Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist

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100 thoughts on “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist

  1. Take the Daily Dozen Challenge! Find out more at www.nutritionfacts.org/daily-dozen-challenge -NF Team

  2. Question time?
    How many garlic cloves equal a daily dozen?
    How much soya milk or yoghurt (or other plant milk) is equal to a daily dozen?
    Can you use the same food twice (like 45 grams of oats at breakfast and lunch)?
    Is it possible to get all of the daily dozen below 1500 calories or even 1200 calories? (not for weight loss just out of my own curiosity).
    Thanks Dr Greger!

  3. I do use the app every day for about a few months now. It do helps me so much eating enough and healthy!

  4. How about rice? I noticed you haven't mentioned rice under the whole grain section. It must be a reason or you just cited other grains examples…Will check your other videos!
    You are a blessing from the Universe, Dr. Greger! I love your videos!

  5. it would be intresting to know if Dr Greger takes suplements likek a multivitam or something and if he pay atension to the Daily recomended intake of vitamins and minerals that can be hard to eat everyday to get the recomended intake ?

  6. Pretty good stuff if you add healthy meats like organ meats or steak, fatty foods like butter, and reduce the recommended legumes

  7. I love this concept and i enjoy eating this way but i find a hard time getting enough calories if i follow the servings he recommends. Should i try adding more servings of grains or beans? Right now by following this im getting around 1500 calories when i should be eating 1800.

  8. Thanks for Caring so much Dr. Greger. I watch your videos all the time I've lost 13 pounds in two months. You are my favorite. Thank you ❤❤❤❤

  9. Do things like chickpea flour and buckwheat flour fit into the DailyDozen? And how much of them is considered a serving size..?

  10. I'd say this program is for those with a sturdy digestive system. Some of us don't do well eating many different foods in one meal. Some of us don't do well with beans. Although there are universal basics, most RDs consider nutrition/diet an individualized thing. Even with limitations, one should eat as healthfully as possible. Although this program is loaded with great choices and options, making blanket recommendations can be counter-productive for some, causing undue stress, digestive discomfort/problems and, ultimately, failure.

  11. Thats not a healthy diet … you need DHA – EPA … you need B12 …. some people need animal Vitamin A and K2 etc … supplementation can also become a health risk … youre pushing only your vegan argenda … besides health and science

  12. What if I pretty much never eat whole grains? I get stomach pain from them. But I eat 375 (uncooked) grams of white rice every day, does that "count"?

  13. flax seeds can negatively effect birth control. At least i read that somewhere. That might be worth a video while also talking about other high lignan sources

  14. I have a problem. Let's say you want to gain weight and you have to consume 2800 kcal each day. Half a plate of vegetable is not very calorie-dense. What kind of foods should I incorporate or eat more to meet this demand without sacrificing​ my health?

  15. Idk why you hate on white potatoes so much, why don't you talk about the negative anti nutrients of all these mentioned

  16. I don’t care how healthy anything is if It causes endothelial inflammation I don’t eat it, if it has lectins in it unless they are soaked or cooked properly I don’t eat it, if it has fructose in it, I don’t eat it.

  17. Dr Greger, Excellent presentation and your app is an excellent reminder list at the grocery store. Many thanks. I follow your program daily, almost to the letter as I have been on the Dr Esselstyn's Plant Based Diet to reverse coronary blockage since January 24th 2018 with excellent results beyond my wildest expectations!

    May I ask your feelings on Vitamin C? I have read many positive articles on this.

    Thank you,


    btw… if people would follow follow your diet exclusively, almost everyone on blood pressure and cholesterol medications (plus some others) would not need them after 60 days and I am living proof of that! Until actually following this diet, I would have never dreamed this was even remotely possible! Your body becomes and is what you eat and drink!

  18. This whas really helpfull for me, especially the serving sizes. Since I'm in my fourties (45), I can't eat this much food anymore, but will do my best.
    Beans are a bit harder for me, here in Belgium we eat most days patatoes, meat and vegtables and not much beans at all, so I had to learn to like them. I still hate kidney beans, tofu and chickpeas (but I do like hummus), but learned to love lentils, black beans and pinto beans now. The only beans I ever tasted before I became vegan where white beans in tomato sauce and green beans, Thank you for all the info.

  19. I wish I could come around to liking mushrooms! It is simply a flavor and texture thing that I cannot get past. With the How Not to Die Cookbook, I feel like mushrooms are used a lot in his recipes. I was thinking to substitute eggplant in most cases, but does anyone know a good fix? If mushrooms are the only way I can get a certain nutrient, what are the least flavorful ones and how can I hide them?

  20. This works great for people who can afford unlimited food or are planning a garden but if you can't afford all this fancy stuff you can still be plenty healthy eating starches like we've done for thousands of years! Yes greens are awesome but if your not rich then eat what you can forage seasonally or start growing what you can and if it's winter then don't worry eat grains and roots and you will be just fine. Sprout some dried beans and whole grains in a sunny window or under a cfl if you can and get your greens that way. Add what you can when you can but if you're looking at this list and thinking healthy eating is to expensive then you're doing it wrong. Starches like whole grains, roots, tubers, and legumes have been staples for people all over the world since the dawn of time. Start every meal with a starch: oats, rice, wheat, potatoes, yams, bananas, plantains… There is a starch for every taste, meal, budget, lifestyle! If you start with a tried and true staple you will get the calories you need to feel full and good without going broke, then you can fit in these other foods if they are available but if not you will still be healthier than anyone who is starving of nutrition on the sad diet or energy because they are trying to live off of super foods that are to expensive and low in calories to be sustainable. I think the foods on this list are great and if you can then add them but nothing is more sustainable, affordable, or time tested than a starch based diet so please don't give up if you think all wfpb diets have to be this detailed to be healthy because the definitely do not. I want to save as many animals including people from suffering as possible and I know this daily dozen is not obtainable for so many of us so please be aware that there are affordable healthful options that can feed the world while saving lives

  21. Thank you for making this app free. I love it. I really think I'm eating better. It helps remind me to eat the right things. I realized I wasn't getting some things very often.

  22. This was great info for me. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful. Much appreciation for you. Thanks bunches for making and sharing this video.

  23. How do I contribute to translating "Dr Greger's Daily Dozen" app to other language (my native language Lithuanian)? That would spread the message for sure!

  24. Dear Dr. Gregor,

    First I would like to tank you so much for sharing so much valuable information with us! You changed my life…During pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and after following your daily nutrition advise (as much as I could – I am not vegetarian or vegan – yet), I felt excelent and gave birth to a wonderful child.

    I would also like to ask you to which cathegory do you include onions, garlic, olives and olive oil?

    Many thanks in advance for your response.

  25. How many of these check boxes should I aim for my 3 year old to get? We've recently become plant based and want to make sure she's getting all her necessary nutrients for a growing girl! Thanks!

  26. Dr G: How can we trust you to be unbiased? You lose credibility if you serve as both a scientist and a Cheerleader for vegan diet? You cannot simultaneously be the Cheerleader and the Referee. Also, as an actuary and professional mathematician I can tell you that you’re going way too easy on some of the questionable perversions of statistical techniques.

    I can’t trust you if 100% of the studies you read confirm veganism and only veganism. This never happens in the real world of scientific studies. There are always some contradictory findings from some studies.

    It would also help your credibility if you would show the links for at least the abstracts, so that some of us more curious folks can take a look under the hood.

    BTW I have found the Vegan diet very superior to anything else I’ve tried. However, I don’t go around telling people I’m vegan—-this can be very upsetting to others, especially those who have taken it as a political position

    And you are among only a handful of experts who I can half-way trust. But I’d prefer if I could fully trust you

    There are any number of questions which arise during your presentations which I’d be happy to help you with. I spent 40 years measuring and studying health care trends, the effect of different lifestyles, etc. you would be surprised with how often there are serious unanswered questions in many of the studies you present.

    Some of the poor study designs can lead to potentially bogus results. One you often make is to study the effect of a single food on various bio markers of inflammation, oxidation, insulin-spiking. This makes for a nice clean study, but most people eat several different things at a meal—-potentially with offsetting effects on the biomarkers. So you might test blood markers after eating eggs. As I recall this resulted in a spike of inflammation and other worrisome biomarkers. Your conclusion is to avoid eggs. But what if I also have a cup of fruit, or an omelet full of veggies? This is how people really eat, not one food at a time.

    I’m happy to volunteer to assist you with some of the statistical and study-design problems if you think it might help.

    Another problem area is your over reliance on LDL as a valid biomarker. As you must know, the science behind this is subject to intense scrutiny right now and a consensus is building that LDL MAY be one of the many factors in CVD but much less significant than was believed 50 years ago. It’s more complicated than a single factor. It involves other, more important factors such as inflammation, calcium distribution in the soft tissues, etc. unfortunately you’ve condemned some foods based solely on effect on LDL, without also looking at what might be more important factors. The LDL hypothesis is just that, a hypothesis with inadequate basis in unbiased science.

    You’re definitely head an shoulders more credible than most, but can’t be fully trusted to be unbiased.

    I’m happy to help you fix that, to help “peer review” the published studies from the perspective of problems with study design and the rampant misapplication and misinterpretation of statistical techniques applied to the data.

    You can text me at 215-272-5056 to schedule a phone discussion if you’d like. I’m happy to volunteer.

  27. I am in that stage when life hits you in the face and tell you that you should take care of your body and your self and i am 1 month triening to find a way to eat clean and healthy and i am sooooo grateful i gound your yt channel… you helped me a lot to have some idea how to proceed and i am happy i am on a good track. Thank you a lot for sharing you knowlege with the rest of the world. I hope i will hit my curent condition in the face with all this infos i got from you dr. 😃 thank you again

  28. truths and lies..Peanut butter has been linked to the highest colon cancer rates this dude is half lying

  29. I hate these doctors trying to make money off people. They are not trained in nutrion and have no clue.

  30. This diet could change a life, I'll just do it. (Mainly) Also – 5:22 make it 0.25 speed to absorb the context more perfectly. "Peana mmmBUTTURrrrmmmBANAaaaNahSAAAAANWICH!" mario coin noise

  31. Some people,are taking this as it’s all you need to eat for the day. It’s not enough calories. It should be more as a guideline of minimums not maximum food for a day

  32. Please, if somebody who knows can help me… I'm 164cm and 60 kg right now. I feel great when I'm 56- 57 kg. This year I was doing every day 20 min. at least and some days even more running, so I thought since I follow the daily dozen diet and being more active than the past years I should be slimmer… Now in the sommer im doing at least 45 min. Running everyday but still… Instead of what I was expecting, I'm heavier than ever before and I don't feel comfortable with that. I'm not obese, but still, I don't feel like me. Should I eat less than the daily dozen? What am I doing wrong? I eat only what is in the list. Once or twice a month I might eat something small like cookies etc. I look in the Internet if somebody is experiencing the same issues like me, but I can't find an answer.

  33. A great list from a great Doctor. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural food is that which grows out of the ground." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in J. E. Esslemont's Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era

  34. If I eat 3 servings of lentils, does it count for 3 servings of beans or should I eat 3 different type of beans? (same for other categories with multiple servings)

  35. I love the app! It demonstrates the big variety of a vegan diet! There are so many categories to eat that I did not realize, there‘s no categorie for sweets etc. just fruits.
    I wonder, did he cut out potatoes?

  36. Ok, so my question is this: do all people of all sizes and shapes get the same portions? I mean, what And how much I should eat is the same as what a big guy should eat too? (Woman here!)
    That question wouldn’t bother me so much, but I currently have some weight to lose!
    Note: I posted the exact same question on the older video too! And then I found this one!

  37. L'eau contenuee dans les légumes et les fruits ne peut être considérée comme de l'eau pure nécessaire aux fonctions électrolytiques de l'organisme car elles sont chargées de nutriments. voir les travaux de Pr. Marc Henri, la bioélectronique de L.C. Vincent, les recherches de Richard Haass etc… On ne s'hydrate pas avec des jus

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