Fermented Foods & Digestion : Eating Healthy with Kefir

Fermented Foods & Digestion : Eating Healthy with Kefir

Hey there, checking in another fermented food.
Oh, I got your curiosity going now. Ok, it’s Kefir. I know a lot of you people out there
are like, oh it’s kefir. It’s actually pronounced Kefir. Basically what this is, is a drinkable
yogurt. It’s probably not the prettiest looking thing ever. But, it’s actually really nutritious
for you and quite delicious. If you like yogurt, it’s got a similar taste to it. So, it has
that sour tart taste. Actually, kefir in Turkish is actually considered feel good. Because,
it does make you feel good. It’s a slightly different bacterium or probiotic, I should
say from yogurt. And, basically this actually populates your gut with all the good bacteria.
Whereas, yogurt tends to just more sterilize it and feed the good bacteria and the bacteria
that is in there. This actually gives you all new bacteria, instead of the yogurt. So,
their slightly different in that way. But, you can use it all kinds of ways. I know a
lot of people that pour it on their granola or their cereal, all kinds of different things
you can do with it. Or, you can just drink it like this. And, add a little honey to it.
It’s extra delicious. So, what I’m trying to say is enjoy your Kefir. Not your kefir.
And, it will make you long and healthy.

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16 thoughts on “Fermented Foods & Digestion : Eating Healthy with Kefir

  1. She's right, it is pronounced "Kay-feer" but it's generally accepted to call it "Kee-fur".

    And what's up with, "It'll make you long and healthy"!!!

  2. mind you. kefir contains alcohol. whereas yogurt does not. for sick people yogurt might be better in many a case. kefir is more like a shock to the system.

  3. original pronunciation is kah-fear, rather. and it has little to nothing to do with turkish people. it never made me "longer", though – maybe harder 🙂

  4. had some kefir milk the other day , after about 3 days my stomach was and still is playing up , as in aches and very tender , anyone know why ???

  5. I just purchased some Kefir milk today. The interesting thing is, that when I drank it, it was the SAME EXACT flavor as what in Spain is referred to as "Natural Yogurt" – which is basically Yogurt with no flavor. I'm not sure if other Western European countries have this type of yogurt, but I'm almost certain now it's just Kefir.

  6. BKSinAZ , I guess the ancients who originally made kefir had the upper hand, they were in the dark to what we know today re organisms and such. It can be off putting, even to a microbiologist with a micro-phobia making an ancient probiotic like trad-kefir. My challenge to you is, can you put your micro-phobia asside, now this is told? We-well, Dom

  7. If You Live in Los Angeles Ca, & want Some Kefir, Message Me 🙂
    -Si viven en La area de Los Angeles, y Quieren Kefir, Mandame un mensaje.

  8. it is getting really annoying trying to find some REAL info and instead bumping in 2 min commercials that I must watch in order to see some lady telling me how delicious the drink is.

  9. I just made my first batch of Kefir and tasted it. I was very worried it would be odd but its delicious!

  10. Is the commercial version of this stuff — Lifeway or whatever big brand that sells it worth drinking for health benefits ? I know that raw is always better but it's not always easy to find unpasteurized raw dairy products, as well as the fact that they are considerably pricey.

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