Expert Series – Nutrition for HIIT

Expert Series – Nutrition for HIIT

Hey everyone, my name is Lushano. I’m a certified trainer and today I’m going to talk you through what it takes to power your HIIT workouts. Let’s start with pre-workouts. Your body needs a supply of energy and nutrients. So a few hours before training, eat complex carbs and proteins at a ratio of 3 to 1. During your workouts, you should only drink water if you get thirsty, as your body won’t have time to digest anything more. Within two hours of your workout, eat enough carbs, proteins and sugars to replace the energy used and to satisfy your appetite. Great examples of post-workout foods include eggs, whole grains, and fish. For more information on nutrition for HIIT, go to the Freeletics blog now.

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6 thoughts on “Expert Series – Nutrition for HIIT

  1. I thought your suppose to eat healthy fats for energy for a workout and complex carbs for post worked.

  2. I do FREELETICS straight out of bed in the morning, with only a cup of coffee ptior. Especially when I'm on intermittent fasting. That's not good huh? 🙁

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