Flu and Cold Treatment Alternative – IV Nutrient Flu Booster

My name is Dr. Paul Savage and I’m the founder
of Agenixs here in Chicago. And 2016 was the worst year for viruses and
sickness and immune and the flu that I’ve seen in 20 years. Let me tell you something, there are no real
good medicines out there to treat the flu. You just feel bad, you’ve got a fever, and
you’ve got the aches and the pains, and this one hung around for about six weeks. But there is an alternative. There is something you can do that helps boost
your immune system and helps you fight off all these flu and immune cold type symptoms,
and that’s an IV flu booster. So, what we’re doing is giving you a bunch
of immune-system boosters through an IV as a nutrient cocktail. So we’re talking about vitamin C and we’re
talking about magnesium and zinc and B vitamins and taurine and carnitine and all these things
that actually boost up your immune system so that you can get over this cold faster. So next time you have the flu or a cold and
want to get through it faster, don’t go to the doctor, don’t get your Benadryl, don’t
get your Nyquil. Come in and get a high-dose IV immune booster
from Agenixs. We’ll get you over that cold sooner than anything
else on the market.

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