EVERY Cornerback + Safety X Factor Ability In Madden 20 | The BEST Abilities In Madden 20

EVERY Cornerback + Safety X Factor Ability In Madden 20 | The BEST Abilities In Madden 20

what's going on everybody c4 here welcome back to the channel where today we are gonna be looking at some more X Factor's and super star abilities for the upcoming Madden 20 title and today we're gonna be taking a look at the secondary where you'll be grouping the cornerbacks and the safeties together and we're gonna try to find out who's gonna be overpowered who is slightly underpowered who got absolutely robbed of not getting an ability and everything in between so I'm gonna group everyone together we're at a look at corners and safeties and because a lot of them overlap a lot of the abilities will overlap so and I'm telling you right now in relation to all the positions the DBS feel pretty balanced I don't see anything that's super overpowered but there's definitely some abilities that are going to come in fairly handy in Madden 20 so looking at the cornerbacks those that have x-factor abilities we have Chris Harris jr. Byron Jones Richard Sherman Jalen Ramsey and Stephane Gilmore in terms of corners that have just superstar abilities not The X Factor's you also throw in Kyle fuller Xavier Howard Denzel Ward Marshawn Lattimore and Darius slay so looking at this group of corners I think I'm a little bit surprised on to see Patrick Peterson in the group maybe someone like Jonathan Joseph who's been very consistent for the use in Texas could be a little bit upset as well but I think generally speaking I mean Pat peat is gonna be a major talking point but I think they got this position as right as they have any other position so then we move to the safeties or the safeties that have the x-factor abilities we have Eddie Jackson Earl Thomas Thurman James and Harrison Smith Safety's that just have superstar abilities Keon O'Neal Jamal Adams Landon Collins and Micah Hyde this is where I get a little triggered as an eagle fan you put in Micah hide before you put in Malcolm Jenkins ah Kevin bards been one of the best a decent football not included john johnson of the rams not included i feel like you definitely could have added those three put those three into these categories you'll be goichi feels like they want a little light on the safety position so obviously as an eagle fan not seeing Jenga say but definitely Byard and Johnson have rightful claims to get included as well so looking at the actual abilities there are three x-factor abilities only one x-factor battle eighty four corners and it's called shut down which is essentially gives corners tighter coverage and higher interception percentage on contested catches so like this is tighter coverage the fact that that seems like that is going to slightly be animation base like you can't really control how tight your guys but the fact that these corners are gonna be hugging your players that you're trying to defend and cover or going up against a little bit tighter that does seem fairly overpowered and that is for all the X Factor so Harris Byron Jones Richard Sherman Jalen Ramsay and Stefan Gilmer all have shut down and then there's two X factors that are for the safety positions first time you have zone hawk which is increased rate of pass break up or interception and this is both the x-factor for Eddie Jackson and Earl Thomas and there's also reinforcement which helps your safety get off blocks quicker a tackling boost and increased pass break up success rate that is for mr. Darwin James and Harrison Smith slide to pick one of the two personally give me zone hawk give me the gun leaving the one that's gonna get a better chance at getting turnovers then again you could look at reinforcements and say getting off blocks you know a little bit more me animation based so it's different strokes for different folks are free and strong safety clearly too defined abilities here but definitely if we're just talking about x-factor in general you got a look at that cornerback one and save you know that is really really good in terms of age Byron Jones and Jalen Ramsey Jalen Ramsey I think it's gonna be the most overpower two DB in general and you'll see that as we go through the base passive superstar traits what she should be I think jailer Ramos is the best corner in football but there's still some some pretty good abilities that we're gonna jump into and then for the safeties Eddie Jackson's incredibly overpowered Eddie Jackson is gonna be absolute money and very very annoying to go up against anytime you play the bear Eddie Jackson and kick hello Mac are gonna make the Bears just a nightmare to play against in your franchise modes and head-to-head so we broke down the X Factor ability shut down for the corners you have zone hawk and reinforcement for the safeties now let's look at the passive superstar abilities these are abilities that are always active you don't have to get into the zone good players will always tend to feel like good players we'll start with the safeties we have enforcer and unfaithful enforcer means you don't allow broken tackles when you using the hit stick that's pretty casual friendly cuz a lot of casual players do just you know throw the hip stick left right and center like it's mad no six and they just implemented it with Ray Lewis this ability is possessed by Keyon O'Neal Jamal Adams Landon Collins and Harrison Smith then you have unfaithful which means the player is rarely faked out by ball carrier moves when it's being a I and can't be faked out when you are using a safety even though I don't really know unless like you know the players got well into the second level who uses their safety if I had to pick one of the two enforcers probably the better one cuz you know you always like laying the lumber you always like having that increased percentage of forcing a fumble and now that these specific players the group of four won't have just that botched hit stick I mean it makes the fact that there are you know big-time proven hitters across the middle of the field that I don't think they've ever missed if they get a free open shots regardless of who is the ball carrier they don't Jack them up and I like that this is pretty much back in the game because I'll be worse that having a guys 99 hit power and then you go back and look at the highlight of you know him just whipping or or getting ran over by like Darren Sproles or something that just in previous games I mean obvious that sanik scream scenario but then what happened from time to time so I like the fact that this is now in game there are two superstar abilities that are both four corners and safeties first up we a pick artist which is a higher interception percentage and no stamina loss on interception return so that's amazing this is clearly the one that you want the creme de la creme of the traits that I believe you know for all of them superstar or x-factor I personally believe this is possessed by Kyle fuller xavier and howard richard sherman eddie jackson Micah Hyde in Earl Thomas so I make sense though because there are some players that you know they have some special team experience so when they do get an interception in game they look to take it to the house every single time so I definitely love pic artists and out of everything we've talked about so far it is in terms of overpowered the number one and then there's also zoned out which gives you a higher knockout size pass breaking up ability in quicker reactions while you're in zone coverage so that's a little bit more specific Byron Jones Richard Sherman Darius slate Eddie Jackson Earl Thomas third when James and Harrison Smith possessed this you know it's okay like I say if you're not running the zone coverage might not apply and I think the fact that you are limiting because you are running and play pick artist is the the creme de la creme I can't stress this enough so then we're going from that we start with the safeties now let's look at the three superstar abilities four corners only we have universal coverage which is ridiculous tighter coverage and knock outs percentage in man end zone so it's literally you are good at everything the only player that has this right now from the beta is Jalen Ramsey I think rightfully so I think he is the complete DB yes coming off a little bit of a down year last season the Jacksonville Jaguars but they put in some respect on his name here in Madden then we also have man up which is tighter coverage and knockout ability and man coverage this is Chris Harris jr. and Stephon Gilmore and then you have Acrobat which is increased a dive range on interception attempts and pass breakups this is possessed by Chris Harris Denzel Ward Byron Jones Jalen Ramsey Stephon Gilmore and Marcia and Lattimore I think that you know anything that's gonna give you a boost to like a hidden your hidden statistical blues because obviously this you know could technically be classified into jumping you know there's no explosiveness straight but anything that would kind of pile into what makes a player explosive a man this is an immediate boost to any of those abilities so I mean I think more so than any other group we're seeing animation like stuff under the hood that is being modified and manipulated to give certain players an advantage more so than we've seen at Y receiver running back cornerback defensive line linebackers so I think from that standpoint these are gonna be very very valuable abilities because it's not just like simple trait buffs you know like there are someone that says you play a little bit better in man college but there's so many things that are out of user control like oh you don't get you can't get you know broken tackles on a hit stick you have better diving range higher percent no stamina loss on the interception return for pick artists the fact that you're gonna get better animations when you're trying to go for a pass break up you might get blocked in or just straight-up break some annoying animations from the wide receiver standpoint those stupid catching stuff that sometimes when you're trying to cover up a wide receiver that no matter what you do they were making those place in mad 19 well hey you're gonna have these abilities that are gonna counteract those animations and make them just not exist and where they were being you know getting maust upon or do like broken coverage you're not really gonna have that and you know obviously we're got to have a month or so of man to really see how these are gonna play out because I know the how the Y receiver and DB plays has been a very polarizing topic in the Madden community for the last couple years that's the biggest battle that people consistently go up against it's other what is your why we're Sivir doing against a DB or vice-versa or it's all offensive line for its defensive line and because we don't know anything yet about the offensive line abilities hopefully they do a blog or something like that guy no moonlight Swamy confirmed it on Twitter which is dope so we can't really you know compare how all that's gonna go down with the insta block sheds and stuff but we do know enough between the wide receivers and the secondary players that you know it felt good in the beta I felt good at any time I've had an opportunity to play the game it felt better than last year's game but I you know I didn't play enough and you're not gonna really just generally play enough until you know a month two months in to Madden to start catching on to what what animations are in the one what animations are glitchy one animations just don't feel good and then the inverse what animations feel rewarding what animations feel realistic what gives you the best balance between making it feel like a video game and making it feel like real life sim style football so all-in-all guys I think for these abilities they're very overpowered because we are seeing anything that manipulates stuff that isn't just like a stat boost that you can really can sell I'm always gonna way on the side that that's gonna be very overpowered I've maintained that through all these little breakdown videos I think you'll get you're seeing that more so than ever when we're talking about these players in the secondary so let me know what abilities you're most excited to use I'm sure that if you're a Cardinal fan or a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles you know not having a Patrick Peterson or Malcolm Jenkins or Kevin fired get any disability so I'm sure there's gonna be a little bit of venting but let me know what abilities you are most excited to use what are you worried about what are you hoping to see this is the last breakdown of all the X factors so anything else that you guys might want to see if I can try and pass on to people who have any concerns any suggestions I mean someone already suggested way way back in the quarterback breakdown video that there should be negative traits negative X factors which you know talked about this last time that you don't want to sell a new feature on potentially being negative I think as they grow as Madden continues to refine this brand new mechanism I think negatives are an awesome awesome ability an awesome speed bump a hurdle to go up against and try to try to deal with in gaming in terms of in-game player management so you guys keep letting the ideas fly I'll try my best to make as much noise about them as humanly possible as always your first time stopping by don't be afraid to hit that subscribe button madden 20 season is beginning now here on the channel I know you guys want to stick along for the ride and you're not gonna want to miss out we got some fire content franchise mode face of the franchise and everything in between so don't miss out on it and until next time it's c4 say like subscribe and I'll catch you on the next one peace out

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31 thoughts on “EVERY Cornerback + Safety X Factor Ability In Madden 20 | The BEST Abilities In Madden 20

  1. Harrison Smith is the best safety in the league and he’s finally getting some respect from he madden team. Thank god. The guy is legit the best run stopping safety and is really a smart player, but he’s had the “Tom Brady syndrome” for the last few maddens. MUT players be like “BuT hE IsnT 99 SpEeD!!” Not everything is about speed idiot

  2. I user my corner safety or anyone I have to to stop the cheese but 75% of the time I'm ony safety n lb

  3. As a bills fan I haven’t been upset about anyone getting any abilities. But tre white got robbed. And Micah Hyde should have an X factor so

  4. I have a question, do we know if players can earn x-factor or superstar abilities? If so, are the ones they can earn pre-programmed in? Like Jamal Adams isn’t necessarily a pick-getting guy, but if he for some reason earned an x-factor would it be random or would he get a more player specific x-factor?

  5. I hardly think Derwin deserves an x-factor over Jamal Adams. That is not to say that Derwin doesn’t deserve one at all, but Jamal has an extra year of dominance at the position. I am a Jets fan, but even non-jets fans can agree that Jamal Adams deserves an x-factor.

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