just bought like a fucking diamond ring for your chick or you you bought yourself a frosty ass bracelet with nothing but diamonds and now you're off your fucking arm is frostbitten that's how pretty this shit look so you don't even want to smoke you know you just kind of want to look at it and look at it and not really want to touch it but you know you have to and you know you will and when you do is gonna taste fucking good this flower will not let you down in that regard it is what it looks like when you fucking pop that jar open I'm telling you it screams at you very loud you might need two ear plugs this bitch is so loud you know what I mean and it man I mean all aspects of this flower is just fucking ridiculous I like oh jeez this is a straight up OG it's not a hybrid it's like a true OG cut and these guys are one of the best doing it I got to say you know when I cracked it open and I looked at the buds and I seen you know how it was glistening the trichomes and you know just to smell the flavor and and the way it got everybody excited in the room when the jar popped open I mean you know you already knew you had some shit but you know I've smoked it so I know but you know it's nothing like you know telling people how it tastes off the bat you know from a freshly roll joint on a funky field ship no less because we don't do it without we keep it classy keep it classy and only Funky's no flunkies you know I'm saying you can get some funky flip set funky Phil tips.com and check out all the fly shit we got there but uh let's see well yes overwhelming even on the first inhale on the first light oh definitely gonna need a grinder you know if you're packing a bowl of this and in a bong or a pipe man this shit is gonna be flavor right off the bat if you're smoking joint which I tend to do a lot oh you're gonna love this shit because it is flavor you know for flavor alone if I gave it a rating it would be a fucking tent you know I mean but we roll them by that the five green thumbs you know what I mean in this one if I could give this ten green thumbs Underwood but five will suffice for now five green thumbs because baguette Hill was on 100% the the curing and and the manicuring all that shit hundred percent on on this Mingo wellness OG it hasn't been tested by SC labs I believe it is clocking in at 24 percent THC and something similar to the cannaboids I think 26% and cannaboids you could look it up on their IG nameless genetics and you know they got some clean cannabis very powerful cannabis very flavorful campus you know and you know if you live in California or anywhere else you know that has a dispensary collective or you know retail spaced it has this mega wellness og man go get it run to it before somebody else beats you to it because you're gonna be fuckin singing the blues all day taking some secondary shit man mega wellness OG five green thumbs no I'm saying and if you don't like that you could take that thumb and fuck yourself with

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38 thoughts on “Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review – Mega Wellness OG | BREALTV

  1. Got to give it up to nameless genetics. Just got me half an O at 26% thc 0.05% cbd & cbn 0.07% This is pure 🔥⛽️ fire!!

  2. absolutely no useful data, lineage, or terms/category's a strains is judged on.  don't know how it was grown oraganic/hydro, don't know if it was on/off flush, how it was trimmed by hand/machine. don't know if it was sweeted, don't know, humidity. didn't even show the lab test, I know people would pause to read it.  you are right there is a lot of fire, and good ops out there, that's why these things matter to people. its 2017 in CA, even bottom self buyers have preferences. none of which, is given in this "review" and I use that term lightly because its implies you are giving information. more then just; " man this is some fire, it was loud and pretty" for so much production it seem like wasted money.

  3. I was smoking weed 20 years and mega wellness is by far the best flower I've ever had!!! Try the Watermelon, MegaSupreme & Anonymous OG

  4. its kinda funny breal does these reviews because he has nothing but FIRE all the time lol.. all reviews 5 green thumbs, and shit i mean they are all amazing, the jungle boyz shit in LA i recently went and got, some wedding cake, and it was INSANE.. it had like a soap smell which doesnt sound good, but trust it is.. on the exhale that cookie-dough taste so nice. Definitely going to keep an eye out for some of this MW OG, looks kinda like a fire OG cut but not as orange on the hairs

  5. очень круто что вы продвигаете правильное курение! у нас это очень большая редкость, люди курят чтобы убиться

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