Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre Workout Review (Fast & Simple)

Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre Workout Review (Fast & Simple)

hey what's up everyone my name is Robert welcome to the gym rat world a spot where you can get fast and simple supplement reviews today I'm going to be talking about evolution nutritions engine shred pre-workout alright this is basically just a fat burner pre-workout together and I'm going to go over the ingredients some pros and cons of this and what people are actually saying about this product ok now first before we begin I just want you guys to know that you are in the right hands for over a decade I've been going to the gym running surfing taking a different supplements as well in the former Marine where it was pretty much my job to just be in the fitness world always working out helping other people work out and now I want to help you guys out and get you guys the information you need the nice bite-sized way aright not going to over talk the situation whatsoever and I'm also not going to just sit here and read off the nutritional facts see you guys as well alright again I'm just going to make this fast and simple I'm just here for the people who honestly just have better things to do today if you do need a lot of the information as far as dosages are concerned all the ingredients everything like that I have it all in description box for you guys ok so let's move on to evolution nutrition evil sports or however you want to call them they're all the same company they pretty much have a bunch of different pre workouts BCAAs they have several different types of supplements that are out there they're fairly new as well I've done some reviews on them you can check that blokes want but they're pretty pretty good company they rate fairly high on a lot of their different products so now they decided well let's mix up the fat-burning and the energy in the same product which i think is awesome I mean it's killing two birds with one stone you're getting a nice good clean energy to work out get some gains and you're losing weight at the same time alright so now I'm going to get into the ingredients that can actually possibly make this happen right the ingredients I am going to go over are just the main ones that I found in there if you need all those are again all down below for you guys but the first ingredient on the list is a beta alanine now you guys know this is in pretty much every single pre-workout out there you get 1.6 grams of it in this pre-workout and it's basically going to give you that tingling sensation throughout your body so beware that 1.6 grams isn't too much there's definitely products out there that have a lot more systems kind on the median side of that but you know no pain no gain the reason why you get that tingling feeling is basically because it helps you through the intense parts of your workouts right so it's a good thing for beta-alanine in there and honestly there was a bad ingredient to have in there then every not all pre workouts would actually have it right so it's a good ingredient in there one awesome ingredient that I saw in there was feel they conjugated with Linnea Cassatt sore I cannot talk today but this one basically goes in finds all those sore fat those sort Twinkies that are in there and it basically gets rid of that and at the same time you're actually able to keep your lean mass your gains basically right which is awesome so you can keep your gains and lose fat again best of both both worlds in there right so that's cool another one is carnitine alt heart rate I think I said that wrong or right probably wrong but I'm not sure but either way this one basically goes around takes your fat and uses it for fuel while you're actually working up so that's pretty awesome to have in there you also get the tain in there which is going to help with your muscle growth and strength and that's been clinically studied to work as well and you get some caffeine in there because basically you just need to get up get going and get into the gym right it's natural caffeine that is in there one of the bigger things that's different from a lot of pre workouts is that there's no creatine in here whatsoever okay so that's a little bit different creatine has been proven to work so I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but the good thing is is that they do have a lot of other ingredients in there that make up for that alright so now let's get into what people are actually saying about this product like does it suck there's any good what's actually going on well much like all the other products that they've brought an out this one rates very high it's over four and a half stars that it rates which is again fairly high for pretty much anything on the internet because it kind of seems like sometimes people's going in and had to complain about a lot of things so it's very good to see something that's doing very well and when people are saying about this like the main points the consistent points that people say that they love about this product that they're not getting any jitters so that's pretty awesome you don't have any crackheads running throughout the gym you're not the crackhead running through the gym I mean for myself I hate it when I see somebody who is taking way too much caffeine way too much pre-workout and they're just going crazy they're trying to rotate between three different things it's just ridiculous right so it's good for the person taking it you're not a crackhead and for a person like me who doesn't want to be around that alright so that's obviously a good one people also also say it tastes great as well which is again good that's what you're looking for for me I just look for the performance not much to taste but I can see how people would really dig the taste and how that's a good positive right so it does taste good which is great people are getting a good pump feeling as well so their arms are feeling it pretty good you're feeling those muscles basically contract to trick everything that's going on there so that's pretty awesome and also it's just like an overall product the people are losing weight from it as well which is another main thing and the reason why you would actually get this is to get the energy and to actually lose weight at the same time right so all those sort of Twinkies that you're eating throughout the day I mean I'm I fall victim to that plenty of times not so much Twinkies more like nutty bars but basically you know it's able to actually help you lose weight burn fat and you're keeping gains because most fat burners they just take away your actual muscles so they target not just your fat they actually target some of your muscle strength so you're losing your gains you're losing your strength and that's just not good you might be losing weight but you know you're not in the gym for nothing right so it's pretty awesome at this one just targets fat and you're able to keep those gains I like this product I think it's pretty awesome to have it on if you guys want to check it out just like I said go ahead and go into the description box I have all the links in there for you guys and comment below if you guys have any questions again check out my other videos if you want and other than that thanks for coming by Abdulla

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18 thoughts on “Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre Workout Review (Fast & Simple)

  1. I feel this channel is so underrated. I have been in search for something like this for so long. Thank you for such an informative review unlike those other videos out there where they just read out stuff from back of the container. Thank you very much. Kudos to you.

  2. I don’t know whatsup with some of y’all negative feelings but i watched three nonsense videos rambling about stuff before this video that FINALLY answered everything I wanted to know ! Thank you!!

  3. So I tried this for the first time tonight. I take pw only once a week. Heart was going nuts and felt like I was gonna pass out a couple times. I took 1 scoop and didn’t finish the shake (90% was gone though). Anyways you think this is anxiety and me in my head too much or the pw on empty stomach and low tolerance? What should I do? Keep taking it and get used to it? I was scared as crap

  4. What is the carbohydrate content?… why is it so hard to find what should be basic nutritional information?

  5. Thanks for the review! I do intermittent fasting, and enjoy working out on an empty stomach. I was wondering if it would be bad for my stomach to be taking this fasted? Also does this contain any calories?

  6. thank you for this definitely will be ordering this since i can't find in this in a store. How would you rate this vs c4 ripped which is the same concept?

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