Elders explain how the welfare system forced black fathers out of their households

Elders explain how the welfare system forced black fathers out of their households

my relationship with pruitt-igoe was that of a research assistant i went to washington university to graduate school in 1964 i was working on national student mental health funded study on social problems in public housing my role was to study women and girls and protocol I was 20 years old I just gotten out of college some of the girls were 18 years old and I was 2 years older but yet my life was vastly different as time passed I did wonder would my life have been similar to that of the girls had my parents migrated from Mississippi to st. Louis would my opportunities have been different I guess to put it bluntly I never saw the people and through it I go is that different from the labs of poor people I had grown up with in Mississippi except for one thing the strong tight-knit communities and families in which I grew it had begun to shatter around the people who were displaced in the northern city with few supports and the policy and the Housing Authority was to move the poorest of the poor the most dependent families to protocol before we moved into through it I go the welfare department came to our home they talked with my mother about moving into the housing project but the stipulation was that my father could not be with us they would put us into the housing project only if he left the state my mother and father discussed it and they decided that it was best for the 12 children for the father to leave the home and that's how we got into the projects the welfare department had a rule that no able-bodied man could be in the house if a woman received aid for dependent children this a man lost his job he's looking for work he still had to leave the home and there was even a night staff of men he worked for the welfare department whose job was to go to the homes of the welfare recipients and they searched to find if there was a man in the home sometimes man came back at night to be with their families some were found in closet hiding I remember vividly my mother telling us if white people come to the house it has to ask questions tell them that your father is not here tell that your father has never been here you've not seen before I trusted him I knew that there was a reason that we had to do this charade and I participate in straight I accept that look those people died and told them what sure earnestness no I have not seen my father and know my daddy does not live here and but I knew that was lying and that made me wonder who are these people and how they have the power to make my mother lie we're giving you money we want to be able to control you we're giving you money so we have the right to make stipulations as to how you use it and what you use it for there were so many restrictions we couldn't have a telephone we couldn't have a television and in the project it seems to be strategic we plan to create an environment that people felt isolated that people felt restricted that people felt you know inhuman almost you're bad we have to restrain you we have to curtail what you're doing it was void of humanity it was void of carry it seemed more like a prison environment that you have to escape from they were treated in some ways like they were prisoners if we are going to support you and to give you a few measly dollars to live on then we're going to extract blood from you you're going to live according to the rules he said and the rules is happen to be there changes there's this whole undertone of morality they had relatively Amaro by virtue lifestyles they live vomiting never created a morality father they created one when we first moved in the projects we couldn't have a television here it is and then my mother got a letter we could have TV Barbie Dreamhouse is a wish come true for both of you and look I was always interested in the family programs programs with fathers my little margin where the father was so involved with his daughter you know I've always tried to be both mother and father to you you've been wonderful bad do you remember that little game we always play when you have a problem that you can't tell your father but I haven't got any problems now come tell me what's wrong when I looked at those sitcoms I just felt like this is the way white people live because black people from my experience did not live that and I never questioned I never wondered why I just figured this this outfit is we have our home here and if the colors move in and run real estate values down it's bound to create tension annual has well I think they're aimed as mixed marriages and becoming equal with the whites well I just could not live in size and I don't feel that they should be oppressed but I moved here one of the main reasons was because it was a white community and that's the only place I intend to live

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14 thoughts on “Elders explain how the welfare system forced black fathers out of their households

  1. Wow…… this is INSANE. What a sad eye opener. Damn. This was democratic development at its finest. Why…. WHY DO BLACK PEOPLE VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!!!????????!?!?! WHY?!?!?! Seriously…. Democrats are the enemy.

  2. Democrats, the left, in keeping with their agenda to destroy the traditional family unit exposes our children to gay/trans agenda starting in school and cartoons on major networks.
    The logical next step in this is to defend Pedophilia, which they already have.
    There are articles in main stream news about how pedophiles should be receive pity instead of punishment and be ostracized for being totally fucked in the head and evil.

  3. Protecting the borders is not "racist" like the narritive coming from the democrats.
    Flooding the US with cheap labor will decimate the black and poor communities.
    Just like any market when it is flooded the value goes way down until it is basically worthless.

  4. Democrats pushing abortion and targeting blacks.
    More black babies aborted than born. Support democrats is supporting black genocide.

  5. The black man has always been attack with nobody to save or protect them, walfare was planned and crafted never wanted to pay the black man for his work all through his life, and people tell me i should have to work for what i want in life, but if you ask me i shouldnt have to do shit, pay me what you owe my great great grandfathers and i'll be straight, alot white folks say they had nothing to do with what they ancients did but i don' t buy into bullshit, you living off the riches with no desire to give what is owe so you just as much to blame you know the history you went to school like everybody else thats y i look that you people for what yall are always excuse for what yall did or do, dont like yall around me screaming we not racist well all whites racist to me until they all do the right thing and give us what our four finding fathers thats dark as me is owed not deserves

  6. This policy was put in place by LBJ. Democrats have systematically destroyed the black family yet they still enjoy almost complete loyalty from the black population…. Tell me again how the Republicans are racist, this is real racism. Not perceived racism

  7. Beginning in 1600, Black folk were defined as legal property for centuries, then in 1865 they were told that they were free. Free to compete with whites without any training, no reconciliation, no reparations. Immediately after emancipation whites simply arrest blacks, put them in prisons and then leased out to plantations to work the farms again. They were often worked to death or just simply killed after working because at this time they were no longer valuable property to be sold and traded. In 1870, there were no jobs for Blacks, so many stayed on plantations and sharecropped for decades, basically enduring the same treatment as they had during slavery. Then in the 1900s Blacks were lynched all across the south and Black communities and cities were burned to the ground and black lost their property. We all know a little of Black Wall Street but there were over 250 county wide massacres of blacks during that era all across the U.S: Wilmington, NC, Slocum, TX, Forsyth county, GA and many more. Blacks were fleeing one city to the next, one state to the next, one region to the next. While whites were being given land grants, we were fleeing for our lives. The Great Depression came and thing got worse as blacks fled to urban areas to compete with White immigrants for jobs. 1950, 1960 came and there was more racial turmoil. 1970 brought about racial pride and a sense of a connection to Africa. 1980 & 1990 drugs ravished the black community, mass incarceration begin and also the government told black women that they could not get welfare if a black man is in the home. So basically they forced the black woman to hided their man or put him out.

    Someone please explain how does a people who where slaves/property for centuries suddenly learn to be parents.

    Black women were rapped by the slave master up till 1920. Just look in the census and see the many blacks listed as mulattoes. Imagine raising the child born from rape while you are legally married to a black man and the white rapist is just a few houses down. Imagine going off to domestic work and the white man raping the Black woman. What type of life is this? What does this do to the psyche of the Black woman, the Black man and the Black child? White folk, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and African immigrants have thousands of years of being parents, they have cultivated this art. The Black man in America don't even have 50 years of stability at parenthood.

    This White man in American has stolen every single damn thing from you Black man!

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