Episode 1: Personal Hygiene on the Road

Episode 1: Personal Hygiene on the Road

you Hey again hello from Vermont we are driving to Burlington right now so we're pretty up north in New England and we just wanted to capture this moment on on video because it really feels like we're driving through Washington and like we're driving towards Bellingham actually like the scenery is very similar strikingly similar like we're about to possibly plan right now yeah wild crazy gorgeous well your shower we're clean after not showering for a couple days it's even raining today which is awesome we're just like back at home it's very weird yeah couple people have asked me in a tea shower well we go to the bathroom nope all over the know we stop it like restrooms I don't know if you've heard of those there are bathrooms called like a gas station yes like loves or pilots those are really good ones shower situations well today we tried to go to like the YMCA because we both used to work at the YMCA sore like oh maybe our names are still mrs. Tim or something no it was like $15 for both of us to shower at the YMCA we found a park we found a free one we just parked nearby and walked in I left the shampoo I just realized always remember don't forget money we're doing good like I said eating pita bread Clif bars thank you to Clif bars breakfast of champions awesome also this matcha green tea from Trader Joe's also breakfast of champions saves money this is like 399 and we get like a lot out of it you know I think we were able to make like it 10 watches with it or something Jolene it's got a crush on watches I love macho's but if you buy them like at a coffee shop it's like five dollars a matcha mm-hmm so this stuff is so good and it's like just as delicious is buying it at a coffee shop breakfast of champions anyways today we're gonna go we're gonna hang out in Burlington we got a bunch of movies yesterday yeah we got like 5 VHS is she's never seen it and dish hook the classic saw that like five times theaters or to the Rings Jurassic Park yeah yeah we're actually probably heading west tomorrow yeah she's crazy this is our third corner and we'll be I guess maybe the last corner if you think about starting a belly okay yeah so we've hit all four corners we're still in Burlington we actually are getting towed prepared there was a leak in the fuel pump some part like that got really sick yesterday it's kind of nice that we're able to stay here in one place yeah I'm really glad we have the van so that Juliana could lie down in it because that's what she needed feeling better today and excited to give up some more shows peace [Applause]

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