walking around smelling like ass you might not even smile like a shy coochie my stink or you might not even smell like Kochi you'll ask my stink McCarney under get house when the nigga put call me turn back don't you like this video make sure to LIKE comment subscribe is free its economy to like a subscribe so don't you like free stuff might as well do it it's free so make sure you get em for our start these videos will say they got so much by the support and I love the cha-cha meek I really appreciate it and I really love that I really love my subscribers member on my heart so video so for the first tip or even drink I will cider vinegar apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is supposed to be good for the pH balance close the balance pH balance post alike make everything you know straight I was trying to Vickers glue front line I sell to it got a lot of benefits for it it helps with your skin help with like your weight and stuff like that I forgot beside him in and carry we're just like the benefits and stuff like that I drink it with some water and yeah so incorporate apple cider vinegar like and if you don't like the taste of it don't drink it I hate the taste of the crowd you get in the way for the benefits some so calm you gotta do what you gotta do so try a beside the vinegar if you don't like it then don't drink no more and if you get it you get the apple cider vinegar use the one that has with mother and it because with mother is the best apple cider vinegar to get for stuff like that and also if you're taking the bath you can like put a cap whatever cider vinegar in the bath that might sound weird but it is good for you and it's good for your the kitty the cooter you know it's good for attitude so yeah another that is don't wear tight ass pants tie those jeans tight ass underwear especially tight underwear you do not want to wear tight underwear 24/7 McCarney uh nigga house tight underwear okay I understand do you sis and do what you gotta do don't wear tight underwear 24/7 note or tight jeans cuz you don't want to get no used to finishes first I promise you sis you do not want to get no yeast infection I promise you because there ain't nothing you want I'll be looking at picture you see fishing and they like it hurt are you sufficient is they low white clumpy stuff here we get in you'll be burning you'll be itching no you don't wanna do don't have none of that okay okay yeah so don't wear tight stuff you need you can wear it but don't worry ultimately cuz I promise you you don't want any sufficient plain play period for you know like the 30 to take a shower because if you don't take a shower then nothing I'm really telling you is gonna help you take a bath take a shower do that because you don't want to be walking around smelling like ass you might not even smell like a show coochie might stink or you might not even smell like a coochie you'll ask my stink no but really my stink you know what I even smell like fish in my in my just be a butt so washer but watch your cooter and I promise you you gonna smell good and if you wanna know what's up I use I use dub dub it's the best up hands down are you with me dub is the best soap does have you smelling good and there's good for sensitive skin so he has to sit his skin use stuff cuz dove is one of the best so soap brands you know so you don't and you don't want to be in nobody's face smelling like ass or vagina either or fish you don't want to be in a buddyfight nobody face thinking like I'm gonna say you to get out of my face if you stink in so yeah you don't want to be nobody else face its thinking so wash it after you wash but you should smell good wash analysis I got this from Bath and Body Works I got a lot but this is one I think so like pick up all of them and doing all that this is strawberry and vanilla gives you this this car you gonna smell like strawberry and vanilla go smell edible eatable other good stuff and could you some you know if you have like like before I put this on I put coconut oil not coconut oil I put coconut lotion it's like coconut lotion oh I put that on and then I put this on suck out my skin moisturizing D put this on for the smells it and then I have this Sea Island cotton I guess that's what it's called back and Body Works to this bow gum because you grab using this do dog smell good have you some perfume too because you want to be smelling good because don't nobody wanna stink if you want to stink it song won't you so you know these are gonna be your best friends if you want to smell like a bad bitch okay okay so that's all I have to say with it so eat fruits and vegetables I promise you if you eat fruits and vegetables everything is and your body is just going to be good because you're eating you're cleaning your system out you're eating vegetables from your system out you're eating fruits is helping you you know it's helping you so eat fruits and vegetables I promise you you're gonna you gonna feel good no Kuti gonna feel awesome amazing tastes wonderful delicious yum yum happy fun time on it gets eat vegetables and eat your fruit and if you want anyone knows some fruit I eat pineapples and strawberries and I heard salary was good too so like if you want to learn the taste of it do that eat fruits eat vegetables yeah and another thing drink water because if you drunk if you don't drink water your people stink you don't want no stinky ass because peace thinks when you don't when you're dehydrated your piece stinks and you don't drink enough water your people stink and you do not want the smelly ass P smelly ass P not good not gonna feel cushy so don't do that drink water so you don't have I'm sticky P period drink water water hell it was just skin no pimples I got good stuff I got good stuff so just drink why does I promise you just gonna help you it's gonna help the coochie I got good stuff and make sure when you got the shower that should completely dry you don't want to have no you don't want to be wet before you put your clothes on because that's not that's not like good ether because especially if you're if you got moisture down there you don't want no moisture down there especially when you put underwear on because I think that causes the order I'm pretty sure if you don't dry your coochie right like you know make sure if you don't dry rights then even get them front of face so make sure you dry or another you know like tip or whatever make sure you shave I understand if you want to have like peach fuzz if you want to have it okay since yeah but if you don't shave you were like a big ass forest then don't have no big ass voice because hair causes odor hair causes odor in if you have a lot of hair on your vagina it's not gonna smell good and peach pies okay a little bit of stubble okay make sure you don't roll up to not forest like I'm trying to say because it's gonna happen you don't want to make sure you say Duke use Nair or he wax I feel like what's mister best thing to do it hurts probably hurts like hell I ain't never had a wife before i'ma get one Joe I heard a waxing what's the best thing we do though and they probably do hurt like so get you a wax but if you can take that use there are shades I think that's everything that I can think of I'll tuck my head yeah if I like you know I probably do a part two but like I found do these on top of my head so just kind of everything I thought about yeah so if you liked this video make sure you like comment subscribe because I'm awesome y'all want to see the banker is like it's gonna be bagger after banker after Bhangra so make sure you subscribe and make sure you like this video to make sure you call me because I read all the comments I heart other companies I see y'all about China products with what economies so I have bankers so don't y'all wanna see bangers subscribe if you want to see bankers so they got for watching this video like comment subscribe when the nigga pull call me turtle Nick pepper don't you know

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  1. Yes sis the apple cider vinegar definitely does some works. Yes, fruits, vegetables, and water is a must. Good video❤

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