hello hello hello everyone welcome back to my channel there are several pain I'm bringing I'm here to do your daily love reading for June the 23rd 3:19 good morning good afternoon good evening I love you all and I hope that everyone's having an awesome day let's go ahead and check these energies today on the energy feels really really really great and like for some reason today I'm getting a lot of yellow and red and green just a whole lot of different colors all right y'all somebody's still indirectly contacting some of you it's still a lot of indirect going on I'm just gonna be real with you and I'm getting this so strongly like I feel like a lot of you guys your person is now in that inner source energy where they're holding so much back and they're longing to be free of other things that they've been holding back from you okay so let's go ahead and start off with the moon ology Oracle I'm going to get three cards from this deck fear what messages do we have in regards to love for June the 23rd 2019 okay what if the current message I love the movie that sighs and I feel like this is gonna give some of the guys some clarity because I feel like somebody's getting a lot of messages that are causing them to be indecisive sorry I feel like this is really going to point you in the right direction today I'm also getting that someone didn't really get good news today like you could have been trying to get approved for something or you could have been trying to get an extension on something and you know it's all gonna work out but it's not in the way that you intended to work now like I just see it happening but a lot of you guys are starting to give up someone's just like oh my gosh today is a day it's a little hectic for some of you so the first card that we have here is don't let your past hold you back with this card along young you don't let your past hold you back you know exactly what that saying to you it's saying that some of you guys are letting the memories from the past holding you back you're getting ready to have opportunities coming to some of you and you just don't see it right now okay that's also the energy that they're in right now because someone's really romanticizing over what you had and reminiscing over the past but they're so sad in their actions inside in their ways that they're afraid to come towards you you know so it's like someone is dealing with someone and this could be a hairstyle I feel and they could be very very very indecisive right now even though they've changed so much they're afraid at the past the things from the past or lineup that you guys it's future and I feel like for some of you this is your energy as well okay because you may be meeting someone that you're interested in but right now you can't love them you know right now you're not your best because you're actually still in a situation are you still in love somewhere else okay get another message from one ology that all right the next message we have in be bold and make the personal how many times do we have to get this message on before they actually make the first move okay because some of you guys in a situation in which someone wants to come toward you but they have actually changed but they're afraid you don't think they have changed okay but they really want to come towards you somebody's also dealing with someone with the past told you that car being here in which their situations or someone from their past it's stopping them from moving forward so if you're in a third party with someone and you know they're married they're dealing with someone else they seem to be very indecisive because even though you and then we're not communicating right now they still want something with you but they don't want to let their past hold them back so they don't want to let their past hook them back from being with you and their past is actually the karmic the past is a person that they're staying with even though they're not happy so they keep putting themselves in the situation where they're staying okay they need to make the first move I mean cuz I'm just seeing somebody I filled with thoughts of you and just wanting to work things out with you but they're not strong enough to come toward you okay believe in the possible impossible and this is for my daughter's out there this is for my people that don't believe okay some of you I see a big change coming and it's not really right away stored the winter with this card I feel but a lot of you guys don't really see them making the first move but you know one damn thing you're not making the first move this time around and I just hear somebody saying that they're like what I know I'm not doing this first okay I'm not making the first move they got to make the first move there right now don't see it happening because a lot of them are staying stagnant so really the messages from the moon ology Dec is basically something from their past is holding them back my non-believers become a believer believe in the impossible believe this person wants something with you believe that this is wrong okay they're about to make the first move and a lot of you guys don't need to see it you don't even see this coming to you because right now you guys are expecting the worse are some of you guys are expecting the impossible like you're not expecting me expecting the possible not the impossible you're not thinking about what could possibly happen or if this person does contact you right all right all got onto the messages red and green shirt or dress everybody someone just recently got a handbag as well all right let's see and we have here judgments just minutes here in it in Reverse right it's in Reverse what did I tell you guys I felt like some of them were not coming forth with their truth right I felt like someone was actually there with someone right but they're not with someone okay but some of you guys are dealing with someone and there is a disconnection and between them and what they really want to be at because of where their emotions are with the judgment so someone's still emotionally invested in you even though right now they're being very stubborn and making the first move and that's what that judgement is all about in reverse and it's also about someone staying and a broken situation or a broken relationship so for some of you guys with the judgment here your person is staying back in a Brooklyn relationship are they staying back because of their addictions things are definitely holding them back from moving forward and someone's not seen the situation for whatever he is right now because their judgment is clouded and it's sort of kind of like Karma's kicking their ass right now and that's what the judgment is all about you know judgment it's all that energy y'all just karma kicking somebody's ass you know and now they're just questioning it all because they never thought the day that they would still have emotions for you and that they will be in such a deep not over contacting you and I feel like if you did block this person out with the judgment hair someone's like damn I shouldn't have been that stubborn like I should have made this work before this person pushed me out so someone's trying to find other ways to be towards you or come towards you I feel like too for some of you with this judgment I don't know who this for but this is not a general message for some of you guys it's the energy to of this person not really trusting them with you what you were telling them I see someone turning someone about a connection between them and this other person and this person they they can't see it like they questioned your spirituality you know they questioned why are you even doing this you know they questioned why are you even doing the things that you're doing okay we also have the ASA ones now remember the excellence judgment came up in the other readings as well with the Ace of Wands being here this is about a new opportunity for some of you this is about how some of you guys are not really trying to really look into this new opportunity how can you guys do have a new opportunity but your past is holding you back because your heart is in the past for some of you this is the message that you're about to Siva pop the one that she loved and I feel like when I build this energy I feel like someone's on their phone and they're basically typing that they miss you but then they won't pin it it's a lot of drafts to you this could be emails this could be text messages like they want to communicate with you but this ASA one is all about a message or a message coming to you sparking on a new beginning or sparking on something some of you guys have really believed are you starting to believe that maybe there will not be any communication between you in this individual maybe you guys won't work things out and that's what someone's believing right now because right now you just don't see it you don't see it because you know who you're dealing with some of you guys know exactly who the you're dealing with you know that this person is stubborn as hell you know that this person it's all about themselves and you know that this person doesn't learn from their mistakes like some of you guys just expect the worst from them and that's what that Ace of Wands is all about it's about someone expecting the worst from someone it's not someone expecting the best but some of you guys are in a situation and you're expecting the worst to happen with this individual you know you're expecting the worst but it's all about that activity coming in some of you guys don't see this activity coming in and you don't believe in it but all of this stuff is coming in all of this newness is coming in okay and I feel like what's really guiding them to communicate with you right now are two big things with you right now is the fact that they're lonely you know and they don't really know which way they should go you know a lot of you guys want to release because they haven't made the first move to like someone doesn't want to stay stuck in a situation with someone who is them because some of you guys are dealing with someone and it seems like they're just freaking stuck and they're not getting it it's not coming to him you know we also have the seven of wands and the seven of wands is here in Reverse that seven of wands energy seven of wands it's always here it's always here but that seven of wands is really the energy to when it's in Reverse of someone being very indecisive and vulnerable to their circumstances so it's all about someone wanting to be with you but they're fearing whatever they done to you it's gonna stop them from being with you okay they're fearing the things from the past with the seven of Wands here and reverse someone fears that whatever they've done in the past it's gonna affect the relationship with you and that's what I'm getting you know they know in the past they've been inconsistent they've been indecisive they go stinking up the shed you know someone so much in this hesitation state that they're actually about to lose you and because of their indecision and because they're not showing you a lot of you guys are looking at them as baggage to you now and someone's not really wanting to carry this baggage are not carrying around this person who doesn't know you know what they want so it's like a lot of you guys are dealing with someone and it's just like you want them to come forth with their truth their judgment and stop being so damn indecisive you're waiting on a message but it ain't coming right now you know a lot if you don't need to see this message ever coming but it's coming we also have to Harappan to clarify the judgment okay so some of you guys were in a situation with a Tuareg yes it's horrid okay but the Harappan energy yeah I feel like this is so crazy because as long as this connection been going on some of you just want the damn apology you know for what they've done for how they treated you you just want them to make their fault you know whether this is for you or it's not for you I feel like someone's really longing for an apology in a sense sometimes really longing for the situation to be fixed but right now you just see that they have major commitment issues you know the that they keep doing is just like making you so frustrated because it's like you like they're not learning anything they're not taking anything from a situation you know and they're so caught up in what everybody else thinks this is definitely for third party this is for some of you who are in a third party and this person cares about what everybody else thinks about them you know they're not caring about what really matters okay other things that really matter this course is to cut up in the image the stars is too caught up in what everybody else thinks is torez it's good to kind of been trying to please everyone you know something pretty short we're dealing with the tourists it was family issues that could have been their mother or someone was in the way of your relationship and it seems like even though this tourist wants to be with you they're afraid to a minute because they're afraid of what everybody else is gonna think with the judgment here you know someone is afraid of what everyone else is going to think because of the judgment card someone's afraid of you know even though they're lonely but they're living up to everyone else's standards and expectations at the end of the day they're the ones that's going to bed with you on their mind they're the ones that's going to bed with the actions that they've done in the past and if you guys can never move forward from these actions and if you should even take them back right some of you are dealing with someone and they're right I wouldn't even take me back for the that I've done you know some of you are in the place where if the shoes on the other foot they wouldn't even take themselves back right no they wouldn't even take themselves back okay we also have the emperor here and reversed to clarify the Ace of Wands all right what's the emperor henry abhart show and Ares has been a new sign to our regions like our first peoples I'm really getting a lot of Energy's on Ares but my guys lately it's been all about the Ares it's been all about the Ares all about the Ares is all about what they're doing it's all about what they're in but if you look at the bottom of our deck we have this star here okay so this is Ares or Aquarius some of you guys are dealing with an Aries are either an Aquarius who could be putting you in a third party situation who could not be being honest with you but right now with the Emperor here in the star here and the Ace of Wands this person really wants to communicate with you you know this person will communicate with you some of you guys are healing them just do praying for them like I see someone praying for this person and you know wishing them the best even though you're not with them because you feel like wherever they are a lot of you feel that they're not safe you know are they're not okay like someone really is worried about in Aries or either an Aquarius you feel like whatever relationship that they're in they're not okay I was not well you know and it's like it's all about this Aries it's all about them like their ego is really really really big but I thought the reason why their ego is so thick because they're hiding so much inside they're hiding a lot of pain inside they're hiding a lot of hurt inside and that's why the reactions you get from them is like whatever it's so nonchalant because this person is actually hiding a lot okay we also have a maturity for the sack race and also this this Aries it's like someone's immaturity stopped them from fully committing someone's home boys or homegirls did this too cuz I felt like as you guys were trying to commit others we're trying to come in and really demise on your guys's relationship whoever this third party has put this Aries they knew exactly who you are and it was literally destruct destroy from day one this person wanted what you had it's a lot of envy here okay release release release some of you in the process of releasing in Aquarius you don't want to but you're you're you're starting to have hope but you're not having hope as far as their ego because you want this person to tell you to think that you don't already know all right you know you just want them to be open with you because whoever whoever is dealing with this of crisis like you're very intuitive so you know that they're giving you or they're feeding you as far as this in and out communication it's not being honest and if like this Aquarius is not being honest about it in announces a lot of back-and-forth and some of you guys are on the verge of releasing them because you're tired of them being close for a minute and then being distant the next like they're so indecisive and so distant at times which has a lot of you guys weighing your options here with the start being here okay because the star is all about you guys healing all right the stars also about reconciliation because I feel like deep down inside a lot of you guys don't really expect that their ego would allow them to admit that this is what they want or that their situation is gonna really allow them to admit the truth but they're actually getting ready to admit the truth to you and tell you exactly what they want so let's clarify this seven of ones and we have here the wheel of fortune there's about to be a lot of changes within you guys's past um somebody who was very very defensive not open standing golfers spend on fish but there was a fortune being here there's going to be changes in that right there's gonna be lots and lots of changes so they're not going to be as standoffish or as defensive as they were like someone's planning on actually opening up okay then I feel like karma is really eating them alive even though at times they're afraid to admit it because they have this ego here okay let's clarify this will of fortune and we have here the devil now mind you the devil is here in Reverse so some of you guys are dealing with the Capricorn the Capricorn hasn't said anything at all and that was just the message I got for those of you who are dealing with the Capricorn it seems like addictions and other things are holding this Capricorn back from saying the most insane what they want to feel though right now this Capricorn is very vulnerable and actually wants to reconcile with you and I like this kappa coins just not seeing the light and their fault seeing the error in their ways and that's what the devil is all about specially what unfortunate about the changes that's coming towards you someone who couldn't express themself or someone who was being held back by things in the past we're no longer being held back by things that have happened someone's getting ready to open up more someone wants to open up more someone wants to give it a higher chance or a better chance someone wants to give him more than what they've ever given it you know that's what that devil is all about it's about someone wanting to give back you know they're not so much caught up into them anymore they're caught up into you and then they're caught up into what you guys have had okay and I bug someone's gonna go for a haircut soon and I just got that message as well you know but someone is on the verge of getting rid of their addiction so for those of you who are dealing with someone that has addiction those are things that are going to call them to come back towards you because as they're getting rid of that addiction or those addictions they're letting people go they're letting situations okay and that's causing a lot of change with them because the karmic is not going to stay with them if they if she can't beat them drugs let's be honest for some of you who know that your karmic partner their karmic partner is extremely toxic they're not gonna be with them and they can't beat the anymore you know or when they get too strong they won't want to be with them this karmic beats are for this week behavior in this weakness time we also have here the five of Pentacles what I tell y'all and it's been crazy because within the last couple readings it's something it's been about abandoning the karmic and letting this person go what did I say somebody was finding themselves and I thought it was a Capricorn at this capricorns in a place of where they're finding themselves and as they're finding themselves with the five of Pentacles they're actually leaving this person out code they're actually they're actually walking away from the karmic because I thought this Capricorn may have an addiction of some sort okay um but they're no longer letting peer pressure standing their way with the five of Pentacles being here so much trying something new to our bug with their parents I'm not sure if is their nails over hair but I do feel like someone to get a haircut soon but yeah and I thought this oh my god Sean and it's so crazy cuz every time you tap into this this is their energy because they have it except that they're calmer they haven't made peace with their karma they're losing a lot they're losing a lot but they're not losing their pride their pride is thing for some of you this person is moving a lot I'm not saying that I mean physical things I don't mean just small things it's clarify this Harappan and he I've heard the Empress harami verse someone hasn't heard from Attar's in a while and that's affecting the relationship with the Empress here at this point with the Empress in Reverse it's right a lot of you guys have sort of kind of already figured this person out but you still love this person you just want them to make their truth in the make their feelings which the horrific finds hard to do which is sort of kind of crazy because it's the kind of commitment but with the health of being here sometimes find it hard to admit their truth in their emotions and their feelings and that Empress is here to basically clarify all of that the Empress is hair reversed as to how there is a lot of infidelity going on here because this person is been cheating on this karmic or the stomach's been cheating it's a lot of infidelity but there's a lot of anxiety for some of you and a lot of anxiety that you're getting is coming from there loneliness and because of the fact that they haven't faced your judgment let's see we have here a few page of ones now the page of Wands has been reversed that is for those fire signs that some of you guys are gentlemen someone still wants to reconcile with the fighter sign because the page of longitude is hair and Reapers so with the being here members there could be no sign of this person it's everything to crazy a crazy there's no sign of this person so a lot of you guys are releasing because of that are letting go because of that are just really surrendering because of the fact that you haven't heard from this person with the page of lines being here because the page of lines it's all hearing from someone you know you guys are tired of their disloyal illness you're tired of their bad news – and you're tired of their shenanigans like some of you guys telling with Ares in an Aquarius it's like you're tired of their shenanigans you're tired of them not being honest let's clarify this page of ones and reverse what is it all about let me answer the three of sorts it's almost tired of them breaking their heart someone's tired of the heartbreak someone's talking about third party some of you guys are letting them go because you're tired of their not being honest it's like some of you guys are just seeking the truth like I thought if you're doing within a query or in Ares you know or just anybody because it's not to be stressed on someone's just really speaking the truth because I'm hiding the truth it's only hurting you and them both and that's what that feel sort is all about but that person you love is just so right now they're left alright so we're going to clarify this Empress okay is five of Pentacles and for the Empress we have here these six of Pentacles some of you guys think the situation is unfair okay we also have between your swords to clarify the Bible principles no sign of the Libra that the relationship the sleeper were told in it so I'm you guys finding hard to understand why things are even turning out the way that they're turning out with the Libra because everything was so good but then was we love it with love and it's like the libras not really coming for for tell you how they feel okay but it seems like the Libra is turning its back on situations as well and leaving some people are cold so people that step in the way of you guys this relationship the Libra is not leaving them alone okay some of you guys just like you're tired of this person not really coming forth and being there because that fix the Pentacles every verse is the energy of someone being there not really being fair you know this relationship is basically fractured mister ooh it's an illusion you know because a lot of you guys feel like they're not planning properly then are things the right way it's gonna come back it's gonna be hard to fix things right so I think it's gonna be really hard but you just really want them to show you what you've given them this whole entire time because stand behind a way no limits causing so many guys heart break it up sadness you know we also have the ten of swords okay we also have the three of ones we also have the ace of swords okay yo the ace of swords and reverse and reverse it's just a mental obstacles that they're going through right now and how they're in denial about the truth you know they're in denial about the truth would have been denial about spirit and we have here the ace of Pentacles what they should offer what they should get how they feel and that's what the ace of Pentacles is all about it's about a new beginning someone's in denial if they can ever get a new beginning they keep expecting the worst and I thought that's what some of you guys have this negativity that sticks around sometimes because it's from them you know that someone is in denial about how they should proceed because of the way that they did things ten I left three lines here what kind of negotiation is coming and we have here the ED of sorts what did I tell you in the beginning that's reading they have so much they want to tell you but they feel so trapped back by their lies and their that they can't really speak their truth and that's what that edge of sword is all about they're needing to release some things they're under a lot of pressure and that's why some of them are so meaning sometimes and so defensive and that's because of the end of stories and reverse someone's actually literally being trapped here and not being able to see their true for the three of Wands here someone can't see it you know there's one in ago shape but then them they think about all the lives and the they've done they think about everything they've done it think about how non-committal they've been and how old you deserve so much more you know it's clarify this tennis towards and we also have here the king of Pentacles and diverse some of you are dealing with someone but the king of Pentacles this was definitely a terrorist energy but you're doing was a tourism that you guys were really close but this term has never really had a great lifestyle I thought that the king of Pentacles just persons tries to use love or tries to use love to manipulate because that's sort of kind of how they were raised or that sort of kind of how they were brought up so a lot of times you guys are hurt by how the chart is using their love or using their commitment as a pond right are using it against you all right as some of you guys are just tired of look like you want to help them but they won't allow you and that's the whole thing about it when someone never sees your point of view it's like how can you help how can you wish for the best how can you wish for the worse that they're not gonna never want to be see your point of view they're not gonna want to never open up right let's go ahead and get the it's gonna get the outcome card you guys make sure you guys like comment share subscribe okay we have here it's not only about being right why do they always have to be right and even as they're losing they still want to be right okay someone's pride is really stepping in the way someone's pride about their friends cuz you might have told them about the friends that they were hanging around people that was closest to them and they got you crazy but to them it's all about being right and that's what's stopping them you know a lot of them have so much to think they're being held back by fear on the back of this card is that it's all a test of character when two three points are pitted against each other and a final analysis okay the one thing that will strike you the most is who now rules not right or wrong stronger weak wise or foolish but who went to the greater lengths and considering the other perspective thank you which it's been you guys the whole time and the whole time you've been trying to tell them it's not about being right this is about the connection this is about love someone said that stop being so defensive open up telling the truth someone's even bargaining said they wouldn't tell anyone they still wouldn't open up other isn't still love has been there all along when you when you begin to find love and people in places where you haven't found it before it's always just because you've grown you rock the universe there's a lot of love in the situation if one wakes up before the situation is too far gone we have purple Buttercup being very and reasonable will earn you respect and admiration but being genuinely kind will make you to make you a total of man go for love magnet Parker love coming your way so thanks to those of you who have viewed my videos and to those of you have a part of reading for me and thinks for those of you who are donated to my channel thank you thank you thank you if you guys are interested in booking a private reading with me all my information is down below I love you all and I'll see you guys on the next video

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