Five Leaf Wellness “ Trump “ and “ Suver Haze “ CBD hemp flower review

Five Leaf Wellness “ Trump “ and “ Suver Haze “ CBD hemp flower review

what's up guys it's your girl Esau's and you're watching CBD TV and I got some goodies for us today Bowl and these babies these are from Fiveways wellness and what we're working with here today and what we're gonna be looking more into what we're gonna be looking closely into today so you know I'm gonna get you guys and good close-up views we have some super haze coming in at 15.8% CBD and we have some Trump t5 coming in at 17.5% CBD and of course under 0.5 percent THC and that's why it's legal and we just smoked it in all 50 states and excuse me guys because usually I'll open up the packages with you guys but I've had these to em for about a week and I honestly don't know where the box went or anything like that so I can't really you can be spicy information as it became with the notice to law enforcement but I'm sure it did I just I lost it I lost it so let's get right into it now my god I went to five leaf Wellness there CBD dispensary and synodal video over there so I'm really really really excited to see what they have here and JB said that the trunk definitely Trump's over you know although all the strains that he has there so I'm really excited to try this and then we're also gonna take a closer look into this Silver Haze let's get to it let's open this super haze first because I love me some super haze guys we are getting so close to 500 ooh I smell I smell those snacks done we're getting so close to 500 and you guys know what happens at 500 right that young giveaway though I'm doing definitely a whip this smells so freakin good you guys it's loud first of all as soon as I crack it open I kind of got smacked in the face with it it's loud maybe a little over two grams in here it's loud it's sweet it's skunky it's earthy oh it's not so good okay okay look at this little Christmas tree the trim job on this is so nice you guys it's kind of just covered you know I'm saying covered in trichomes here it is a little bit smashed I think it's a lady's has a bags laying around it's covered in trichomes the smell is grey is light green dark green orange hairs mmm it's dense oh it's soft and is dense you feel me like definitely soft and dance I'm gonna get you guys go ahead and do a close up for you guys now that looks okay like mmm I can't wait to try this but you guys know I just smoked on some super haze you know what I'm a bus that's open for you guys but I just melt some super hey so I'm more interested in to see what that Trump with that some gonna do yeah when you buzz this down it's a given trichomes all over the place and that smell just intensifies I love Silver Haze shout-out to five lethal illness for sending this out to you girl all right let's see what let's see what this Trump do oh I could just tell you right now I could tell you right now this bitch is covered oh yes oh yes hunty this this is covered in rock homes alright sounds good I could definitely as soon as I break that seal I can get a little whiff Oh you know step away from the smell for a minute come back to it that is unique that is very unique I've never had this dream before and I never had one that smell quite like this it smells very earthy but very piney like distinctively piney like a Christmas tree and I'm literally getting so much time it's loud and it's piney I'm not getting really no sweetness no skunk eNOS but it's loud and this piney huh I've never had one like this before okay let's take it out oh that's a big nut right there and this weighs 2.9 so this is almost a three gram but right here try t 9 yeah well I really shut out to five we've wellness man this trim drop like the trim jobs that they are doing on their product is so great this looks like this looks like a golden nun it looks like a golden mug like the trichomes on this and it looks like it was just like dusted in like golden trichomes and it's not so painting very dense very dense and soft when you push on it you don't get back that like crackle because it's not dry it's just soft and piney and golden go to track homes damn okay I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys a close-up on this first I keep that work I picked a tranny job I'm very focused know my worth in now I'm really sausage boss family hard work pays off I'm taking off get waiting let's see what this Trump do when you bust it open of course that smell intensifies covered in covered in Freud home yes I really can't get over how tiny this is like this almost smells like pine-sol all right let's break it down and y'all know y'all know me I got that rock home I've been on that calls heavy man on them phones heavy ok it is breaking down nice breaking down real nice I thought it would be more sticky but it still don't get me wrong it still has that moisture to it definitely still has that moisture to it when you bust it down I just I can't believe how tiny this is and I'm so intrigued and tasting this because I've never had this strain I've never had a strain that smell even remotely close to it I was talking to five leaf wellness I told them send me the best strains for pain and inflammation did you guys know that's what I struggled with most of course anxiety I do struggle a lot with anxieties but mainly pain and inflammation so this is what they sent me so if you guys are looking for our strains specifically for pain and inflammation 5-leaf wellness they recommend the trunk and the sewer Hey they say money make you change if you change up – damn man I ripped the wrong cause all right this shows that I'm going to blunt all right I'm not gonna lie to you guys I'm kind of salty I ripped that rock home so that fucks with them cones but I'm gonna be imma keep it 100 with you guys it's a little dry it's a little dry and I can't seem to crumble it down by hand as smell as I was like for the cones someone have to roll a blunt with it like I said it's like still like the most piney and most earthy strain that I have ever nothing most earthy strain but the most pine strain so my brain a little bit more down here just come you know the blunt you don't need a little more and the blunt that you need in the cone and we're going to be using the hi-hats starting to hear a little bit of noise in the background whitey is doing the dishes because you know we are regular people we need regular as lives all right let me let me do this shit now let's try let's try a blonde and I really don't have like there's no stems in here really so like but you know them rather they're a little too fragile sometimes depending on what the flower look like so let's do this hi hemp and you guys okay it's my first week of school things are going good I'm happy this high hip is driest Buffalo but yes Bulls going good don't want to get it to it so what I pretty much do is just put a little bit of saliva like put my lips and a little bit of that little bit of that breath moisture all right let's see what this trunk I really tend to like you know I'm the type of person that I like real like sweet type of strains skunky sweet type of strings now I mean now this is loud but it's so behind me like it's different I really don't like the earth these type of strains like you know if it's earthy is so these to have like a sweet undertone to it you know all right I mean ain't too bad ain't too bad after all but some took me a minute the only thing that matters and is if it's smoked though but do they hit though that's the question right dry them up a little bit after all this trouble this truck better taste good that's why I'm having so much trouble something caused nothing but trouble and the only good thing you did was passed that farm bill all right we all know what we do roll it up light it up and we gonna put it in the air but let's take the shit out to the porch don't let me forget I got that discount for y'all in the description all right let's give this Trump a taste the appearance of the buds though I mean the trim job and all that on both of them was super good trim drop trim job was amazing the jump I mean it grabbed me up a little bit I would say it do got that good grab it it grabbed me up not as harsh as a lot of other ones but I'm still good though you could tell us it tastes good that first pull like that first pool tasted really good even though I smell so piney tastes like it tastes actually alone a little on diesel II guess quite like this I like this no different it's actually really smooth that first that first head had a little had a little little grin tell a good grab to it but other than that that's quite small yeah that taste it is a little gassi gassi and piney that taste I like this five leaf wellness this is the kind of this kind of sneak up on you light light light when I was rolling it up I was like ok look pretty it's no good it's not different but it don't got that light that wow factor just from like smelling it and breaking it down right so like when I'm rolling it up then it gave me a little trouble rolling it up you know I'm saying I'm gonna be trouble and then and then you smoke it and like it makes you think like when you're rolling it up like I wonder if this gonna be good like you know I said that you smoke it and you are pleasantly surprised give it I didn't ask myself ain't got nowhere else today five leaf wellness okay overall rating honors I don't know I'm stuck between an eight and a nine because like like the smell I liked it but it's unique you know I'm saying is unique I never smelled nothing like that I did like it but it's not like like like that smell isn't gonna be like that smell wasn't like wow you know but it kind of was like wow because I was like what is this but I never had it I did you taste it it looks beautiful it looks stupendous it looks beautiful the smell was all right small I really like I'm quite like it let's give it at a point five eight point five out of ten it's good though you guys and I fill it like I already feel the effect from it well if you guys are watching this video and you're liking it give me a thumbs up if you have never been to my channel before welcome to CBD TV and you guys know what it is we on the grind we on the way to 1k so if you fucking with me you rock with me hit that subscribe button and then hit that Bell next to it so you know when I got new videos coming up we're almost I think we're like I don't know like 3:40 right now on the subscribers 500 that five hundo we do want to give away we do want to give away Oh there go right there bluegrass thank you guys for tuning in you guys know what it is I'm gonna keep it 100 with you guys all the way through y'all know I love you guys thank you guys for rocking with me and to the nodi fam BAM y'all get all the love to the no D fan back me I'll get all the love all the love as always you guys love peace and blessings and okay she won the flip side

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  1. there rite down the rd from me trust me the south has some good bud huge frosty bud check em out also Chattanooga hemp house man very good

  2. I follow TAZ check them VIBES by BERNER when they drop on 4/20 !!! Trying to tell TAZ that papers taste better lol!!!

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