EATING PINE CONES in SIBERIA | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

EATING PINE CONES in SIBERIA | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

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100 thoughts on “EATING PINE CONES in SIBERIA | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

  1. Места в плацкарте, возле туалета – в моём кругу общения всегда назывались "Ямайка" 😀

  2. Шишки ему на вкус видете ли не понравились, это он еще сосновый смолы не жевал, для освежающего дыхания:-)

  3. It is not very good that you didn't find out that Novosibirsk is one of the largest science centres of Russia

  4. То чувство, когда бездомный 2:29 разговаривает по английски, лучше чем я.

  5. THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING & COMMENTING. 🙏 If you like the video, come say hi on Instagram – 😃

  6. Как хорошо,что есть иностранные блогеры,которые путешествуют по России!! Благодаря им тоже можем увидеть всю эту красоту!! ))))))))))))))))))))) ну вы поняли…

  7. Очень рисковано так лазать по камням, один неверный шаг на высоте и как минимум травмы. Зачем вам это?

  8. Hello! as always it is a pleasure to watch your videos! I love your channel! friend keep enjoying your extraordinary trips all over the world, hugs friend !!🤗

  9. It’s a pity that you didn’t have time to explore the middle Urals anymore, ~ 240km to the north is Mount Kachkanar and just a little further north is Mount Konzhakovsky stone, the beauty there is indescribable, especially in winter. And on Mount Kachkanar there is a rock in the form of a camel))) and at an altitude of 845 m there is a Buddhist temple under construction, it is being built by all who wish and the disciples of the founder of this temple have been building for the past 25 years. Unfortunately, by November 2020, the EVRAZ mining company was driving them out of there. I apologize if somewhere with the error text, I write through Google translator))).

  10. 7:25 can any Russians or Russian speakers transtaltw this for me please?
    Because I translated that in Google translate and got:"do not dissemble the boom after your self. Do not remove pancakes.
    Cum burst"
    And I'm Very sure that it's not that.

  11. Надеюсь Байкал все же будет, хотя в Иркутске малое море, по мне дак очень круто

  12. Those pinecones reminded me of Yule Gibbons. Many parts of a pine tree are edible. Saturday night live had a field day with him! The view was incredible! Looking forward to the next video🌲

  13. I live in British Columbia, Canada.
    We have some truly beautiful scenery
    But DAMN.
    This is nice country in this episode.
    I mean WOW.

    I was laughing at the end when you were talking about the triple threat of the Russian women.
    A beautiful girl, speaking English with Russian accent.
    I'm done, so done.
    I just want to talk and talk and talk, just to hear it.
    God help me if she is in sales…

  14. Gareth, I've noticed immediately a SPARK between two of you.. You'll meet again this girl on your way. I'll follow your stream. Thanks for high quality content abd friendly attitude allover, you're inimitable! Standing applause 👏🏻

  15. Вообще очень странно, американцы приезжают к нам, а я хочу в США на юг, где играют моё любимое кантри!))))))))))

  16. Do not believe me, I am now sitting for 1000 km from the city, fishing in the Magadan region! And yes I drink vodka!))))))

  17. 3rd class train ride isn't bad if it's just one night. Imagine being in an airplane for 14 hours, sleeping in a chair with people all around you. Same concept except you get a bed.

  18. Боковушка возле туалета 🙂 Классика 🙂 (Side spot near the bathroom… this is authentic classics)

  19. Dudes, when have u been here?
    Judging by the images it seems 2 years ago at least, because they renovated the embankment last year

  20. хаха 🙂 пару дней назад попалось другое видео этого парня, когда он был на Урале. А сейчас открыл, а он уже в моём городе Красноярске %)) вот дела. п.с.: да, понял, что он лётом проезжал. Кстати, надо бы тоже сходить на Столбы! Не был там несколько лет, а зимой там говорят ещё красивее.

  21. Good job Gareth! Thank you for sharing my beautiful country to all). Really wait for the next episode. And wish you good luck!

  22. Прекрасный ролик. Отлично всё снято с любовью и уважением ко всему окружающему.

  23. Ну, ребята!! Вы и экстремалы!!
    Дорогой дальней и в старом плацкарте..

  24. Нереально! Отважные ребята! Абсолютное вам почтение и уважение!
    Вид со столбов фантастический.

  25. +100500 русским гидам за полку возле толчка, но столько же минусов за вагон-ресторан! Неужели нельзя было сварить яички, курицу взять, вареной колбаски? Беляш на ближайшем полустанке на крайняк???

  26. Dude, this place near the toilet (or that where Ruben slept) on the train is like a local meme here in Russia since the Soviet times. It's like the unluckiest ticket you can get. And now you know why. It's always people going in and out, making noise (especially in older trains).

  27. Надеюсь Горно-Алтайск посетили, иначе путешествие можно считать не полноценным(

  28. About the chapel in the center of Russia…This is a common myth, it is not quite the center – the center is just little far to the East. Believe me, I've been live in NSK for a 31 year)

  29. A bunk next to the toilet. Now you can call yourself a man. Just mention this experience to shut up anyone saying you didn't see it all.

  30. A pine Forrest jellybean… very interesting! Glad you’re teaching Russians valuable Michael Scott humor!! 😂😂 gorgeous views!!

  31. По-умному так на верхней полке.. чтоб никто из попутчиков не приставал

  32. Westerners can NOT pronounce KVAS ! Just 4 letter ! They pronounce : "Kaavas" !

    You now became 100% Russian 🇷🇺 if You ride in the 🚆 train on 3 class car , in the side of the car close to the bathroom ! Wow , not the best place in the train. Why You did not get 1class wagon ?

  33. I assure you, man, what you see of Russia and Russians in a year of travelling will be only a glimpse of the whole beauty of our country, the breathtaking views and amazing people. In Siberia there wild places which you can only reach by helicopter or by boat. How that'd be an adventure? Anyway, have a great journey and thanks for you wonderful videos!

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