Fans Are Seriously Worried About Emma Chamberlain’s Health

Fans Are Seriously Worried About Emma Chamberlain’s Health

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34 thoughts on “Fans Are Seriously Worried About Emma Chamberlain’s Health

  1. wjy was this started just now , like u just noticed her , she started losing a lot of weight a month ago but i think i was one of the only ones that noticed

  2. It's good to see that people care, but i also feel like maybe seeing these videos and posts all over the internet can make it harder. She is vegan and it looks like she always has cared about exercising and eating healthy, but maybe it has gone a bit to far? We only see a small part of her life and there are much stuff we don't know about her. I hope she has friends and family around her to help her if these rumours are true, we just gotta keep supporting her. And she should take a break from social media if it makes her unhappy

  3. Maybe she should lay off they soul cycle for a year or two🧡 I love her and just want her to be healthy and safe💙

  4. i think it's just bc she's growing up, she's only 18, when ur height increases you get skinnier, and the acne it's bc make up prob

  5. I personally think that Emma is just not eating enough for the number of calories she burns. like someone else said I think she should quit being vegetarian because that could be affecting her weight.

  6. i thought i noticed she was losing weight when i watched the dolan twins video when they were becoming emma for a day

  7. i hope she’s okay…she’s one of the most iconic youtubers on the planet and we can’t afford to see her suffering🤧💘

  8. i don’t think it’s what she’s eating i think it how much. it’s like she needs carbs and bread or something. i just love her so much i would hate to see her fall down a hole and not even know.

  9. i’m glad some people are worried, but she’s probably so skinny and fit maybe because she’s actually worrying about her health rn. she’s been going to soul cycle like everyday now

  10. I’ve noticed she got smaller and her acne went crazy but I don’t know her daily meals so can’t really say anything. Though napping a lot and unhealthy hair and skin are can be causes of depression. I know this cause I have it. I don’t work out like crazy though so I’m not so thin

  11. Well I mean it’s not just that she goes to soul cycle it’s because of that and she’s a vegetarian and she drinks a lot of coffee and she dose use a lot of make up so it all ads up

  12. We are all here for you Emma 💞and giving you Love 💗 and Support for you, and I hope you’re okay Emma we all Love you 😘stay strong Emma❤️


  13. The acne and hair could just be normal since she is still young, and she doesn’t look unhealthily skinny. She has lost weight, but has a really nice body and it doesn’t look like she is anorexic. However, I do think she doesn’t eat very much for how much she works out. Please don’t attack me this is not hate I love Emma💕

  14. I agree that she doesn't seem to eat enough for her amount of excercise, but people need to realize that being skinny/having acne doesn't automatically default to being unhealthy. everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions about her health until it gets much worse visibly (her ribcage sticking out of her torso, her being very weak, etc)

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