Dr. Stuart Weisman, MD – Gastroenterology | El Camino Health

Dr. Stuart Weisman, MD - Gastroenterology | El Camino Health

to be a good gastroenterologist you have to be part psychiatrist part biochemist part cancer specialist part preventive health doctor there's a lot of hats that you wear and so you get to be kind of a master of a discipline but you have a very broad knowledge base people do not fit into those little boxes at all that's what makes the world so interesting that's what makes this job so great is that every day even though I may be taking care of someone with a similar condition they bring something completely different to the office in addition to gastroenterology I run a medically supervised weight loss practice and we have a lot of patients who come to us with obesity related conditions what we do is a lot of coaching a lot of education a lot of accountability and that is a lifelong solution where when they do successfully lose weight they don't gain it back as readily because if you have them normalize their weight and get healthy and get fit the implication is that you've just have their risk of cancer you've completely reduced the likely they'll ever get a joint replaced you've prevented a lot of major illnesses that you can't do in any other way

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