Du lịch Bangkok 3 – Bị chém street food siêu mắc – Bangkok travel – Most expensive street food

Du lịch Bangkok 3 – Bị chém street food siêu mắc – Bangkok travel – Most expensive street food

Hello, 1 skewer please! Niu rou? Niu rou means beef! Beef yes! Hello everyone, now we discover another area of ​​Asian the river front They sell beer here haha “Chang” beer? What is that ? A thai beer lol Here we have the street food stands Grilled meat skewer Plenty of choice here! Very cool Oh, but grilled! But toasted yeah yeah hahaha Wow Lobsters! Grilled lobsters! Wow! (Good it’s lobster fries but I’m cheated lol) and here we have … Ravioli! Too many choices !!! Magnificent ! Lol a big hihi fish Okay i’m going to test a grilled skewer to see It seems that these lobsters are very good .. You want ? We’re taking a lobster! but we ate too many shrimp and prawns earlier Especially I’m afraid of being sick after … It’s grilled I think it’s okay … (ok it’s fried and not grilled but hey .. it’s me) Travel tip: don’t get sick otherwise it’s a hassle Wow here we have big crabs! It looks good You see ? Here it’s better cooked! Yes it looks good We take ? 1 or 2 skewers? We ask the price first? Excuse me how much does it cost? 100 baht !! 3 € the skewer? Is it expensive or not? It’s too expensive lol It’s pork I think We will ask the price on the other side first hahaha TY Go ask how much the skewer Excuse me how much does it cost? 100 baht! OKAY ? The other side of the skewer is bigger lol Ok we come back there haha Hello, 1 skewer please! Seller: HelloBeef Niu rou? Niu rou means beef! hihi beef yes! If it’s beef the price is right, I thought it was pork If it’s pork it’s too expensive Friends we’re going to “review” this skewer of “Niu rou” haha 100 bahts an MDR skewer (3 €) Now let’s get a table I’m going to test this right away to see if it’s good It’s grilled beef The taste is good, it is well stated Here there is an empty table A skewer 3 € here .. (OK I repeated 300 times but it’s really expensive lol) It’s expensive because it’s the same price in France Okay i’m going to eat to see At least the taste is good It is delicious…. Here you have music and more Well here I was forced to order a beer otherwise I am not allowed to sit on the table When i already took skewers lol no comment lol good I take this opportunity to introduce you Do you know how much this glass costs? 80 baht (2.4 €!)! I got lol see “Chang” means elephant in Thai So Thai national beer is elephant beer We’ll see if by drinking we get as strong as an elephant haha Well it looks like other Heineiken or Saigon beers I don’t see any differences Come on we finish the skewer! Ohhh … you see, there’s nobody on the big wheel No one is interested jaja ahhh … they line up down there … LOL They don’t give a damn about their lives or what? LOL I’ll take an ice cream to console me lol because of the beer at 80 baht lol awesome beer at 80 baht lol what a scam I already ordered the food but you have to order a drink too … mind blowing lol They don’t even have a coke, just beer Wow a Dorian shop Lol i can’t stand the smell Dorian wow Wow … It’s a black magic shop … VAUDOU !! Ohhh … Here we sell a curse! A very mysterious shop! It’s Thai black magic !!! Don’t laugh, the kingdom of Siam is the kingdom of curses! In front of Thai people you have the interest to behave well Otherwise they can curse you! I smell the smell of a ritual lol see Mystique Arom! These are tools to make the curse! I’m terrified lol Friends, here we have a pagoda hahaha (well it’s just a door not a pagoda … I say bullshit again) what? Here it is Asian Distance 7058 km from Russia Where is France? Distance to France: 9448 cm !!! jaja hungary Italy, Japan … but there is no Vietnam It’s discrimination lol OK friends we finish the program today I will soon board the boat to return to the hotel My hotel sucks I give you no review on it It is not a 5 star lol Conclusion: this site is good: there is free boat, food and shops Now when I get back I will be able to contemplate the landscape of Bangkok at night Very pretty Tomorrow I will present the king’s palace to you! This boat is free for the outward journey and for the return also The free trip is trooooopp cooooll There is good music to console you too haha Here we go to the hotel which is located in a trade area lol Listen in Thailand you have the Seven Eleven supermarket Open 24/24 Very practical for shopping I’ll go there to buy a toothbrush The hotel does not provide them I buy that and stuff to snack too It’s milk tea Lol she drinks an organic milk tea Mega good! It’s 11 p.m. ahh the toothbrushes 15 baht (0.44 €) toothbrush I will choose the color! You have choices lol Orange, blue, red Which is prettier? Come on i take red haha € 0.44 the brush is not expensive at all There is water Chang !!! Same brand as beer scam lol 7 baht (0.21 €) lol I take it

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2 thoughts on “Du lịch Bangkok 3 – Bị chém street food siêu mắc – Bangkok travel – Most expensive street food

  1. Trong loạt video "Bangkok trip" này mình sẽ review và trải nghiệm cho các bạn những địa điểm du lịch lý thú và tiết kiệm nhất của thành phố Bangkok – Thailand.

    Tập 3 – Street food siêu mắc tại khu thương mại Asiatique bên bờ sông

    Sau khi ăn thử 2 món Pad Thai và Tom Yum Noodle, hai lúa Việt Nam vẫn còn ham hố đi ăn thêm street food tại khu trung tâm thương mại huyền bí Asiatique The River Front.

    Ai dè đâu street food ở đây siêu mắc, 1 cái xiên que hết 100 bahts (cỡ 78k VND). Mua có 1 cây xiên que mà chạy đi chạy lại hỏi giá mấy vòng :(.

    Cầm dĩa xiên que ngồi bàn, tưởng có order food rồi thì được miễn phí, ai ngờ em phục vụ chạy tới kêu mày ngồi đây thì phải order drink nữa. Thế là bị chém thêm nhát nữa 1 ly bia "con voi" của Thái hết 80 bahts (cở 60k VND)

    Sau khi ăn street food siêu mắc xong, với tâm trạng tiếc của hai lúa đi dạo 1 vòng xả xì trét thì gặp phải tiệm bùa VooDoo rất kinh dị, mùi bùa ngải bay tứ phương.

    Cuối cùng là lên thuyền về khách sạn ngủ (có ghé qua Seven Eleven mua đồ nha các bạn, ở Thái củng có Seven Eleven mở cửa 24/24)

    Video sau mình sẽ review cho các bạn cung điện hoàng gia Thái và chùa Phật Ngọc huyền bí nha.

    Nếu thấy video vui hay có ích, các bạn nhớ subscribe đế được thông báo video tiếp theo nha.

    Link playlist "Bangkok trip" : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

    Link tập trước : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1rzo…

    Link tập sau : chưa ra

    @ Noobitude Entertainment 2020

  2. Dans cette série "Bangkok trip", je vous présenterai en LIVE les destinations touristiques les plus intéressantes et pas trop chères au Bangkok – Thaïlande.

    Épisode 3 – Street food le plus cher dans le centre commercial Asiatique au bord de la rivière

    Après avoir testé les fameux Pad Thai et Tom Yum Noodle, je suis parti découvrir zone street food dans ce centre commercial à ciel ouvert (Asiatique the river front)

    Ces "street foods" sont super chers, 1 brochette de boeuf coûte 100 bahts (environ 3€). C'est le même prix partout (j'ai fait plusieurs tours pour être sur lol)

    Avec la nourriture achetée, je me suis installé à une table. Surprise, la serveuse est venue me demander de commander un verre. Au final J'ai prix une bière "éléphant" (Chang) de la Thailande pour 80 bahts (environ 2,4€)

    En suite, nous allons nous balader dans la zone et tester des boutiques (il y a une boutique Vaudou !!!, je crois qu'ils font de la magie noire dedans)

    A la fin nous sommes rentrés en bateau (aller retour gratuit). On est passé au supermarché acheter de l'eau et des brosses à dent (il n'y a pas dans l'hôtel). Astuce : le supermarché Seven Eleven est ouvert 24/24.

    Dans la vidéo suivante, je vous amènerai au palais royal du roi Thaï et au mystérieux temple du Bouddha de Jade.

    Si vous trouvez ma vidéo intéressante ou utile, n'oubliez pas de vous abonner pour être informé de la prochaine vidéo.

    Lien playlist "Bangkok trip" : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

    Lien vers l'épisode précédent : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1rzo…

    Lier l'épisode suivant : pas encore

    @ Noobitude Entertainment 2020

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