Eating More to Weigh Less

Eating More to Weigh Less

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85 thoughts on “Eating More to Weigh Less

  1. +amdg+ this is absolutely true from my own experience, being on a plant based diet for 6 months now, I am eating more food than ever before and am still losing weight, I can literally feel my body shrinking bit by bit every day +pax Christi!+

  2. Fascinating stuff! We definitely feel our best when eating a full variety of plant foods including fruits, veg, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. 😊

  3. People, keep in mind that he isn't saying that you can consume more calories on a hclf diet and still lose weight – he's saying that you can eat a larger amount of food for the same amount of calories.

  4. what do you think of this wouldn't eating meat contribute to slowing down fat burning?

  5. People who are overweight and with high blood pressure eating meat, dairy, oil and processed junk keep telling me and my girlfriend "how much food are you eating!?". Humans are designed to eat lower density natural unprocessed foods, and to eat A LOT of it.

  6. did brother greger make a complicated ass video to say that weight loss is caused by eating less calories. we kno this…

  7. I have this problem: I have no hunger I can only eat 1 plate food a day and im ful, if I try to eat more I feel sick…. help?

  8. I don't get it, first he says that you can ADD low density calories and lose weight, but the studies at the end say that you have to REPLACE high density calories with low density ones…

  9. Good advice. Although I disagree that the term “Energy Density” is a relatively new concept. Healthy people have known this for millennia. Still, it may be a new term for the average, uninformed, overweight person consuming the Standard Western Diet. So it is very good that Dr. Greger presents this concept. Eating the lowest calorie dense foods could completely eradicate the worldwide obesity problem, if people would only do it. And please don’t reply to this comment by asking, “Where do I get my protein?” If you are still stuck on that, “Where do you get your brains?”

  10. Lets all agree that he's talking about the whole-foods, plant-based diet described in The Doctors T. Colin and Thomas Campbell's, The China Study.

    Everyone should get to know that book. It should be a standard text book but somehow, it's not. It's like society enjoys being overweight and/or sick all the time.

    A book that touches on the state of food politics is T Colin Campbell's "WHOLE." Again, it should be a textbook but I strongly suspect, the Powers that Be would never allow that to happen. At least, they'd never recommend it.

    I am not a person to believe any sort of conspiracy theories (I'm severely agnostic and a consummate skeptic) but I MUST believe due the preponderance of evidence, that there are truly concerted efforts by the food industry to, at best, muddy the waters with "information" from their "studies."

    Every time I enter a grocery store, it's blatantly insulting, the amount of dishonest, direct to consumer marketing I see: "Cocoa Puffs: NOW WITH IMMUNITY" comes first to mind.

    I could go on, but this is already TL;DR.

  11. I love your work, Dr Greger, but I must let you know– I gained an extra 20 pounds eating whole foods only (lots of fruit, as well as veg, beans, some grain and very little nuts; no processed foods at all). It came down to eating too much because I finally lost that weight (very slowly, mind you) by learning to eat less. Maybe I have a bottomless stomach, I don't know, but I do know that you can gain weight if you overeat anything (I'm a living example, unfortunately). Anyway, just starting to read your book. Very excited about it! I just wish your Speaking Tour would come to Austin, TX 👍🏼

  12. I think the American diet is full of non-food which cannot be utilized by the body, so it is stored as fat. Veggies and fruits are full of nutrients – what our bodies evolved to use. Anything not used is then fiber and refunded by the body.

  13. Hey, I'm working on a vegan documentary on the environment and I would love it if you guys could check out my new channel!

  14. Energy density may be part of the puzzle, but it's not been a relevant factor for me personally so much as where those calories come from. As a vegan, I've regularly eaten just as energy dense a diet as what I formerly ate, and still kept losing weight and then maintaining it once I reached my current weight. Even back when I was eating a pure junk food vegan diet (you would have been appalled at it!), I kept gradually losing. I was eating as many calories as I did as a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Eating that quantity of calories as a vegetarian, my weight crept up; I continually turned to caloric restriction to drop pounds, only to return to my normal eating patterns and regain it and more. Since going vegan, I've eaten nearly every vegan way you can imagine: high-raw, high-carb, high-fat, whole foods, nothing but junk food. It doesn't matter, weight-wise. All the cashews and peanut butter in the world don't seem capable of making me fat. :p

  15. Fuck energy density = energy / weight.

    Go with nutrient density = e.g. fiber / calories (greens, non starchy vegetables, fruit, and beans). Fuhrman's been touting this shit for at least since 2003. (mmm, that's about when I caught that bus.)

    This shit is ridiculous. Adding water is not going to make you healthier.

  16. lol there are many differences between fruit and cookies, so it can be more than just energy density.  How fast do cookies move through your system?  Not very.  How quickly do fruits move through your system?  Very.  It could be a matter of digestion speed.

  17. So what did the Jews eat on Passover? What did Abraham eat with the 3 angels? What smell did God find very enjoyable? What did Jesus eat after his resurrection? A careful study of the Bible reveals that God is pro meat and dairy. But we know from Scientific studies that the Vegan lifestyle is the most healthy. So what can we conclude? The Bible is BS because God does not know about a healthy diet.

  18. No shit; eating more physical matter with sparsely-contained energy/calories results in weight-loss… who'd have thought!!! (btw I'm not being a troll – well, I am but light-heartedly 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

  19. I like the video, but I don't understand why it tries to motivate the importance of food density in diet to reduce caloric intake, through an initial paradox where food density does not lead to such decrease: you are eating the SAME food and then adding something on top. Somehow mystery is still there.

  20. I suggets you try oatmeal with water and maybe splenda instead of an oatmeal cookie.
    I think you will have about the same result as with fruits and maybe better.

  21. Do you have/ can you make a video on healthy ways to gain weight? Relevant to many people, for me I am losing weight consistently through my pregnancy due to nausea and morning sickness. Vegan diet, no nutritive problems as far as my bloods show- only a calorie deficiency

  22. I find that if I increase my fruit intake I get really bad stomach pain from excess vitamin C. I have to cut all vitamin C for 3-4 days for it to totally clear. The cramps are normally gone within a day, but I still feel nauseous for the next few days. We won't even go into the effect it has on my stool. It's frustrating, because I prefer to get my micronutrients from fruits rather than veggies, but to get enough vitamin A from mostly fruits, you put your vitamin C way over the top.

  23. I've been on a vegan diet for the past 6 weeks. I've always had a problem with over-eating, so I decided not to limit my calories as long as I was eating nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. I over-ate these foods and lost weight VERY quickly.

    They usually say that that kind of weight loss is bad, so I increased my consumption of these foods to the point of being nauseous after every meal. My weight loss got even faster. Is there something even more to these foods than energy density that might cause my reaction?

  24. I am so grateful for the information that you provide. I believe so your Channel is going to help save my life. I gained a lot of weight and I'm sick my weight gain has left me with shortness of breath, hypertension, elevated white blood cell count pyoderma gangrenosum and other things that I cannot talk about. I'm using this information that you in your labor of love put here for myself and others to take advantage of to change my life . thank you and God bless.

  25. +Elle Ⓥ It was beyond refreshing to see two people be able to calmly swap ideas and opinions without going at each other's throats. My fave kinda vegan, Elle ♡

  26. A diet high in fruits and vegetables cause some people to lose weight because they make several more trips to the bathroom to take a dump. They also run away from their own farts more thus increasing their physical activity levels. Mystery solved.

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  28. it works. but for long term health and fitness and wellness, you have to remove meat, dairy and eggs. eat as much whole plant foods as you want and get fit? yep. true.

  29. This video should be required viewing in all public schools. Also, students should be required to take a health class that advocates plant based diets. Such policies could dramatically reduce disease, it's a fucking tragedy schools haven't done anything like that yet. Public school lunches are a joke, practically prison food.

  30. Depressed: I don't use any fat by cooking, don't eat processed food at all, never drink soda, live as a vegan for 5 years now, try to live after the daily dozen (only little nuts!) – but my overweight seems to be frozen :(. Sure, I work in an office but i try to move daily about 30 minutes to 1 hour 30. In 2 months i lost only 3 lb. 🙁 Any ideas???

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  32. Switching to this way of eating is honestly sort of funny because I have to eat more than I used to. I used to feel guilty for grabbing seconds, but now I snack all the time and have large meals all while loosing 50 pounds. It blows my mind!

  33. …and people tell me celery has no health benefits. I can make 2 gallons of veggie chili with celery, onion, tomato, beans, egg plant, and spices… and lose weight while overeating.

  34. …and people tell me celery has no health benefits. I can make 2 gallons of veggie chili with celery, onion, tomato, beans, egg plant, and spices… and lose weight while overeating.

  35. Energy density for weight loss is FALSE. If it were true, then diet soda consumption would lead to weight loss. It does not. People would not be able to gain weight on fruit, but they can and do. The science is misleading in this video.

  36. Please help. 7 months ago I went from eating huge quantities of meat, eggs and dairy to being vegetarian. Then I moved on to a fully and strictly plant based diet starting two and a half months ago. I've lost no weight in this time. I'm not doing this just for weight loss but that's the only effect I can measure myself. Am I as unusual a case as this site makes me feel?

  37. I love fruit but honestly, I think my fruit intake has dropped after moving back in with family :/

  38. I was sick/almost died in 2008! Now I'm A Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program Graduate! @ AmirHealthCoach Please follow/retweet, I’m Trying hard to Benefit the Muslims with evidence-based health and wellness information, U Don't have2be Muslim 2 benefit! Astonishing Benefits!

  39. So does dried fruit therefore make you gain or lose weight?
    It has a medium energy density but it is fruit

  40. I really hate when they say lost X amount of pounds. What was the starting weight?! That is extremely important to know.

  41. very interesting…i have been trying to follow the ketogenic diet for more than two years now, with the result being that I have actually gained weight from it. this video here totally goes against the keto diet in almost every possible way…and may finally give me a way to not only lose weight, but become healthier. i absolutely love the idea that i can apparently eat as much fruit as i like, as that is the food i most find myself craving on the keto diet. i just hope that if i do so, that my pre-diabetic condition will not get even worse. also, it helps to solve my ongoing dilemma as to which is better to eat, yogurt or sour cream. most people would say of course yogurt, but the thing is, yogurt is much higher in carbs than is sour cream, so from a keto perspective it is better to eat sour cream

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