Features of Organic Farming I Varthur Narayana Reddy

Features of Organic Farming I Varthur Narayana Reddy

In farming, for ploughing any machine that goes deeper than 4 inches is a curse Any machine that is heavier than 400 kg is bound to stamp the soil into a concrete It will till the top layer but below 4 inches it forms thick crust destroying the soil’s ability to absorb water the roots start to decay for 4 to five days then becomes dry after evaporation And then you don’t need manure for the soil No plant needs manure Because, in a gram of healthy soil 1 billion micro organisms are present All in a gram of soil. Then comes the matter of earthworms In my land there are 500 earthworms per square feet I have 4 acres of land in Doddaballapura they produce 15 tons of vermicompost per year I do not have to spend a penny They do not need salary, no holidays and no strike Day and night they work underground Now that it is raining from the past 1 month My land is full of them now with their castings everywhere I can get you 10 kgs of castings from 1 square meter land of mine It also bores hole in soil you will not believe in 5 km radius around my land in 15 villages there is no water above 1200 fts But I get water at 180 ft at one borewell Another gets water at 450 ft Everybody says its my luck my luck is in my hands Nobody writes our fate, only we have to write it the holes made by my earthworms are 5000 in number per square feet imagine their number in 16000 square meters imagine their number in 16000 square meters They must bore 12 holes everyday Vertical holes They also bore horizontal holes to escape from enemies They not only bore holes but also cement the walls with their mucus And their castings You might wonder that this old man has gone mad, but I have proof There are 5 books on it you can read it Everything is written there, but unfortunately our agriculture scientist do not seem to be aware of them we are living in such a situation but people like me are also living , that is the wonder Because I am not afraid of the society or relatives, I am the way I am, thats what I tell them “you are living in this house?” ” you are wearing such an old shirt?” I say its my wish, I live the way I want I pray that you will also get such guts There fore if you worry about society they will strip you down These are the problems in farming you do not nee manure, because just imagine, there is one bacteria with a 12 hours lifecycle completes its life cycle twice a day It multiplies into 4 billion in one life cycle So in one day 1 bacteria produces 8 billion of bacteria Imagine how much that 8 billion will multiply into? that dies to become manure In a fertile soil 1square millimeter, not a square meter, a ball pen’s point should have 4 cubic meters of root this chair is 1 cubic meter 4 such chairs that much roots should be present, where? in a space of a mustard seed It is very difficult to believe If you come with me I can show you with example You will not all this if you are in Bengaluru This is beyond one’s imagination where is 4 cubic meter and where is 1 square millimeter? but if you sit and think you will understand It has been written by scientist, I am not telling this In 1 gram of root be it a small root like a hair strand it weighs a gram per 500 meter In that one gram live one billion micro organisms that is what is regenerating the soil that co existence is regenerating the soil secretion of roots is food for micro organisms they die and become manure for roots there is another process that root secretion It is a physical, chemical and a biological activity they produce strong acids like fluoric acid they use that acid to polish granite It will corrode even a glass bottle so they store it in porcelain vessel It is such a strong acid soil is 70% dust of stone This flouric acid dissolves atleast 2 kgs of rock Each kilo of rock dust have 350 mgs of plant nutrients of all sorts There is another shameful thing in agriculture science text books they list only 16 nutrtients CO2 oxygen, hydrogen are major nutrients Second set it NPK Nitrogen, potash and phosporous and then calcium, sulphur and magnesium, and many more totalling upto 16 they know about only 16 nutrients I have a book written by a scientist of 60 years experience he has worked both with farmers and in university 76 nutrients are mentioned there out of 92 or 96 minerals 70 nutrients are consumed by a plant But our scientist refuse go above 16 nutrients consumers also have a role in it you all want big tomatoes and big bananas what you eat as ‘elakki ‘ banana, is not from karnataka it comes from Tamilnadu how can a ‘elakki’ banana be so fat? It should be small as its name suggests – little banana They put furadan while planting itself It is a systemic chemical Can you see a vulture now? I am searching since 40 years… I had been to Singapore recently They have kept one or two Vultures, for entertainment They come running upon someone’s finger snapping He throws something which they eat and o back… I Saw vulture there… Why did this happen? furadan, phorate, DDT… were in the meat of dead animals (cows) these vultures ate them And they all died! Be careful, we all may disappear one day there a song, ‘Ella Maaya’ (Everything diasppeared..) End ends stating… even you diasapper tomorrow We don’t know about it You may do whatever you want to do. Be it IT or BT Do any kind of circus… Whether you do it or not A farm need not be in 100s of acres… One can lead life in 1/2 acre of land if you send your children to Govt. School Come with me with just 10Lac in hand No need of borewell or any other source of ground water… I will give you a technology to earn 4 Lac rupees income If you have one acre You can plant 112 trees 10 goats will you 3.5 Lac income You need not depend on rain. No need of bore-well and water… You can take an old cycle the ones they give in schools, they break down in 3 months they are all rusting in homes everywhere that’s the quality of those cycles given by our government It costs only 3500 Rs But the quality is very bad You can bargain for 400 rs, for that cycle you don’t need tubes for the tyres, you can just push them loading them with 4 pots of water 4 trips can make it 16 pots of water in 7 days it is enough for 1 acres of trees not more not less Take care of them for one year, and pour water like this every summer In 12 to 13 years it will weigh about 2 to 3 tons In Hunsur taluk There is a company called ‘Hunsur Plywoods’ They will take those logs for 9000 Rs per ton But you have to take good care of it Every 10 tree will feed one goat and its kids Even if you have planted it in border People wonder ,”How to live prosperously in villages” Till 1950 there was a proverb in Kannada “Lose everything and go settle in a city” In 2015 we have to change it to “Lose everything and go settle in a village” I do not know why you are still in cities I do not know how happy you are here I saw a kid who came with us The poor thing was scared to walk on ground! If that is the plight of that child, Imagine the plight of kids living in the 15th storey! What kind of happiness do they know? Come to my house, I’ll introduce my grand-daughter she is 3 and a half years old She gives lectures very well on farming! If somebody asks, “which tree is this?” She is quick to says”Avocado!” “And that is Litchi, don’t you even know that?” she asks And she is still 3 and a half years old Because she is fortunate, she is growing in a village I do not know what your children did you are raising them in jails Don’t get irritated with my words I am only trying to remind you where your true happiness lies I heard that there is an oxy-club in Bengaluru the say it costs 60 Rs per hour I have a tree It gives beautiful breeze day and night thats 1 tree, and I have 850 such trees, Imagine how happy I am! Imagine how many tons of oxygen they give in a year! So think clearly You go to temples for good karma there is no god there, our pujaris have chased him away The real god lies in trees That’s why a clever man once said”felling a tree is heinous act” It’s up to you to think about it or not It’s my duty to tell the truth And you do not need manure The fluoric acid dissolves rocks and gives nutrients Microorganisms also produces Nitric acid In the same symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and roots We have enough Phosphorus to last for 20 years in India 20 long years! but it is non- available form It needs a bacteria to get converted to available form we have killed it by poisoning, burning and bulldozing our soil that bacteria dissolves phosphorous to an accessible form A dead cow or a dog, or a pig or even a human body gives 2 kgs of bone charcoal you have to give it a limited supply of oxygen there is term for it with limited supply of oxygen you have to make charcoal out of it you can store it for 200 years, it will not disintegrate for 2 kg charcoal, you should add 4 kgs of vinegar it is rich in calcium and phosphorous, that charcoal bone is made of those two elements To dissolving it and extract the essence You need vinegar, you can make it from coconut water If you go to a big temple you will get 400 litres of coconut water there is no god there, but we want to get away from our bad deeds so we go there They take money for even offering cocnut take that coconut water or sugarcane juice will also do store it in a bottle with a loosely closed lid it will turn into vinegar in 15 to 20 days immerse this 2 Kgs of charcoal in that 4 litre vinegar break the charcoal in bits before that it will absorb all the phosphorus and calcium from the bones bone charcoal that will suffice 1 acre’s need of phosphorous a cow gives 30 kgs of bones will become 20 kgs of charcoal gives 80000 rs worth of phosphorous but we sell old cows to butchers a cow is twice valuable when dead than when alive you can bury them in your own farm after one years you can collect its horn, hooves and bones make charcoal out of it you can supply phosphorus for 500 acres of land it will cost you 80000 otherwise so leave the soil to itself it will take care of you you don’t have to plough deeper than 2 inches it will take you 50 years back all those pores created by earthworms are disturbed and concreted when you do that and termite is a better friend than earthworm it is a enemy at house but a friend in farm because it eats away wooden things in home it is an enemy there serves well to the people who stock humongous amounts of clothes same goes to people who stack illegal cash at home ok, let them not stay in our houses but what is their problem if they are in farms? they put furadan on it they pour engine oil in their mounds they destroy termites because if you spoil the soil, their MNC bosses will give them a lot of money! this is true. bring any scientist in front of me , i will prove it! I am telling from 40 years, burn down agriculture books all over the world nothing will happen I have done research on my life nobody wants to document that, because I say the truth No, they will not do it therefore the consumers have to change to change these people say,’we don’t want chemical infested food’ what will happen then? and those online guys are bigger robbers those organic stores are big robbers they will brand anything as organic, know that! we do not have any costly detection machine like they have they take 5 lakhs to detect residues how can one afford it? so don’t get fooled by those flashy advertises do not buy from them If you are clever go 10 kms out side the city get to know some farmers make a group of 2 to 3 families in yourselves you can request them to grow your food atleast buy vegetables and fruits from them forget milk what you are drinking as milk is actually poison in such a country people like me also live because I am not afraid of anyone and I am content with what I have You also learn to live simple but in your environment you cant follow staunch simplicity you can not wear old shirts and pants but wear proper pants atleast! dont buy torn jeans for exhorbitant amount and make a fool out of yourselves so , we dont have to provide manure the soil works it out you should not plough deeper than 2 inches and you do not need pesticides a healthy soil with properly decomposed state does not attract diseases when do insects come? when the plant does not have balanced nutrition Look at me, I am 83 years old I can still climb hills I can even compete with you why? because I eat good food my thoughts are good People may not get intimidated by me because I am so lean But if they see a strong hefty person, they will be intimidated If I say.”please open the window” in a bus they will shut my mouth but if a hefty person asks the same, they will oblige without a word In the same way, if the soil is healthy, insects wont come the plants warns the insects “be careful!” an unhealthy plant will invite them beg them to kill it the reason is imbalanced nutrition I will give you a small example there are 80 people here for these 80 people the organisers are providing food they have made sambar what if suddenly 500 people come? they do not have time, what will they do? they add some more salt, water and other stuff they cannot cook once again, it will take time this is what modern green revolution agriculture is doing I was saying you have to provide 76 nutrients we have only 3 available nutrients, NPK Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphorous you heard the story of unbalanced sambar with added flavours it wont work right? same example that’s how our soil is spoilt to that we add fertilizers the soil got spoilt more got more poisonous the plant is suffering after consuming that they spray insecticides on an already suffering plant that residue is left not even us, a grass eating cow a bird eating worm which was killed due to poison we have lost many birds now, its not only vulture many birds have vanished like that song I told you we will all vanish oneday if we continue like this So if you dont want that to happen, if not today atleast plan your retirement in a farm then this earth will be saved If you want to stay in Bengaluru, I have no idea what will you do even for drinking water

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  3. Does master narayana reddy have a book? Or a system we could follow? Does he have a facebook page group dedicated to his teaching or any indian natural farming gurus?

  4. What an enlightened man he is ….. plz media high-light such persons as guiding lamps to society…. or else days of doom are ahead……

  5. Sir please will you help us to understand this golden knowledge /guidance from a great personality by giving English subtitles to all vedio's.. Please Make it possible sir Thank's

  6. Dear Sir, English titles please so that people like us who understand the importance of INDIAN COW & organic farming can understand.

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  8. I have stayed Bengaluru for one year , I have seen people living eating and entertainment, all are unnaturual , left my gov job and come to native place healthy

  9. What are those 5 books suggested by sir to know the agriculture process? Can you please comment those books to change agriculture process to naturally

  10. 1) One Straw Revolution
    2) Secrets of Fertile Soil
    3) The Secrets of Soil
    4) The Secret Life of Plant
    5) Life in the Soil

  11. ತಾವು ಹೇಳುವ ಒಂದೊಂದು ಮಾತು ಸತ್ಯ ಸರ್ ನಮ್ಮ ಕೃಷಿ ವಿ.ವಿಗಳು ಹಾಗೂ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನಿಗಳು ವಿದೇಶಿ ಬೀಜ, ಗೊಬ್ಬರ, ಔಷದಿ ಕಂಪನಿಗಳು ಸೇರಿ ನಮ್ಮ ರೈತರನ್ನ ಹಾಗೂ ಅ ಮೂಲಕ ದೇಶವನ್ನ ಹಾಳು ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

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  13. Yes your prediction is right. today Bangalore also facing water problem. I am really planing to take few Acre of PermaCulture land and get training to live there later. God bless you sir and you bless us. You are always there by your strong truthful lecture. we can understand your pain for our negligence or noneducational about Land dependent life style. Love India and Love Reddy sir.

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