Flashback Friday: Turmeric Curcumin Reprogramming Cancer Cell Death

Flashback Friday: Turmeric Curcumin Reprogramming Cancer Cell Death

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49 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Turmeric Curcumin Reprogramming Cancer Cell Death

  1. I eat 1-3 varieties (white, yellow, orange) of fresh turmeric daily. Love fresh turmeric ginger lemonade with liquid Stevita brand stevia to sweeten.

  2. Wird bei euch auch nur am Anfang deutsche Untertitel eingeblendet? Da fehlt eine Menge, die nicht übersetz wurde..Wer kann das vervollständigen?

  3. Dr. Greger, I have a small 100% organic plantation of Turmeric in Brazil. People don´t know, but to get a high quality turmeric require hundreds of hours of labor. People buy the one that comes from India, cheap, mixed with starch and who knows what, grown with polluted water, poor hygiene during the process etc. And the worse… there is no love, care in it.

    My turmeric is extreme clean, 100% organic, processed with care and love from beginning to end, and the benefits goes beyond explanation. These are the results from my own intake and friends/family intake: no more flu/cold/allergies for years, improve healing process, amazing anti-inflammatory and pain killer, amazing oral antiseptic and coach relief, improve liver and stomach functions, improve sleep patterns (I believe because it improves the function of many organs), amazing to regulate dementia with omega3 (grandma is a proof of it), amazing with people with cancer (mother), body sore (muscles pain), amazing with fibromyalgia, my friend that had retina displacement, got 100% cure in 4 months (higher dose, 4grams/day). The benefits are amazing, and EVERYBODY SHOULD PLANT TURMERIC ROOTS in there backwards. It is a high maintenance plant, because needs to be watered daily, and place organic soil on top often enough… But the results are great. I am a fan. The proportion is 10 kilos of turmeric roots for 1.2 in powder, and TOO MUCH labor. It is not worth to sell (too expensive) but a blessing to consume.

  4. But is it Turmeric raw or cooked?

    Raw Turmeric is great antioxidant. However, when it is cooked it looses those antioxidant property and GAINS new properties to activate our bodies natural defenses. So which form has the great anti-cancer properties described in the video? One would PRESUME it is that later, cooked variant, but that is just the point. One should not have to presume so important a point. It should have been made explicite!

    What is the point of taking Turmeric in the wrong form for years thinking you are getting a cancer protection only to . . ..

    This is an unneeded trap.

  5. Love his last statement (food for thought) 😉
    “Can’t make money on some spice you can buy anywhere!
    An attractive candidate for…… drug development.”

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  7. Dott . Greger you forgot the source of everything: Light
    We are made from Light , then air water and food
    Thanks for sharing this 🙏

  8. More great knowledge here Michael – thanks! My sister love curcumin, and puts it on all her meals. I am going to send her this link to your video today in case she is not aware of these benefits.

  9. THC, CBD and or whole hemp/cannabis extract is being used in clinical trials with traditional chemo medications in order to measure the potential benefits. It’s too bad they are going to hinder the healing and cancer fighting effects of CBD and or cannabinoids with chemo. Better to learn the truth at www.PhoenixTears.Ca www.CureYourOwnCancer.org 


    Detailed Description:

    Several studies have shown a potential anti-tumor role for cannabinoids by modulating cell signaling pathways, inhibiting angiogenesis, inducing apoptosis, and overcoming chemotherapy resistance. In phase I trials, cannabinoids have been shown to enhance the uptake of chemotherapy into malignant cells without affecting normal cells. The investigators seeks to demonstrate that the combination of chemotherapy with BRCX014 will have a greater anti-tumor and anti-proliferative activity when compared to standard of care alone.

    Condition or disease       Intervention/treatment 

    Cancer of Pancreas     Drug Cannabidiol (CBD)

    Cancer of Liver            Drug Bortezomib

    Cancer of Rectum       Drug Leucovorin

    Cancer of Colon          Drug 5-FU

    Gall Bladder                Drug Oxaliplatin

    Myeloma Multiple        Bevacizumab

    Glioblastoma Multiforme Drug Irinotecan Gemcitabine Temozolomide

  10. Great information dr
    Could you give me your agreement to translate these video to arabic and share it
    This will be very kind of you

  11. Interesting. Check out the top 50 cancer rates by country here. India isn't in any of them! https://www.wcrf.org/dietandcancer/cancer-trends/data-cancer-frequency-country Although, they do have a tendency to get lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease.

  12. Can someone provide general guidelines for recommended dosage/day? And, perhaps dosage based on body weight, along with upper limits of dosage with minimal side effects (are there any?). Given findings in nutrition sciences are not terribly precise (ie, observational studies), any general recommendations are much appreciated! Thanks!

  13. Hola, mi nombre es Juan Antonio y sólo puedo decir GRACIAS. Gracias por mejorar mi vida, gracias por mejorar mi salud, gracias por mejorar mi mente, gracias por inspirarme, gracias por TODA la información que nos das. ¿Cómo es posible que vuestro canal no tenga mas repercusión, tenga mas visualizaciones o mas suscriptores? No lo entiendo. Yo trato de aportar mi granito de arena y a toda persona que me pregunta les recomiendo vuestro libro, vuestra pagina web y el canal de youtube. Otra vez, GRACIAS Dr. Greger por hacer un mundo mejor.

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