Fema Camp Officer – Internment Specialist – Concentration Camp guards in USA

Fema Camp Officer - Internment Specialist - Concentration Camp guards in USA

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33 thoughts on “Fema Camp Officer – Internment Specialist – Concentration Camp guards in USA

  1. I could not lock up American people into and FEMA camp I was just seeing how many people that I can shake up real quick and get them to cuss me out everybody seems to be under a lot of pressure today peace be with all you always may God use me as he needs to God bless you all thank you very much and thank you for the video it's always nice when they let people know what's going on the city I live in sudden homeless people coming up missing so I figure they must be entertainment centers don't be mad I'm just joking I would be a guard

  2. remove all people to city or fema camp then the urals country areas become the Queens forests for the RICH has hunting reserves

  3. this is the UN agenda 21 hunger game plan/running man plan to break up the us into 13 regional control units, under the command of the same governors that part of governors against firearms(i wonder why?) there remove all personal property laws

  4. Not a single mention of FEMA in this video, nor does it have anything to do with FEMA or domestic civilian internment.

    With so much going on with the "Patriot" Act, the NDAA, the NSA, and the TSA, why conjure up retarded conspiracies that erode credibility? This is more harmful than helpful to anyone pointing out government overreach.

    You can lead a man to reason, but you can't make him think.

  5. Get armed for what? Shooting back?
    You know, you just made yourself and your family a government's target, don't you?

    I am tired of the NAZI reference. Try using Commie Jew Bastards Gulags for a change. Do you know that Commie Jews killed over 20,000,000 Russians and Ukrainians?

    Do you know that President Putin personally stated that the first Soviet Government comprised of nearly 90% Jews, and most of the early Soviets were foreigners, like Americans and Britons, not Russian ?

  6. youre a troll. you're not even black. you're a white guy who's being paid to make people of color look bad. its pretty obvious, although it saddens me that no one else realized what a poor caricature you are.

    give up, homie

  7. Diss, that was my thoughts also. I am a bit of a history buff and had been recently taking a fresh look at ww2, this 'resettlement' plans scare me more than any of the Nazi camps. They appear to be preparing for large volume of people, but who?

  8. Recommended reading and viewing for folks before they get shuffled off to Obama's FEMA camps for re-indoctrination:

    Chicken Little – They sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    You Tube and Aesop's Fables

    Pray For Wealth – Benny Hinn

    Mother Goose's Obama Crime Rhymes

    Madame Cleo Explains The Illuminati

    The Old World Order And Why They Aren't New

    Alex Jones Is A Bobo Honker In Private

    Michel Bachmann's FEMA Camp Escape Guide

    How To Survive FEMA And Chemtrails.

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