Equality and Wellbeing Malcolm McCann

Equality and Wellbeing Malcolm McCann

my name is Matt McCann I'm the outgoing portfolio holder for recording inclusion it's my pleasure to welcome our Ebert delegates and partners including the CQC to today our first equality and inclusion conference today marks a very important point in our journey in recent months we have increased the momentum and focus on equality inclusion today is about supporting our equality champions to help empower you to ensure that our organization going forward becomes more inclusive ensures that we treat people on an individual and equal basis recognizing that as individuals we bring a range of qualities to the organization and as patients we are unique I hope that you will enjoy this morning that you will enjoy networking that you will continue on your journey to be equality ambassadors and together with the support of Nigel and Karla and Gary you'll continue to develop our organization in the ways I've suggested I'd like to wish everyone in the room well and to thank you for your involvement in this critical agenda there is nothing more important than equality and inclusion I'm proud of the work that we've done and I know that Nigel will carry on into the future enjoy today all the best

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  1. My goodness me Iā€™m being treated by another mental health trust after EPUT destroyed my self confidence also pay , so much for equality . I spent 18 years in the NHS my last few years with EPUT were my worst .šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

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