Empowered Health 2 – Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

Empowered Health 2 - Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

your back affects your daily health welcome to another installment of your spine your health because you have a spine it's important to understand what chiropractic care means to your health your health always starts with a regulatory college in this case the college of chiropractors at BC serves to ensure you receive appropriate diagnosis and care from a qualified chiropractic doctor today and tomorrow that's also why vc's chiropractors fund research and education today I want to introduce you to dr. Paul Bruno who is looking at rehabilitative exercise strategies well what we're doing is using motion capture to actually record movements and using electromyography to actually record muscle activity during certain movements and during certain you know clinical testing procedures and then using that information to try to tease out what are the movements what are the muscle activation strategies that are most pertinent the goal is to gather this information analyze the patterns and apply it to what is detected clinically to better understand what treatments patients with back pain respond to and why there are you know plenty of studies out there that have shown that different types of chiropractic treatment be the spinal manipulation exercise therapy you know work again what they really are sort of finding even flex palam inflation is that it works for some types of patients and not others so what we need to do it like in any kind of treatment is determine which type of treatment is most effective for each person so finding out okay this is the group that works and then again trying to find out why exercise therapy see this type of exercise therapy seems to work for certain types of patients these are these those patients that it works and here's why it's through this type of research that we are able to provide designer solutions to each of you solutions that include movement promotes blood flow enhance mobility and help reduce or eliminate pain that is the ultimate the ultimate game is to get to those research trials and then to do those trials and then to sort of get that information out to the different practitioners they can use it with their own patients as you can see it's not just about what we can do for you today we're working to build a better tomorrow through better healthcare outcomes for you the college of chiropractors of bc sets the standards for safety outcomes and your informed consent

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