Favourites // Natural Organic Beauty & Wellness

Favourites // Natural Organic Beauty & Wellness

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I hope you are well today I'm going to be doing or one of my favorites which is actually my favorites video because you will seem to love them so much so if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe because it really supports my channel also if you would like to sign up to my completely free glow guide which teaches you how to get glowing skin from the inside out of them the links in the description bar below so let's go on with the video so girls it's been a long time since I've been on here I apologize for the little bit of their hiatus um but I just needed a bit of a break to recuperate and get some more energy for doing the videos and yeah just like there was some business stuff going on which I needed to focus on as well so I'm sorry from a little bit of a break I'm a few of you have said you've missed me so I've missed you too I am pleased to be back so the first favorite because we want to get into it if this is supernova protein powder and I am obsessed with this so I love a good protein powder in the morning as part of our protein smoothie so I came across this actually that's a while ago it's probably last year but supernova very kindly sent this to me a couple of weeks ago and I have been trying it ever since and I'm obsessed so it is a vegan protein powder but it also has adaptogens in it and it was created by a naturopathic nutritionist and a professional footballer and it has mushrooms in it has gone chlorella it has ashwagandha Rinna as well as the protein which is P protein mixed with brown rice so it has all of your 20 essential amino acids the your body can't otherwise make and it tastes delicious it's only flavoured with raw cacao and I I just love it I've been having it in the morning with a banana a little bit of honey to sweeten it because I like everything super sweet I'm some chia seeds nuts some water and some ice and it's just oh and a bit of cinnamon as well and it's been fast this is the zero one because they have a few different options that you can have but I think it's absolutely amazing I really really love it and would highly recommend that you check out the next favorite for the month is this book which is the miracle equation by Hal Elrod now if you've ever read his first book the miracle morning you'll know that I was obsessed were there at the beginning of the year and used to get up at quarter past 5:00 every single morning and that went by the wayside for about a month and half and now I'm back into like half five getting up again and I'm really enjoying it especially because the it's light in the mornings when you wake up but anyway this is his new book the miracle equation and it's all about wavering faith and extraordinary effort to get you miracles and it's about miracle mavens and I am such a fan of it I'm probably about 3/4 of the way through but I'm really enjoying it and it's it really helps especially if you've got business or you've got some big personal development goals then I think this would be a really great book to read because it's really good at motivating you also at helping you to work until the final moment till you absolutely have to because often the golden moments happen in those last few hours when you're trying to push something through or hit your goal so I think this is a really really great book I'm a really big fan of it so I would highly recommend it as a favorite now this next product is an absolute newbie on market and I'm very excited to be working with them on this part of the video so this is called wacky beauty and it's a new launch that's just come out from an amazing lady course man it's 100% naturally derived with 74 percent organic ingredients in it and it's actually a multitasker so I've used this on my face I've used it in my hair this morning after I've straightened my hair I use it on my nails as a cuticle oil and then also if I have actually run out of moisturizer I add little bits onto my arms as well it is an absolutely beautiful product I am quite bowled over by it it has broccoli seed oil in it it has jojoba oil in it squalene it has a load of really amazing ingredients for your skin your hair and your nails so I'm an absolute big fan of this I've been trying it and testing it out for a few weeks now and I just I really really love it you can leave this in a hair oil if you've got really dry hair which is especially great over summer and I've noticed my hair's getting a little bit drier and he's gonna get it cut actually I'm but I've been using this as a little bit of a hair oil or a leave-in treatment just after I've demonstrated my hair as I said if you get your gel nails done the gels I get a temporary so there's none of the main toxins in them but it does dry my cuticles out so I bring this with me I quite like the name actually the mean green superfood drop so I know that someone created that based on thinking this thinking of this like a green smoothie for your skin that's how I really like that idea what I loved about this is it has a high linoleic content in it which means that it protects my skin's natural bar barrier and but then it also prevents prevents breakouts and but it really hydrates my skin as well so when I put it on it would just instantly go into my skin and I'm it just felt really hydrated but not greasy so I know that some people really dislike a greasy oil and as particularly if you don't have really dry skin so this is really really great for that so like I said definitely check out this product I think it's absolutely amazing and I'm super excited to have collabed with them on this so definitely one of my favorites for the month and my final two favorites I'm especially because we are coming into summer hair have to be tan organics range this is their face water which is a tanning face water and this is also their certified organic face to earth certified organic self tan oil now I have been using both of these for quite a while now I am obsessed with them I think they're absolutely amazing this is really nearly gone so I need to get some more and I think I've gone through too I think I've gone through two of them and both and I just think they're really really incredible this comes like this goes on clear so I put it on in the morning and then by lunchtime I've got a ton which is great it hasn't come off on any of my white clothes but it does say just bear in mind when you're putting it on there might be some some residue that comes off on it so I normally just don't wear white on those days and then with this I put it on underneath my makeup which I find really handy because most of the time if your faked humming you're anything like me then you just completely forget about it so then the morning of an event in the evening you're like oh my god needs her like sort it out so I put this on I'm under my makeup in the morning and then by the afternoon my face is turned again and I find it quite funny but I start to get brown and Bronner throughout morning these are absolutely amazing I love them they don't really have a smell or there's no fake tan smell with it which I really like as well so yes these absolutely have to be my favorites for the month tape so I really hope you enjoyed that video I'm so excited to be back I've got lots of fun content coming up for you so if you have tried any of those products then let me know in the comments below also if you would like to sign up to my free glow guide which helps you get glowing the skin from the inside out then the links in the description bar below as well thank you so much for watching and I will see you on the next video

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  1. Could you let us know what make up or face oil you have on in this video please?

    Your skin looks great by the way, glowing.
    Good to see you back Ailish

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