Flavours Of Karnataka – VOL 3 | Karnataka Food | Street Food Bangalore Karnataka

Flavours Of Karnataka – VOL 3 | Karnataka Food | Street Food Bangalore Karnataka

The neer dosa is one of the most prominent dosa varieties of Karnataka. It is called so because the batter is watery and not thick like the usual dosa. I have been told that the best dish to have with neer dosa is fish curry This neer dosa is amazing and you guys must try this out. How can one not talk about obbattu while talking about the flavours of karnataka? So this is a very famous sweet among south-Indians Its called Obattu Its very hot right now and it smells amazing there’s a lot of ghee on this. It is a tasty sweet which is a primary sweet dish during Ugadi. For lunch I will be having Udupi meals today! The udupi cuisine mainly consists of vegetables grains & beans How best to experience the udupi cuisine than to try a hand at their meals! The Udupi meal that I am having right now has 2 Saagu 1 Sambar 1 Rasam Paysa Hesaru bele vegetable palya Anna , Appala and Neer dosa this meal is wholesome nutritious and tasty at the same time! This gem of Karnataka cuisine is just awesome! This is bath masala dosa Its a topping of Chitrana(lemon rice) with a really nice chutney on your normal masala dosa It is something really different. Let me go ahead and try this One is enough! This is Kodubale It is a heavier version of your normal snacks. made out of rice flour, curd and some herbs and spices It is very crispy and soft Akki roti is a staple food of North Karnataka. It refers to roti made from rice flour. It has jeera, spices, onions and is garnished with carrots It’s very crispy and it’s really healthy! you must try this out! Today we have shown you some of the authentic,tasty and healthy dishes of Karnataka. Do comment and let us know what you think about it and also share this video with your Kannadiga and non kannadiga friends and show them what Karnataka has to offer in terms of food!

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  1. Please do let us know what are you favourite food items in Karnataka. Do Like the video and share with friends! Lets show the world what Karnataka has to offer in terms of food!
    Hope you have subscribed to the channel!😀

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  2. Milk dosa kitto……One of the best dosa. …u guys should try. It will be mind blowing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Glad to hear some good Pronounciation of Kannada words..
    Thankfully no fake accent..
    Keep up the good work 😃

  4. Sister,you first save yourself from "Love Jihad" which muslim guys are targeting you in social networking sites like Instagram. Who knows after 5 yrs we may not hear from you again or we may see you in burka if you fall trap in these love jihad or say muslim cheating hindu girls case. So save yourself first and pick & choose guy friends carefully. And,btw video was good as always.

  5. One of the my favourite obbattu and dosa very Yummy 😍😍😍😍👌👌

  6. I had all those items, yet the way she described made me go there, I’m currently in vv puram to hog. Awesome video.
    & someone give me her number already, she is so cute.

  7. Karnataka food is heaven…it's so tasty…it is one of the most loved dishes in India and abroad.. TGF is bringing some really interesting and nice videos..and also TGF is sharing our Karnataka food worldwide… thank you TGF and waiting for some more videos…👌👌👌😘😘😘😍😍😍

  8. Nice nicee niceeeeeeee😀. I have tasted in all those places Himanshi. Watever u said is exactly right, taste of the food are very good in those places.. VV.Puram is a heaven for vegetarians.. again good one Himanshi… Keep going…😍

  9. Video was awesome as usual.. also I believe Ragi dose, Ragi rotti, Kadabu (mlore food) , paddu, mangalore buns, Mangalore bajji ( Goli baje)… You should include these as well…

  10. Hey Himanshi. You're a tad taller than me I guess. But that's okay. I just love you to the moon and back again to infinity and beyond forever and ever..!! Great video by the way!!😛😛

  11. Hi and also jolada rotti( jowar roti) is very famous in northern part of Karnataka.. Nice video. Cheers 👍

  12. * Akki rotti is famous all over karanatka!! Not limited to North Karnataka!!
    Moreover to be specific
    Jola rotti is famous in north Karnataka

  13. Okay! Woaah!
    TGF nearly lets us know how tasty every food item is just by making a video about it..goshh!
    You guys are making us want to visit Karnataka just for food! 😛

  14. Once again an awesome vlog from you , making our karnataka proud great going lady 👍👌

  15. You girls are Showcasing our karnataka's culture🙏, heritage🕉 and food🍚🍜at its best. thumbs up for you girls💐. have a great day ahead.👍

  16. Anyone who could read the tattoo on her neck? Does it say Nirbhay or Nisarg?

    Awesome episode as usual – when is the Hyderabad one coming?

  17. Mam please visit andhra pradesh and eat andhra meals it will be more delicious than bangalore food

  18. U left complete north karnataka food culture .. jolad rotte, badnikayi pallya, girmitt, uppittu, many many more.. its okay.. ❤️

  19. Loved the Bengaluru series. Would request TGF to explore Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district. Especially during the end of rainy season. Places: Jog Falls, Yana, Unchalli falls, Magod falls, Sathoddi Falls, Shivagange falls (and many more falls), Swarnavalli Matha, Vaadiraj Matha, Sri Marikamba Temple, etc. Nearest other notable places: Gokarna, Banavasi, Dandeli. Food (U probably won't get these in shops or hotels): Patravode, Todedevu(kinda sweet dose made from sugarcane juice), Manni(kinda thick pancakes made from Sugarcane juice), Kesari Bath(saffron+rice;authentic;not the one u get in Bengaluru), Tellevu (thinnest Dose), Sambaar Dose, Kadubu(Jackfruit Idlis), Sandige(Jackfruit chips), Beetroot halva, Akki/Bele paaysa, Mandakki(girmit) unde, Hodlu(popcorn) unde etc

  20. OMG!! How did I miss this awesome channel all these days ! And yeah .. you are one of the finest presenters I came across .. great going girl😊👍

  21. for heaven's sake akki roti is not the staple food of north karnataka ….it is mostly eaten in kodagu and south karnataka…..jowar roti is north karnataka.s staple

  22. This channel is great. High production value, full of useful informations for what it is, technically apt all around be it camera work or editing, just about correct length of videos which doesn't make me forward or skip and great charming hosts. Above all it makes me believe in Bangalore again which otherwise media only see these days in not so good light. Thanks and keep this going 🙂

  23. Well presented. Pls cover some restaurants in Yelahanka and surroundings. You get authentic food here of Odisha, Bihar, etc., cooked by them at low prices with no frills (not a restaurant, inform early and they will cook extra). Women cook at home and labourers eat breakfast and fill their carriers to take to work. Doesn't look hygienic, but it is homemade food in small quantities.

  24. Please make a vlog of coastal Karnataka which is Mangalore and Udupi. U can get fabulous sea food and great place good work TGF Bfl

  25. ಐ ಯಾಮ್ ಎ ಸ್ಟೂಡೆಂಟ್ ಚಂದು says:

    Love you Himanshi Prithisha

  26. ಐ ಯಾಮ್ ಎ ಸ್ಟೂಡೆಂಟ್ ಚಂದು says:

    Definitely Himanshi I Love Your Anchoring And Your Speaking style I Like it .I Will Share This Video .And I want to know something About you .And What's your Mother Tounge ?? Do you Know Kannada Plz Comment Soon.And I Can't stop Watching All Your Videos Again and Again .Plz Reply Soon

  27. Awsome yummy food ❤️❤️❤️
    She is very pretty cute and lovely girl, enjoyed alot in this video

  28. ভাল্লাগছে বোন 🙅

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