[ENG] Dancing with k-pop idol SinB, Health checkup / 여자친구 신비와 스튜디오 춤 촬영, 짧은 입원과 퇴원 후 새 집에서 요리해먹기!

[ENG] Dancing with k-pop idol SinB, Health checkup / 여자친구 신비와 스튜디오 춤 촬영, 짧은 입원과 퇴원 후 새 집에서 요리해먹기!

Hello everyone, I am Mina Myoung.
Suddenly started a vlog Today we are headed to a Mnet
studio dance shoot I am coming out on TV Mom I'm on TV! There may be a lot of coughing in this vlog I have been coughing fairly severely
starting from this morning you can see it all from the camera *cough* *cough* it's not filming right now oh, it is filming please move out of the way *impractical fingernail lengths*
my fingernails are too long I can't loosen it Not sure how Kylie Jenner lives with nails this long But of course, they probably wouldn't wear shoes by themselves help me with this too~ Oh~ my back What if I have a slipped disc
when I go to the hospital tomorrow See ya~ haha Bye You will be free from me for a month 1 month or 2 month What are you doing? Mina: Excuse me
Yes? I gained so much weight, I gained 4kg I was in the 40s I am now in the 50s, don't film my abs Teacher, dance for us.
I will film like it's on Music Bank *90s vibe to hide her stomach* *start filming* we'll take a break now *surprise*
Please like and subscribe ^.^ Everyone, we are continuously filming right now I am not listening to this song after this *Mina Myoung, Sweet but
Psycho announce end of friendship* Oh yeah, I have to do part 2 as well *fail to cut ties* isn't this your last dance shoot for today? this is my last dance shoot for today confused Shinbi Mina Myoung's retirement ceremony *handshake first* She really likes to see me suffer yes? Please look forward to my promotion
video which comes out on the 31st And she will retire today Please look forward to it
And I will retire today It's done
*Done filming~~~* What's wrong with my hair I got a present What present did you get? an earring present from the stylist here, and she made it herself it is so cool oh, but earlier over there oh, you look so pretty right now uhhh..
haha I'm sorry *congratulatory retirement performance* Hi everyone, I made a dance choreography video
with Girlfriend Shinbi To be honest, there was something bad
that happened after the shoot I have a back problem after
dancing for such a long period of time I have decided to take a break until the end of July that is why I wasn't able to put
a lot of attention towards my channel and I am putting a lot of attention towards
my health and recovery and that is the reason I was unable to
give you guys an update recently I was hospitalized for a bit after my shoot
with Shinbi so I made a simple vlog while I'm in the hospital Oh my, everybody I look so white here right now I am waiting to my MRI scan I revitalize my skin in the hospital too First MRI GRWM I stayed here for two days and I feel like I'll get more sick *Pro Youtuber Mukbang feat. Hospital Food* Tastes bad You just watched my very plain hospital life I ate, got a MRI scan, and got physical therapy it was like that and The reason why I turned on my camera was because I felt like I needed to explain I moved recently After I returned home from the hospital now I need to replenish myself with nutrients
and start cooking, but I remembered I moved houses so, you guys might be "where is this" of course, I have never
introduced you guys to my last house so, I felt like I need to tell you guys I moved in the middle of May It is almost the middle of June, and I haven't
finished cleaning up the house The things I have are, this big mirror this small carpet and this plant I wanted to film a room tour, but I haven't cleaned up the house yet So I want to wait a little bit and
when the interior design is finished I will introduce you guys to my home The important thing is that I finally moved yes, I moved so I think that I'll be able to let you guys
see my natural and everyday self more often Hello everyone, this is Mina Myoung today I finally in four years I moved houses I contracted the new house and I am here to see it I cooked meat the day I got out of the hospital So there will be a very sudden cooking video So my plan is to rest and show you guys the interior design of my home I have some footage from earlier,
but I'm getting around 8~10 packages a day I plan to show you a pretty and completed house tour thank you for watching my vlog Anyway I plan to show you my natural self *a gift after leaving the hospital* *place the meat on the plate* *and place it in the microwave without the wrap* *take it out after it is defrosted* *cut the meat on vinyl instead of a cutting board* *leave one half in the vinyl for next time* *new spice I bought from the mart* *Add the pepper onto the meat* *wait until the spice is spread evenly across the meat* *preheat the frypan* *sprinkle oil onto the frying pan* *just vegetables* nimbleness of a Chinese Chef the meat is burning this is meat I cooked the vegetables and
placed it on the plate as well definitely not that I don't want to eat cleaning up well because it is a new house covering up the smell with candle scent The end, for today!

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  1. I wish you could have tell us how the collab with SinB started and as pro dancer how did you find SinB as dancer. Maybe in a other vlog?

  2. I hopefully you make a colab with sinB again or other member of gfriend. Love you mina myoung 😍😘😘😘

  3. Stay healthy unnie, and you look beautiful even without makeup. Love from malaysia 😍😍💕💕💕🇲🇾

  4. You've got a perfect collaboration with the best main dancer , GFRIEND SINB. Thank you and congratulations.

  5. 2 queens doing a collab!
    My life is PERFECT hope you collab with other artist too!
    사랑해 미나 !♡♡

  6. I love Sinb so much and it was an amazing collab. I hope there would be other collabs with my fav dancers too like Momo❤️

  7. Thank you Mina for do a collab with our Sinb, and thanks to all the crew, all of you did a great job. I wish you more amazing projects for your future. Buddies love you ^_^/

  8. If you were in your 40s before be happy that you're around 50 now!!! 40kg for a grown woman is really really not enough! Please take care of your health, Mina! 🙂

  9. Really love your collaboration with SinB. Please take care of your health so you can dance for a long long time. Much love from Taiwan <333

  10. Mina I love your videos about your life but I have to say it’s bad for your health to place a inox or aluminum bowl or platter in a microwave to heat up !

    Always support you🥰 love from Luxembourg 😘
    P.s maybe the smallest country in Europe😇

  11. wait are you really retiring WHAT THE?! YOUR THE BEST DANCER Ive seen in my whole life you look so stunningggggggggggggg

  12. Petition to have coco in the house tour video and be as extra as possible please :)))

    I miss CocoXMina Vlogs :(((

    Also, get well soon Minaaa I also had a problem on my lower back because of me not stretching properly :)))

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