Eric Bischoff shoots on WWE current Wellness policy

Eric Bischoff shoots on WWE current Wellness policy

speaking of WB's current product we talked a lot on this episode about WB's well Wellness Policy and my question for you is what do you think of WB's current Wellness Policy and brock lesnar not being applied to it number one I don't know their policy well enough to do in a job a good job talking about it my opinion means absolutely nothing when it comes to the details of their policy because I don't know here's what I would say though you know let's look back over the last oh I don't know 36 months have we read about heard about any serious issues or even minor violations of the policy do we see people who are overdosing and who are obviously you know having issues with drugs or alcohol or both I haven't you know maybe you guys see something I don't see I think overall from my perspective as a fan just like you guys someone that's on the outside looking in is that the talent appears to be healthier more stable more consistent than they've ever been so my impression is that the Wellness Policy based on that fact which is the only one I have suggests to me that it's working very well you know Part B of your question you know is it fair to the other talent from lezzer to be on a part-time basis you know fairness is in the eye of the beholder it always has been and it always will be personally I believe if I got hired today as a talent that was 22 years old or 25 years old and I was coming into WWE and they said look here's our policy you know part-timers they're not in it you are you're a full-timer you're in it if I sign on the dotted line I know what the deal is and if I'm given the option of either signing on the dotted line or not based on the facts that are presented to me that's my choice and if I choose it then it's fair if I decide not to choose it I may take the argument I may take the position then it's not fair which is why I didn't sign it but you know if you're a WWE right now and you're contract and your full-time player you knew what you were getting into when you got into it so quit your bitching

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2 thoughts on “Eric Bischoff shoots on WWE current Wellness policy

  1. Eric is 100% right. All you soyboy marks crying about what brock lesnar has writing in his contract are reaching for low hanging fruit.

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