Effects of Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density

Effects of Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density

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93 thoughts on “Effects of Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density

  1. This was the wake up call I needed. I’ve been using cannabis heavy daily for the past 2 years along with intermittent fasting and I’ve lost over 60 pounds. I’m looking like a skeleton lately and need to make changes. Thank you.

  2. So it correlates with thinner people. No evidence for its effect on bone density as a result of smoking. Heavy smokers likely don't get around enough. Therefore weakening their own bones through their lack of activity, not the cannabis effecting bones directly.

  3. By saying heavy cannabis consumption is an "independent predictor" of bone mineral loss, does that mean cannabis is or isn't directly related to boneloss or weaker bones?

    On the other hand research like this is interesting however i believe there needs to be accounted for a lot more factors. Surely all cannabis consumers don't have same lifestyle choices or curcumstances when it comes to dietary intake, excercise or illness that may also cause weaker bones.

    It's extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to account for all of factors that may play a role in bone mineral density/mass, whilst also having a large enough study population (significant N). It would be nice to know if cannabis is directly causing bone mineral loss or if there just seems to be a correlation with cannabis consumers, which i believe your video didn't conclude precisly (unless i missed something. please correct me if i did). If there is a direct correlation between cannabis and bone mineral loss, then what chemicals are involved? is it the THC, CBD, CBN or other cannabinoids? Is it the tar produced from combustion of cannabis and if so could this be avoided trough vaping, edibles or tinctures etc?

    I appreciate the time you put into making this video however i feel like it's not a very thorough conclusion and doesn't prove or show much of a correlation to bone mineral loss and cannabis consumption. Please correct me if i missed something or i am wrong. I would love a debate on this

  4. Bone issue is the least to worry about because marijuana smoke affects sperm count,affect brain cells,cause cancer etc but cannabis Oil has been said to cure cancer

  5. What if heavy marijuana use results in getting the munchies and becoming more overweight, would that prevent the loss of bone mass?

  6. this is ridiculous. all this guy does is beat up marijuana, never presents the other side of the story. this research is inconclusive. I AM UN SUBBING AND SUGGEST YOU DO AS WELL.

  7. Hola! Se podría tratar el tema de las infusiones y/o aceite de cannabis para el dolor crónico? 🙂
    Me interesa mucho y nunca lo he probado

  8. I believe the reason weed weakens bones is due to the vegetative state the drug puts you in. If you are an avid marijuana smoker you are definitely more likely to be sitting down or "chilling out" in contrast to a sober person who is more likely to be up and about, thus putting less stress on your bones, weakening them due to inactivity. Boom

  9. But those studies are about smokers maybe eating it like any other green could also be beneficial
    or vaping it without armful combustion since smoking is for sure bad for our bones

  10. There's still a wide amount of what constitutes a heavy user. Saying 5000 times in your life time is hard to figure out. Does that mean that 4000 times is NOT a heavy user? I wonder where the breaking point is for bone density problems.

  11. Why is it that I smoke more weed than snoop dog yet since going carnivore ive gained muscle mass. And am a stable weight heavier than I've ever been while being leaner than ever before and being able to run for miles under 8 minutes at almost 40… Different strains of mice.. Different strains of humans I guess

  12. I was told after my hysterectomy I needed premarin for that reason. Caused my gallbladder disease. Then got hit on my bicycle and was doing therapy. He said it was cause of my smoking cigarettes. Now you’re saying it’s this. Wow 😳 make my mind up please?🤔👁👀 p.s have you ever heard of family heritery factors?🧐

  13. Dr. Gregor do the studies differentiate between smoked cannabis and ingested cannabis? Is it possible that the the loss of bone mass is due to the effect of smoke (of any source) on the lungs?

  14. From personal experience, marijuana does of course increase appetite, but as a frequent heavy user, you become dependent on the marijuana for appetite stimulantion…. so long term users will consume less calories due to lower appetite caused by a marijuana DEPENDENCE basically….. I have always had appetite issues and marijuana helped for a long time but eventually I became dependent and now have severely low appetite.. consider this dr Gregor

  15. Personally I've never touched the stuff and never will, but still very interesting… thanks for doing the research and posting!!

  16. It's funny to watch the pro marijuana crowd squirm with evidence like this. "Oh yeah! Well what about TOBACCO?!" Haha, don't wanna accept your ganja really isn't that "harmless" huh?

  17. It's because it wasn't meant to be smoked and nothing was for that matter. Only thing that should go into our lungs is oxygen. Marijuana is an herb, thus we should treat it like one. You can grind it up and put it on foods just like oregano, or you can brew it to make tea, but never smoke it and never smoke anything. 🙂🌱

  18. 5000 joints in a LIFETIME? Who keeps count? What about those that smoke it from a pipe? What about those that eat it rather than smoke it? And did any of those people, also smoke cigarettes? These studies do not sound very double blind controlled!

  19. 0:59 "This variation in results may be due to differences in the mouse strain"!?

    That's funny because I usually refer to my different cultivars of cannabis as strains.

  20. can someone explain me why "being lefty" + "weed" + "veganism" is such a match made in heaven? its like one comes with the other or something
    similarly "being righty" + "meat" + "church"
    🥱humanity, so much pre programmed AIs out there, cant talk to non-autistic humans w/o getting potato vibes at this point

  21. What about vaporised cannabis? If smoking is already associated, smoking cannabis would obviously have the same effect, right?

  22. I’d love for you to do a video on the addictive attributes of cannabis, I recently just broke my addiction cycle with it, after 10 years of use, and it’s so nice to be liberated. Thank you, WFPB (No Oil).

  23. Could you please change the title to "Effects of Smoked Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density"?
    It would be unfair if we studied how good or bad apples are but every apple was sprayed with Round Up or some other crap. We all should know that smoke, no mather what you're smoking, is bad and will cause inflammation and disease.

  24. Perhaps heavy cannabis users are also couch potatoes ? There's a nickname for the Indica strain. It's called In da couch. Not too many stoners feel like going for a 5 mile walk after getting high.
    The verdict is still out on weed. I am skeptical because do you know of any other drug that makes you euphoric or sedates you that is also " healthy" ? You are messing with your natural cannabinoid system by flooding it with THC. Any other drug that messes with your endorphin or serotonin or opioid system like cocaine , heroin , etc cause other serious issues .

  25. 5 days of use in the last 30 days does Not say How Much each day the person used. I smoke about 3 small bowls each day and have for years. This silly tiny amount causes them to classify me as an extremely heavy smoker. That's Silly! It also does Not make Any distinction in smoking marijuana with all its carcinogens due to combustion and vaping marijuana which has No carcinogens at all. Cannabis use is Not clearly defined in the study.

  26. The pot industry now is so huge and strong that Dr. Gregor can’t be too honest about the adverse effects of pot smoking. So, he’s deliberately being vague similar to how Dr. Sanjay Gupta does. Smoking ain’t good for you, no matter what it is. On top of that, pot slowly but surely damages brain. Stay away from pot and live a normal life folks. We’re only meant to inhale fresh air and not the f****ing weed.

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