Eco-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP163

Eco-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP163

Hello girlfriends and welcome to another episode
of Tried and Tested. So a while ago we did an episode with Love
Beauty and Planet where I tried to go green for a week. Now the great news is that I have actually managed to stick to some of the habits that
I picked up during that week and today I’m gonna be showing you some of
the eco-friendly products I’ve been using as well as trying out some new ones. And today we have a special guest we actually
met her during the episode. So Florence is the owner of Unpackt, the store
that we visited. So she has a lot more information when it
comes to living green and I’m still a green baby so we thought it’ll
be fun to have her on to just you know to ask her a lot of questions and this is not
a sponsored episode. We got some of the stuff from Unpackt but
we also got some of the stuff from other places. But she is here anyway.
Yea thank you! You’re welcome. So these are silicone lid food covers and
they’re supposed to be a replacement for cling wrap and they help to create an airtight seal. I’ve actually never used these before but
as you can see we have a variety of different size items here so let’s wrap them up. Oh, that’s like so easy. The seal feels very tight If you choose the appropriate seal, it’s actually
airtight so it’s leak-proof as well Oh wow, this looks like a slightly tight fit
will that spoil it? It’s still okay. Silicone is actually quite durable but most
importantly, just keep it out of sharp objects. Is it microwavable? Yeah, it’s microwavable. This is so good if you go through a lot of
cling wraps in your kitchen, it’s actually a practical switch because you actually saved the money from
buying all the cling wrap. Yes, you would save so much money. I would give this like a ten out of ten. I just find it so much more convenient then cling wrap and so much easier to use. The fact that you can reuse them is like a
wonderful bonus because yeah like running out of stuff at home sometimes is a bit irritating. So these are reusable cotton pads. So I got them right and I’ll be honest, they were like sitting there for a long time because well a lot of eco-friendly stuff it requires washing and sanitizing. like cotton pads, you’re so used to
seeing like the gunk on it and just chucking it. so seeing so much gunk on this and then having to wash it to me I
wasn’t confident that it would actually be clean but I realized that it’s actually quite easy to wash. So after I finish using, I will just wash with soap and water sometimes if there are still stain I will put makeup remover but usually, soap and water is enough. They’re very gentle on the skin and also they’re quite hardy. They are very durable like you know how some cotton pads when you use a few times it will start to disintegrate disintegrate, frail, whatever these don’t even the number of pads that I use also reduces. So for a face of makeup right, there are some days where I can do with just one sometimes I will need a second one like for the eyeliner or the mascara or my eyelash glue or whatever I was taking longer to come out. You can also use this for nail polish removing. Yes. But it might stain so normally I will recommend
to keep like a few pieces for just nail polish remover. I would give this like a ten cause I don’t
know what I don’t like about it. I guess the washing thing and all that but
if I just switch my brain to think of it as like a towel cause you have to wash your towels
as well it’s just that this happens to be smaller. So lately I’ve been trying out bar shampoos. So I also got the pouch there. So it’s all stuck together now see you can’t
see it. But basically, it’s like a bar of soap and
then you lather it and use the lather to wash your hair. I’ve kind of been sort of experimenting with it. Okay I need some help because it takes so
long to lather is this normal? Yes, this is normal because it doesn’t have
a surfactant inside this is actually a pure soap shampoo bar. So the great thing about bar shampoos and
bath soaps is that they have no packaging at all I mean like there’s some in the supermarket’s
that would be in carboard boxes and stuff but like this was in a glass jar you just
take it right out and this was like on a wooden tray so you just take it and go. So this is a new bar of bar shampoo so I guess
we will show you like leathering it without a bag and with a bag. Normally we recommend first is you wet your
hands first, let’s say this your hair you can just directly rub it on your hair it will
give you the right amount of the form you can just rub it into your scalp as you rub
it will foam after that you can just rinse it off. That’s a very small amount of soap! Very small amount. Okay so I think that maybe I’ve been getting
it wrong cuz that’s the amount of soap that I get when I rub it, but I’m just like where’s the,
where’s the lather so actually just a little bit of soap enough already okay. So this one you wet the whole thing right Yes, this one you have to wet the whole thing
then when you see a thin layer on your hand you can set it aside and then after that you
rub it into your scalp. This is enough? Yes then you just rub it through with your fingers
it will foam up more and more. And that’s when you actually clean your scalp. You know what I have been doing, I’ve been doing this and after that, I take this and
then I try to squeeze out the foam from there coz I was like where’s the foam. Okay okay, that makes sense. I’ve been using this for a while and in terms
of convenience, it’s not la I mean this is definitely not as convenient as kind of like
taking a bottle and like tipping it out and squeezing. Do you know I mean it’s definitely, not as convenient? So in terms of the efficacy of the product
compared to like regular commercial shampoos, I do find that this is slightly lacking because
it doesn’t maybe have like say antifreeze properties I don’t know whether the different
types of bar shampoos kind of cater for that do they? Yes we actually have a few kinds of shampoo
bars depending on your hair types. So for this one I don’t know if I just didn’t
pick the right one for my hair type but in terms of cleaning I mean my hair did feel clean
even though because I didn’t see the sud and all that I was like I don’t know if I wash my hair at all
but it didn’t feel gross. I think that in terms of usage there is a
bit of a learning curve and a lot of getting used to it but I feel like it’s actually not too bad. Now I know you don’t need to lather so much
before you start shampooing I think it’s not too bad maybe I’ll give it like an eight. On a rush day, I would give that a four, but on the day where I have time
to you know do all that, actually, it doesn’t take that much time also. I think the more you do the faster it will be. So another thing I started using recently
are Thinx’s underwears. So they’re actually period underwear. I’m so sorry I actually packed it and then
I forgot to bring it but that’s why I’m talking about
it without it being here it’s actually like this. We tried them up a while ago and at that time
I think I couldn’t see myself kind of committing to it for an entire period cycle but recently a friend of mine started talking about them and she made it sounds so easy and then I
was on the website going like you know what I think I’ll give this a shot so I did so I got a whole batch for like heavy flow, regular flow, wow this is a lot of information. So I got a whole bunch for like regular flow, heavy flow and then when it’s very light and
also, they have thong options as well. So I was like wow and it’s actually not so
bad like after you finish using it, you just rinse it out first with soap and water then
you just let it air dry and then when you’re ready to wash everything you throw it into the washing machine there’s no smell and it’s just they are pretty as well like I can totally
see myself wearing them on a regular day. So when I started to commit to wearing them
I think I got a set of about seven or eight so for me normally I use maybe three
pads a day on heavy flow days it’s quite good because I feel I didn’t realize
how many pads I was throwing away like a lot, a lot of pads but I think with Thinx, there is still the option of using a pad for half the day and just using the Thinx for the other half of the day because like legit I don’t…I don’t want to be carrying around a bloody underwear in my bag, I haven’t gotten that far yet maybe one day I will but at this point in time I’ll be realistic with myself no…no yet. But what I really love is that at night with pads you can you have to worry about leaking sometimes
so you get the massive ones but with Thinx it’s like it’s all-around
protection and it’s comfortable. Okay so Florence the last time we were at
Unpackt we saw these reusable menstrual pads. Yeah so those are a direct replacement for
the disposable menstrual pads. Usually, with disposable pads, you’ll find that you know,
at the end of the period cycle, you’ll feel that there’s some skin irritation. Right. But with a reusable menstrual pad because
there’s more breathability in the cloth material so you don’t feel that you develop any rashes so there are a lot of customers that come back and buy. I must tell you guys about this girl she’s
amazing her channel is Precious Star Pads and she talks about all sorts of menstrual
products in a way that is super educational and she’s very young. I actually saw a video of her taking a used
pad and washing it on screen and I was like whoa! So if you guys want to find out more
about like reusable menstrual products I think she’s a great source of information. So for Thinx, I’ve been using it for like
a couple of cycles now and I would give it like a nine because it’s so comfortable I
can’t get over how great they look it just feels clean. The only reason I would give a nine because
actually, I wish that there was a way for them to kind of have options also where they
can just change the inside so I don’t have to take out the entire underwear I can have
the option of just changing the lining as you would like to say a pad. So now we’re gonna be looking at some stuff
for teeth. So I have switched to using a bamboo toothbrush. They just felt like a regular toothbrush
just all made of bamboo Except for the bristles, it’s nylon. Ah okay. This is a hundred percent natural
organic mint and neem tooth powder. They say that this is supposed to be better because
it’s natural and then also it reduces packaging I mean it’s a glass bottle – I get it but
how is it so much different from like toothpaste. In a way, it actually lasts longer compared
to a tube of toothpaste. A jar like this about 50 grams should last
about five months. But a tub toothpaste will last about three-four weeks. Oh that’s quite a big difference then yeah and also glass jars are recyclable. Okay, let me try this. So you’re supposed to wet the toothbrush and they say to dip the brush into the powder and then brush your teeth. So like you see there is actually very little
on the toothbrush and that’s why one jar of 50 grams can last very long. Can I just say that I have feelings about all these like organic teeth products because they taste
so different from what we used to. Oh ya!
You know what I mean! Okay that actually does feel nice There’s a mint aftertaste. Yeah that actually feels like nice and fresh and clean. Hmm, interesting. Okay, I need to explain my face as I started brushing my teeth. It was so uncomfortable. It was like cuz it’s all powder right, so it just felt like my whole mouth
is being filled with chalk. And at the first part as you are brushing the outside area, the powder is kind of like stuck between
your teeth and then your lips so it just feels really like you’re eating all this powder
which is really weird but after it mixes with the saliva and the water after a while it starts to feel a bit like less dry in the mouth. But after you finish it really does feel nice and cooling and it feels like how a regular
toothpaste would have behaved I guess. After you rinse it out its not bad taste, it wasn’t
like the miswak but it was like a bit salty a little bit herby. I think it tastes that you could actually get used to. I would give this a seven. Easy to use, economical, is great for the environment. As for the bamboo toothbrush okay I feel like they don’t have as many options as a lot of like toothbrush brands out there. In terms of the types of bristles
or the hardness, softness and all that I do wish if they’re gonna be using nylon
anyway if they could just kind of put that technology into a bamboo toothbrush. But it’s still okay and I feel good about
not throwing away so much plastic. Seven because I think it’s functional just
wish they had more options. So these things are actually mine I’ve been
trying to bring them around on a regular basis and I must say I’ve been quite good at it. So this is so cute this actually looks like
a tissue packet, its opens up into this bag. So this is actually like a lunchbox or a takeaway bag
so you can put all kinds of food inside you can put soup, bubble tea, food you just
like pack and go and the great thing about it is that it is like what’s this material TPU so it’s actually a kind of very soft silicone so it has the waterproof quality which you can put in your noodle soap drinks etc. and not stain the fabric outside And also it’s so easy to wash you just use soap and water on both sides and because this is umbrella material. Umbrella fabric. So very convenient very easy to use and it folds up also into such a tiny little package. Which is so cute and they have a whole ton of designs. So as a takeaway bag just fold it down and
it’s a completely seal up package. And show us how your daughter drinks bubble tea. We will usually pull a hole here, open it,
pop in a reusable straw in and it’s good to go. That’s so cool. I got a question though like
when you ask them to put the bubble tea in here, what do they…how do they react? They usually ask us are you sure you can place
bubble tea inside? We do have some no…sometimes we have our
bottles or either that or we just keep the bubble tea drink we will get something else. You would skip the bubble tea drink
if they don’t want to put it in this bag! Yeah. Really!
Yes, because sometimes it’s all in the mind it’s a conscious consumption. Oh… explain more about conscious consumption. It’s just that before you purchase anything
you think through whether you really need it and whether you can skip it first before
you purchase it. At the other hand, you can think that you are actually living healthier also because you’re taking less sugar. Very good point. Here I have a spork it’s very cute because
it’s so handy and it’s very portable. Personally for this spork right I found that
the spines were a bit short but I think that is kind of a trade-off because it folds because
I was actually looking for a spork to kind of complete my set and when I saw the foldable
one I was like yes this is it. So I also use my chopsticks and also I’ve got my straws. Okay I must say I’m not very good with the straw thing coz you like drinking through
it right and then you have to put it back into your pouch and carry it around for the
rest of the day so then the next time you use it I know we should rinse it out first but it’s not a
proper wash you know what I mean and then do I bring the brush everywhere
this is I don’t bring the brush. Yes, we normally recommend to bring the brush along. After drinking try to shake off the residue first go to a sink and then you can rinse it with your straw cleaner. Okay that does require a bit of commitment, okay I’ll
try that next time. I haven’t actually bought this out for bubble tea. It’s so bad. It’s very bad because I realize then you buy
things but you don’t use then it ends up being a waste. A waste so I really need to commit to that and I haven’t done that yet but I actually
figured out another use for this at home like when I make my healthy shakes, sometimes they are really thick
and they don’t always taste the best but I find when I drink it with a
bubble tea straw it feels like a treat. Okay so for myself I’m usually like on set or like
running around so most of my meals are on the go so instead of using disposable cutlery
I try to use these instead. I think that my rating for these products would be like a ten yeah I’m very happy with them. And it’s something that I have found quite okay to
incorporate into my everyday life. I will say it took me a while to kind of start using
this but once I started using it was actually very easy. Thank you so much for coming here today. It was so much fun.
You’re welcome. Well I hope you guys have fun if you want
to find out more about the products how much they cost and where they are from they are
in the links in the description box down below or you can go to our tried and tested Facebook page. And if you’ve already subscribed to the YouTube channel that’s great now you just need to hit that bell and you’ll be notified every time a new video comes out onto YouTube or just download the Clicknetwork app and you can watch the videos before they come out onyo YouTube. Anything you want to say to them? Be a conscious consumer. Yes till next time, muackz go be beautiful!

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  8. The bar shampoo is better for traveling since you aren't bring more liquids in your baggage.

    About the reusables menstrual pads I prefer them over the menstrual underwear because they're easier to exchange during the day. Also I think they dry faster.

    But I still don't have the mindset to use the cotton pads… I like makeup and skincare routines so the amount I would have to wash makes me wanna cry.

    And finally, the city where I live, plastic straws are forbidden so many places serve drinks with paper straw. But you can find the metal straw very easily and so people are getting used to it. Usually I have two with me and if I can't clean it before my next meal it's not a problem. My pouch to carry them is made of plastic so it doesn't leak on my bag. I know… Plastic… But it's not something I'm throwing away after just one use so I believe it's already one improvement.

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