hey guys welcome back to another video if you are new here welcome and if you're an OG oldie you put a goodie then thank you so much for coming back to another video okay so before I jump into the video I just wanted to let you guys know while I was sitting here with no makeup on or recording a whole video but if you follow me in the vlogs you probably already know that I just got LASIK eye surgery so I'm currently like five days post-op and I'm not supposed to wear makeup for two weeks but you know what the work does not stop okay so I'm still recording for you guys I wanted to get a few videos out before I headed on through my travels and stuff I'm gonna be gone for most of May and then my videos are kind of gonna transition and select a lot more travel videos obviously because I'm gonna be traveling so I wanted to sit down and get one more feminine hygiene video for you guys because I have some new products and just stuff that I really want to share with you though so yeah we're bringing like fresh-faced goodness in this video here okay so of course as you can tell by the title today is another V Talk feminine hygiene Talk I know you guys love my feminine hygiene videos and these are videos that um if you're new here I usually do like every couple months and just introduce like new products to you guys no routines and stuff like that this video here isn't gonna be like a hygiene routine I will link my most recent hygiene routine like what soap I used like my shower hygiene all that kind of stuff I'll link it in the description box because I'm literally still using these same exact routine so yeah for this video is actually gonna be some no products um so I have to kind of like health feminine health hygiene things to mention I have two new wipes like literally you guys know if you watch my videos you know I am obsessed with whites especially for hygiene so I have two new ones I feel like are gonna eat bomb for you guys to try alright but let me get started with talking about a probiotic so I'm always on the hunt for a good probiotic so a good probiotic is very important for feminine care not only feminine care but overall health I used to use a probiotic that was more for like digestive health which is very important to keep like your normal flora your digestive flora and tags but this one here is like a triple threat so this here is the nutriblast feminine balanced complex detox and cleanse with probiotic and aloe vera so this probiotic right here actually supports healthy intestinal flora as well as immune health and of course the health so a good probiotic one thing that you want to look for any supplement facts is the lactobacillus that is gonna be that's really key to the Vee care so that's gonna help prevent like yeast B's overgrowth like fungal overgrowth UTIs like all that kind of stuff that we want to make sure that we're keeping at bay so glad that I finally found one that is it just has everything anyone another thing that really sold me on these was the fact that it brought aloe vera and it I've never really seen a probiotic ring aloe vera extract in here so that's amazing I mean that's like internal aloe vera for hydration skin I mean just everything another thing oh my gosh usually probiotics have like this weird smell to them but I love these because they have oregano leaf extract and again I've never seen it a probiotic that actually contains oregano so this has black wanna host powder at different leaf powders just a lot of good stuff in one little capsule but yeah you guys can actually find this on Amazon of course I will have the link below and I also encourage you guys to go ahead and subscribe so that where you can get these like brought to you every month they will come right to your door and this comes in a bottle of 60 capsules but yes this is Sookie I'm so glad that I finally found like my perfect probiotic and trust me I've gone through a few brands and I always feel like I've never really been like super in love with like a probiotic I feel like I was always switching up brands was always trying new ones but this one is perfect like I said the aloe vera in here really sold me I was like you know what that's perfect internal aloe vera okay you guys the next item that I know I'm literally about to rave on this is a new love for me so yeah this is also from the nutriblast brands you can find us on Amazon as well and this is the empty mist intimate oil blend so this is actually a feminine spray and I want to talk a little bit about this because I don't usually recommend like a lot of feminine sprays and so I want to talk a little bit about this because I know there's a lot of like misconceptions and stuff about feminine sprays and literally I actually got this one because I wanted to take it with me to travel so as you can see this is a nice like small travel sized bottle and as I felt like the little one would be perfect for me to try out but this is actually like I said a feminine spray with essential oils now if you know me you know I love my essential oils essential oils have so many therapeutic benefits to it it's not just you know to make your house smell good like there are a lot of things that essential oils are good for so when I saw a little like feminine spray with a mix of essential oils I knew I had to check it out so I'm just gonna read it back to you guys this says use as needed to help alleviate any symptoms of vaginal discomfort prior to use of course you want to test on a small patch of skin to be sure that you don't react to it but yeah this little spray here is kind of like one of the quicker ways to relieve any like discomfort irritation burning all that kind of stuff and really like I said I got this for travel and I really want to recommend this to girls that like sit for prolonged periods of time so yeah if you work like a desk job or of course if you're gonna be traveling we all know that kind of uncomfortable feeling that you can get when you've been sitting down for like a few hours and you start to it like just that kind of like uncomfortable feeling like dryness chafing a little bit of irritation when you're just sitting down for a long time when I'm like in a longer flight I can definitely feel like just from sitting so long like it just kind of gets uncomfortable so that is where this little spray comes in hands I've already tried it out of course and and I'm literally obsessed with it so the way that I use it I don't actually like spray it directly like on the V what I like to do is take this and take it on like a little cotton pad and just kind of like dab it on so since this is more of like an essential oil blend it's not gonna spray out like just a mist of like watery misty spray it sprays out like a lot like just thicker and it's a lot earlier because of course it's the essential oils so I don't like to just spray all that oil like down there I like to just like I said take a cotton pad and just kind of tap it on and then it's like the most comfortable little spray it just feels great so I would definitely be throwing this in my toiletry bag for the plane this also has aloe vera and tea tree oil in it which if you didn't know tea tree oil is amazing for fungal infections if you didn't know yeast is an overgrowth of a fungus so this really gonna help to prevent any of those like unwanted things that we don't want yeah there are a lot of oils in here I'm just gonna read a few so they have coconut oil olive oil calendula oil orange peel oil eucalyptus which is one of my favorites leaf oil tea tree grass aloe vera elderberry seed just a bunch of good just goodness I will leave the link to this down below as well you can also find this on Amazon but yeah you guys definitely check it out and it's a small little bottle so if you don't like it it's really not much of a waste okay so we're almost at the end moving on to two of my favorite white um so yeah like I said if you've watched my hydrogen routines you know I'm obsessed with wipes that is like key to staying fresh to keeping her like hydrated I don't like to use I'm just straight up toilet paper when I go to the bathroom I love my baby wipes like this is my new current love of baby wipes I know I've showed this like unboxing in a few hauls and stuff again you can find this on Amazon so this is actually a Amazon fresh line but this one right here and the green packaging is the sea fresh scent and when I tell you this smells like straight-up cucumber like it's so good it doesn't smell like your original fresh scent baby wipes I'm actually not a fan of the fresh scent baby wipes I usually get like unscented baby wipes but these right here are like amazing they smell like cucumber but yeah I don't really leave like the V area with a nice like pleasant fresh aroma I like to use it like I said every time I go to the bathroom just to really freshen up and be sure that I'm staying clean yeah you guys can find that on Amazon as well I bought the big box again to worry like you would subscribe and get it every I think it comes every few months because I buy mine in the box of six but yes I have that pack of baby wipes like in every bathroom I keep it in my book bag like I just take my baby wipes everywhere and then another no product for me is these always feminine wipes now I don't really care for feminine wipes because like I said I always use my baby wipes but the reason why I picked these up with was browsing around and I said in the Travel section just kind of getting smaller things for my toiletry bag and I realized that these were perfect because they come individually wrapped which is so perfect so they come individually wrapped they're so small and discreet you can even put this in like your wallet it's like slipping your wallet slip it in like your pocket and stuff if you're at work you know you want to be discreet without your hygiene I know like if you work at a certain job or you know you don't necessarily want to like grab your pack of wipes and like go to the back there everybody's seen like you're holding wipes so yeah these are nice to have kind of just as a backup like I said so I put a few of these in my travel toiletry bag I also put one in just like my purse and stuff so if I'm out on the go and I don't actually have like my pack of baby wipes with me this is just like a little emergency quite so so yeah I got mine Indy fresh and clean scent and yeah these are also made especially for me care so you know that they're not any like harsh ingredients in there they're kind of lightly fragrance and yeah a little wipes to go but yeah this was kind of pricey to be honest that's why like I said I don't really care for feminine wipes because I feel like baby wipes do the same thing but yeah this is kind of like a two-goal but probably because they're individually wrapped they cost a little bit more but this is a pack of 20 like I said this is perfect for just like your backup wipes so yeah you guys that is pretty much it for this haul like a new feminine care haul I'm literally obsessed with all these products you can find all of these things on Amazon the baby wipes the probiotics the spray and also the always wipes I think you can probably find those at Target or your local you know drugstore but yeah I will have all links down below be sure that you guys are checking it out like I said include a probiotic in your diet it's definitely key to the house so I'm very glad that I finally found like a like a go-to brand I'm really enjoying a lot of their products from the nutriblast line so you can find all that stuff on Amazon yeah you guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe if you're not already subscribed and I will see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. You should get the good wipes inside of the always because they’re much better ☺️ Can you make a new updated hygiene routine please? Like a head to toe video because it’s already starting to get hot and your girl needs tips to stay fresh all day long 😍

  2. Thanks do much for the advice very informing beautuful btw your so pretty, going to order the boric acid u recommended I will keep u updapted ,I've tried probiotics it didn't help with my reoccuring bv and yeast infections i will try the natura probiotics .can I spray the oil on the vagina lips ?

  3. I heard the always brand uses dye and unhealthy ingredients for our V area, I'm going to do more research but be careful. ❤

  4. Have you tried the Queen V probiotic? It has grapefruit and turmeric. I’ve gone threw about 3 bottles and I love it.

  5. Love this video, Will definitely be trying some things. I recommend trying out the Cora Body cloths. They also come individually wrapped and they’re organic. Made of sustainable sourced bamboo with coconut oil, lavender, and aloe Vera. They’re Ph balanced and biodegradable. I’ve been using them for a couple months and I love them!

  6. I’m so glad you are enroute to a great recovery from your lasik procedure.. great tips will definitely try some of your FH products!

  7. Have you tried the summers eve wipes ? They're pretty nice too, individually wrapped and more economic.

  8. Great video, omg I thought I was only one that uses baby wipes lol great tips and I'm checking out amazon now!!

  9. Can you take those probiotic during pregnancy??? I’m currently in need of something to cure my infection but I HATE ANTIBIOTICS

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