EXTENDED: Chris Algieri on fighters cutting weight, cheat days and gives nutrition advice

EXTENDED: Chris Algieri on fighters cutting weight, cheat days and gives nutrition advice

my little trick to do with an avocado I've seen a couple guys who've had some issues with the seed inside cutting their hand was actually a good I don't may just cut this guy right here and this is the important part to make sure you get it put a little weight on the on the knife stick it in and a little twist comes out literally perfect and if you want to make it really nice it's part of being a good cook is is the actual plating and the display of it get real close to the skin here get the entire thing out here's the Gordon Ramsay unboxing sure definitely we're just more calm yeah yeah I'm definitely a pretty calm guy so avvocato has a very specific essential fatty acid called mana it's a form of fatty acid monounsaturated fatty acids this is one of the best sources of this it's really great for your blood cholesterol it's good for your heart health it's a it's a good energy source throughout the day it's wood burns belly fat so heard yeah so increasing monounsaturated polyunsaturated fatty acids is important for burning belly fat saturated fats are oftentimes it can add belly fat you know that that metabolic syndrome but monounsaturated polyunsaturated are good for belly fat softer workout before workout ones the best I would say mostly this would be great for in your morning before your workout I wouldn't do it so much like immediately after your workout because fat does slow down gastric emptying time the time it takes for food to leave your stomach right so I would say more for on your off times you know in the morning or at night did you go to the nutritional school I did so I have a master's degree in clinical nutrition so I was actually studying to work in a hospital but that wasn't really where I wanted to be I wanted to work more with athletes and people who were concerned about their performance so then I got a certification as a sports nutritionist initially my interest in nutrition lied in the fact that I had a lot of physicians telling me to take time off when I got injured or for this or that like all you need six weeks take this medication and I was thinking like there's got to be another way I got it bad yeah so I was thinking the also Pathak route naturopathic I didn't really hear any of my physicians talking about nutrition so I thought I would learn about it myself pantsuits myself originally I was planning to go to medical school so I wanted to get my nutrition done first while I was still fighting and then look to retire in the corner medical school play so one thing I want to ask you I'm always tired after eating lunch or dinner or sometimes breakfast why is it that I'm getting so tired and I look for going to bed you might be too much there big guy so what happens when you write you're you're you're putting food into your into your stomach what happens in blood from the rest of your body goes to that area so a lot of times we could take some blood from here your periphery from your arm she likes your head make you feel a little boggy a little tired the more food you have in your stomach at any one time the more blood you could possibly be that I noticed also when I eat bread or like white flour you could have a minor intolerance to gluten or it's just carbs in general I from what I might might work with other athletes guys who have a body type similar to yours who are soccer and put on muscle easier generally carbs make them feel that way can make them feel more sluggish you might be more of like a fats and protein type the number one pitfalls that I see with with fighters one is is is not hydrating enough or those dehydrate moments to close their way and yeah I'm one of those guys that go I grew up that's what I'm saying do you want to you know when we were walking in I'm like fighters should learn about nutrition mmm in the beginning when they said the queer so because that advantage because I used to see others were garbage bags yeah and I was like 10 years old 11 years old when I started boxing I used to do the same thing oh man this is easy making weight but yet do you know that when you grow up and you get older your metabolism starts to shut down mm-hmm you start getting automatically weights like that's I wish I wish I learned about nutrition when I was 16 17 18 mm-hmm so you see you see a lot of guys and they're wearing that the sauna suits and the garbage make weeks out from the fight when they really just want to see a number on the scale and they're afraid to drink water because of that number how afraid of the scale the same way yes every fighter is every fighter is afraid of seeing that number on the scale go up so though they'll literally restrict water intake so they won't see that number go up when actually they should be drinking as much water as possible will help them lose weight over time lose body fat all right what about cheap thing I don't have a cheat day you know it's literally it's a lifestyle listen to my body if there's something that I'm craving or that I want to eat it I just do it in moderation for example like I always go to hamburgers I love hamburgers so like that would be kind of what you could say consider my cheat day but for the most part I need them what I want them and so that fact takes away the whole cheat so the idea of giving like a cheat meal or a cheat day it gives too much power to that food you kind of start to obsess about it I mean not like thought about like cheat days in a few days yes yeah you know you look for more to that than the workout

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29 thoughts on “EXTENDED: Chris Algieri on fighters cutting weight, cheat days and gives nutrition advice

  1. Hey bro idk if you remember me, trying to be a boxing doctor! I was sidelined when I messaged you about a potential heart condition, I got the mri in october and everythig was all G! I started a podcast (interviewed James Toney), and now Im training hard and cutting weight to 170 to have my first fight. Im currently 190-195 lbs and 5"10ish. I find out if I get into med school May 15th. Depending on results of med school the 1st fight is coming inbetween 3-6 months. Any tips would be awesome.

  2. Yo Chris im a big fan of yours can you do more videos on what fighters have to eat during training? im an amateur and im trying to get into med school too

  3. Is that the dude who recently got knocked out by Amir Kahn in like 39 seconds in the first round after speaking up on Kahn’s wife ?

  4. Thanks for sharing Chris. You will not be a future hall of famour for what you did inside the ring but at least you did what you wanted to do and became a pro boxer. So I continue to read negative comments most of which are probably written by people who have never laced a pair of gloves. Yet your fellow boxers talk very highly of you as a person and I rate you! Keep up the good work man!

  5. Not many are "clean" I would say. But I really think Chris was one of them and lost some of his fights against roided up opponents….

  6. iv always said the whole concept of a cheat day is just retarded. take 2 steps forward and 1 back if your serious about nutrition and bodybuilding cheat days are fail. especially since if you are already eating clean for multiple days then ingest garbage it's like a shock to the system probably has an even worse adverse affect

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