Essential Oils + Wellness Haul! June Essential Rewards Unboxing

Essential Oils + Wellness Haul! June Essential Rewards Unboxing

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today it's one of my favorite times of the month and that is my er unboxing so if you don't know what an ER unboxing is if you haven't watched my other videos I'm gonna go ahead and give a quick explanation um and if you already do know feel free to skip this part so er stands for essential rewards and it's actually a loyalty program by Young Living and Young Living is the essential oils company that I buy all of my essential oils through all of the products are super high-quality and completely plant-based non-toxic all of that jazz um I fell in love with them like I said through their essential oils but they now make other products a lot of them are using their essential oils in those products and I just love it so essential rewards it's their rewards loyalty program where if you sign up to receive a box every month you pick the products you curate it and choose whatever you want you not only get your products delivered to you at wholesale cost but on top of that you've accrue points so I know target has something like this we're like if you shop through Target you get like 5% like cashback points or whatever that's kind of what this is except I don't remember what the percent is but it's it's way higher I want to say it's like 20% or something crazy like that I'll have the information down below um so you get points back you also get free products every month based on how much you spend so they'll come to you like in your box the free products of the month so I love that because not only do I get my products at a great deal shipped to me every month I get points I actually am about to film after this my freebie haul which is all of the products that I ordered this month using my points so I got all of the products for free I'm gonna film that though and put that up on my oils Instagram account not here so if you are interested in watching that or interested in any of these products or learning more about er or the starter kit or essential oils in general you can send me a DM on my oils account that's where I do all communication act for your life's essentials um so yeah I'm gonna have that haul over there and with that being said I'm going to show you what I got in this month your unboxing the first off I had to get some Ningxia red I am obsessed with Ningxia red if you don't know what it is it is basically a wolf berry which is a goji berry puree it blends they also put some essential oils in here as well as like cherries and blueberries so basically it is a super high antioxidant beverage and antioxidants are very what's the word opposite alkalinizing they're great for protecting your body against free radicals and I just really believe in consuming all of these fruits and so I love this beverage and I love it it's a puree not a juice so um I also picked dan up a box I say Dan because I don't drink these this is michizane and this is basically using Ningxia which is that other drink except this is an energy drink so it also has caffeine in it it's carbonated it's just a little bit of a different obviously concoction I'm not an energy drink person especially now being pregnant but I picked this up for Dan so when you order your oils from young living they come in these little tubes so I'm gonna open up this first to a little bit yes I'm so basic these are like the oils I get every month but I love them I picked up a bottle of orange a bottle of tangerine and a bottle of citrus fresh which if you don't know what citrus fresh is it is a blend that consists of orange tangerine grapefruit lemon mandarin and a little bit of spearmint it is everything all of these oils are everything and literally every day when I use my citrus oils I think I know I'm so basic but I love these oils so much it's like just cut open a citrus fruit in your room and like squeezed it in the air it's absolutely amazing alright so in my next little mini tube open that up yeah I got two bottles of valor because I get two bottles of valor basically every month it's so funny because if you've been watching all my air unboxings you probably know that when I first smelled Valor a long time ago I was kind of like great what's the hype like I don't get it because people are obsessed with valor and after a couple of months all of the sudden I became like hooked on it I love valor so so much and it's funny because the other night we were lying in bed at Dan and I and we're watching a show and I had some valor and defuser and I put a little bow on my arm and he goes what is that what did you just do I was like what do you mean because I use valor all the time and his response was so dramatic I was like what do you mean he's like something smells so good and I was like is it this I like stuck it in his face he was like oh my gosh I'm like dude that's valor and he's like oh so good so seriously I think something's happening to Dan that happened to me where all of a sudden he's like way into it so um valor is a blend to those of you that don't know of black spruce leaf oil camphor wood oil blue tanzy oil frankincense oil and uranium oil okay my last little tube of oil those oh I think these were both free oh no I also do have more oils in here just kidding okay but I think these were both free cuz I don't remember placing an order for either of them maybe I ordered line I'll have to check my little sheet but I know for sure I got citronella for free which is awesome for the fact that we're going into bug season I will say here in Nashville citronella only works for like a chunk of the summer because the bugs end up getting really gnarly here and this year I'm fully whipping out like unnatural DEET but this will work for this early part of summer before it gets super super bad so that's what people typically use such citronella for though is to keep bugs away and then I got some lime oil which I love lime vitality oil because just so you know this oil is not approved for internal digestion you have to actually like the oil that's approved for internal digestion is there um or ingestion is there vitality line which has the white label so I use lime vitality oil sometimes in guacamole that's actually pretty much the only thing I use it and it's really really good so there's that okay so have some oils in this little bag I don't know why they're in a bag but we're gonna open this up and find out okay so oh yes yes yes I got a bottle of stress away I love stress away so much stress away is definitely one of my top favorite blends it's pretty much my go-to perfume now I love the smell of it so much a lot of people say it smells like vacation in a bottle and sure I'll roll with that that's kind of what it smells like and the blend of stress away is balsam copaiba oil cedar wood oil vanilla leaf extract because vanilla oil is not a thing um AUSA tea olive oil lavender oil and I thought there was oh I missed one of the first ingredients lime oil there we go I love this stuff so much it's so good to fuse but like I said it's my favorite to wear as a perfume it's dill I mean I know the smell it's funny how you can know smells and you don't even have to smell them to know what they smell like like you can remember that's just yeah so good so next tube oh this actually I think might have been free I love this oil so much and it's a five milliliter of Northern Lights black spruce and I can actually smell this through the bottle um the best way that I can describe this is like walking through a spruce forest after it has rained it's magical literally I love diffusing Northern Lights black spruce with like the windows open at night when there's like a slight breeze it's just like so good so good okay now over here what's this one oh I'm actually wondering if they gave for free Dan apps like throw away my order sheet cuz he got really excited to open up all these boxes the other day because I had a second bottle of stress away so I'm wondering if this was one of the promos this month or I ordered two bottles which honestly wouldn't surprise me because I loved it so much I just don't remember off the top of my head so um yeah now speaking of promos the rest of the stuff that I have in here was free so the first thing is this peppermint cedarwood moisturizing soap so I wonder if I'm gonna be able to smell this the packaging ooh oh my gosh oh wow that's yeah that's amazing dan is gonna flippin love this it's just a little bar so uh yeah Dan somebody typed on that so I know that was free because I've never even heard of this I did not order that so I love that Dan will be especially hyped on that and then we got also for free this Ningxia nitro says it supports cognitive fitness so I have had this I have this last year actually at the Young Living conference um in a drink and it doesn't taste good by itself but you can mix it with like juice or even with just straight and like put ningxia and then this this is kind of just like an extra burst extra boost and this has its as the other ingredients that it has are sweet cherry Kiwi blueberry acerola bilberry black currant raspberry strawberry cranberry coconut fruit nectar and yeah and then I don't know what pectin is but that's in there as well too and xanthan gum at the very bottom so I don't know what that means but there's that and yeah so Dan is probably gonna be the one to drink this because I think this is more of like an energy shot type thing that's just more natural so yeah and then this is a little weird I'm not gonna lie they sent socks thanks young so yeah that is it for this video guys I hope that you enjoyed my yarn unboxing this month we said if you have any questions or you already know you want to place an order or you know look at the starter kit or anything at all feel free to send me a DM on my oils Instagram account and I will get back to you help you out with your journey into the oily world if it's your time and I think that's it I'm gonna go phone my my free products hall now for my Instagram so be on the lookout for that and hopefully see you guys back here soon with another new video alright bye guys you

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30 thoughts on “Essential Oils + Wellness Haul! June Essential Rewards Unboxing

  1. My friend used valor all the time! I miss her and her smell πŸ™‚ I must see her again and buy some valor also…. it will be perfect for the summer period πŸ™‚

  2. I was lol'ing when you you were like, 'So this is kind of weird, I'm not going to lie…they sent socks. Thanks Young Livinggg.' I thought the same thing! I LOVE the ER unboxings πŸ™‚

  3. Great video!

    Just be sure you are careful. A lot of essential oils are not safe and or recommended for use while pregnant. You probably already know this

  4. I love this video because I love seeing all the products and learning about them! My favorite oil right now I stress away and I’m really wanting to try a Chamomile oil for eczema

  5. i would love to try the Ningxia Zyng from Young Living! I have been looking for a better alternative to my morning coffee and this sounds perfect πŸ™‚ Love you videos!

  6. I always LOVE these videos. Every part is my favorite. They're so helpful for me deciding what i want to try next! I'm currently about to order the Thieves cleaner and spray. My next order i am DYING to try Valor oil, thx to you ;p My current fav is stress away <3

  7. I love your Unboxing video's I too agree with you that this is my favorite time of the month to watch you open your YL box. Hope you are feeling better these days.

  8. I love hearing all of your oil recommendations!! My favorite oils are dream catcher, white Angelica, peace and calming, harmony, and valor (plus so many more they are all incredible) I really want to try Motivation, Sara, gentle baby to name just a few!! I also love Young Living's NingXia line and Thieves cleaning products. Seriously such an amazing company with incredible products.

  9. You can make your own deet with the citronella plus peppermint and rosemary! I actually not only use it for myself but I spray it in my outdoor garden too. I live in south Mississippi and the bugs here get insane and this mixture works for me every time all season

    Edit: My mom who got me into essential oils always picks on me because I actually like ninxia nitro by itself πŸ˜‚

  10. I got the starter kit two years ago and the oils last forever!
    I love the stress away scent and I use it as a perfume as well πŸ™‚

  11. You're really convincing me to hop on the oils train. I would LOVE to try that "stress away" one! It sounds amazing πŸ™‚

  12. I'm hooked on tangerine orange and citrus fresh… the diffuser. Another one I lovvveee is peppermint and raven. ❀❀❀

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