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test test test test you you you everybody hey I'm skip Alzheimer of av geeks and tonight we are doing a show about food safety let me turn this off it's gonna drive me nuts oh sorry so if basically we're monitoring social media on another computer and if the volumes up then we get this crazy feedback loop and then I listen to myself and it's it's difficult anyways so yeah tonight we're watching films about food safety I have quite a few until I picked the creme de la creme so we're gonna get started with our first one why foods spoil so enjoy a long long time ago people spent much time in search of food when a hunter killed a large animal there was usually more than enough to eat so the family ate and hissed the Hunter's wife must have wished she knew how to keep all this food from spoiling but there were only a few ways to keep food from going bad in those days American pioneers of course knew how to preserve some foods and they learned from the Indians how to keep others sometimes new ways of keeping foods were found accidentally the news of this would spread from neighbor to neighbor for instance people discovered that foods keep longer in cool places so they stored food in cellars underground that would stay cool even in the summer but only recently have we discovered why food spoil now we can buy food weeks can be sent across the country and kept in grocery stores and supermarkets for a long time with no fear of the food spoiling today we know that keeping food fit to eat means keeping three different kinds of tiny plants out of the food these tiny plants are called moles yeast and bacteria remember the words moles yeast and bacteria some food spoil a slice of bread for instance the slice of bread should be moist tiny mold seeds floating in the air will fall on the bread then the bread should be do you see the fuzz that has grown on the bread it is called bread mold moldy bread doesn't taste good let's look at this bread mold through a magnifying glass mold is a tiny plant that fuzz on the bread is a small garden of mold plants and the bread itself is the garden plot the mold seeds were planted when they fell on the bread from the air notice that the bread mold has many little branches and roots we can see that the roots of the mold grow deep into the bread just as roots of plants grow deep into the soil do you see the dark cluster at the top of the mold plant on the left with a stronger lens we can see that this round dark cluster is a sack full of mold seeds we call these seeds spores spores are so light that they float in the air and so they can easily get into our food if you take a brush and brush away the mold on bread you will see dust rise this dust is made up of the thousands of tiny spores that have grown on a single slice of bread most molds foil food but some mold can be put to work for us certain molds give cheese a special flavor and so some kinds of cheese we have we owe to the different kinds of moles but when molds grow on the wrong foods they spoil the taste and they destroy some of the food value with a microscope scientists study different kinds of mold and separate those that are useful from those that are not different molds have different colors and shapes there are many kinds of moles just as there are men varieties of plants and flowers in the garden each mold acts on a different kind of food in a different way it is usually easy to discover food that has become moldy because the mold plants grow on the surface where we can see them but some tiny plants that spoil food are almost invisible this orange juice for example is being spoiled by another kind of tiny plant called yeast see these bubbles coming up through the orange pulp in the bottom of the glass they tell us that yeast plants are growing in the food yeasts are too small to be seen even with an ordinary magnifying glass but we can see them to a microscope these bubbles are a gas carbon dioxide which yeasts give off when they feed on sugar and water as the yeasts grow and multiply they make the juice turns sour like molds some yeasts are very useful for instance some yeasts make bread dough rise mother deliberately puts a special kind of yeast in the flour she uses to bake bread as this yeast grows it too will give off carbon dioxide and this gas is what makes bread dough rise now we can see the air holes in the bread which have been made by the gas escaping from the yeast so it is yeasts which make bread fluffy and light the third kind of plant that spoils food is called bacteria bacteria are the smallest of all plants they can be seen only with the aid of a strong microscope bacteria can be divided into three groups these pictures show one bacteria from each group one kind of bacteria is round another kind is shaped like a number of little sticks or rods the third kind is formed into little chains one connected with the other it is difficult to imagine how small bacteria are if all the people in the world were turned into bacteria they would hardly cover this half dollar coin when meat and vegetables spoil and are no longer good for us to eat when milk turns sour bacteria are the cause once again just as with molds and yeasts some bacteria are useful but because many bacteria are dangerous to our health scientists study them an easy way to grow bacteria is to press your fingers on this special jelly there are sure to be bacteria on your fingers now cover the dish and put it in a warm dark place for two days see where the fingers touch the jelly millions of bacteria are growing there they grow in a similar way on food and may make it poisonous there are bacteria almost everywhere wheesh opened water to get rid of as many bacteria as possible otherwise some of the harmful ones may be carried into our body and cause disease we have seen that three kinds of tiny plants may want and spoil them moles yeasts and bacteria let's learn how to keep these tiny plants from spoiling food one of the oldest ways of preserving food is drying it long ago people noticed that some foods keep longer when dried in the Sun fishermen in many parts of the world dry fish in the Sun the drier the fish the longer it will keep some fish are dried and salted the salt helps take the water out of the fish and keep it dry many kinds of meat keep longer when preserved with smoke let's explain why drying foods helps preserve them to do this we'll try an experiment here are some pea seeds the one on the left has been planted on dry soil the one on the right has been watered the seed in the container with the moist soil is doing well but the seed in the dry soil isn't growing at all this experiment shows that a plant even a tiny plant that spoils food needs water to grow one more experiment these are two healthy young peep lands will cool the plant on the right and heat the plant on the left see how the plant on the left begins to wilt after the heat is turned on and the cooled plant stops growing we all know that plants don't grow in cold winter weather molds yeasts and bacteria are plants too here are the clues to two more ways of preserving foods by heat and by cold food keeps and refrigerators because tiny plants either do not grow or grow so slowly that it will take a long time before the food spoils very low temperatures like those in freezer killed some of the tiny plants and slow down the growth of others it would take months possibly years to spoil food kept in a deep freeze of your home or in store freezers a lot of foods are preserved by killing mold yeasts and bacteria with heat canning is one of the best ways to keep food from spoiling the food is placed in jars or cans and cooked then it is sealed so that new moles yeasts and bacteria cannot enter the heat kills the tiny plants that would make the food spoil in this way food will keep for many months without spoiling today many people work in plants which preserve food by heating drying and freezing almost all the milk we drink is quickly heated to a temperature which kills any dangerous bacteria in the milk we call this pasteurized milk the people who pasteurized milk must be very careful to keep the milk at exactly the right temperature many of the foods we eat today are cooked and sealed tightly in cans at large calories such as this one food in cans will keep almost indefinitely quick freezing is one of the newer ways of keeping foods meat fruit vegetables even baked and cooked foods stay fit to eat for a long time when kept in a deep freeze at very low temperatures this jar contains eggs in this machine eggs are dried so thoroughly that they turn into powder as long as they are kept dry no tiny plants can grow in them many foods can be dried into powder form here special light rays are used to destroy the plants that spoil food in this film we have seen that mold yeasts and bacteria are plants that cause food to spoil we have learned that these plants need food moisture and air to live we have learned how to dry foods so that these tiny plants cannot grow in them we have seen that low temperatures will kill most tiny plants we have also discovered how to destroy moles yeasts and bacteria by heating foods these are some of the ways to preserve foods there are many others we will have more and better food as scientists find new ways to keep foods from spoiling I love that so I'm gonna watch it reverse oh wait hold on yeah a little bit slower there we go now the footage of assembly lines of course we call it assembly line porn rewind this without it rolling there we go plants going back into the seeds I've talked about this before but sometimes I run across films and the day the sprockets are shredded in the middle of the film because usually when a film has got sprocket problems it's at the beginning when a teacher or someone didn't know how to load the projector and it it tears or at the end but sometimes I would notice in the middle I would say like what is going on and I was like wait a minute that scene where the sprockets are all torn up some teacher ran the film backwards and because of that they didn't give what's called a proper loop and so the resolve this tension on the sprocket holes and it tears the perforations so you'd have all this damage just because they thought it was funny Рmaking mold disappear so yeah this was a subject that you guys wanted that you requested and so here it is food safety films mm unfortunately one of the films I pulled tonight was damaged was vinegar it's the can basically sealed airtight which is a good thing for keeping food from spoiling but it's a bad thing for films because the the can the film itself in the can it was airtight to the off-gassing of the acetic acid from the acetate just kind of caused this chain reaction where it got worse and worse and worse and worse and so yeah so the film began to deteriorate and I had to break it open the screwdriver and a hammer and the film was not in good shape so we lost a film tonight it happens makes me sad because I don't have another copy of that so so I'll just have to find one one will show up and sure you do this long enough things just kind of next let's see sanitation rules make sense again all these films are about food spoilage food preparation and how to keep things clean if you're in the food prep this film is part of a series of films made for people that work in restaurants and in hotels this includes other films like short-order cook curry and sandwich preparation and a great one called mr. dish machine operator which is so good it's so very very niche how to use a industrial-strength of dishwasher it's pretty great ok so this is what I call this sanitation rules make sense enjoy person gets a lot of pride out of working in a lien place sanitation rules make sense kitchen rules about sanitation makes sense if you know something about food and how it can be contaminated by germs first of all remember that some foods are more dangerous to handle than others the moist protein foods bacteria germs love them meats and gravies anything made with eggs and milk such as custards and cream pies and also shellfish such as shrimp clams and lobster and poultry all these moist protein foods are what we call potentially hazardous that means they are foods in which germs and the poisons they create multiply most easily and remember this too you can't tell these foods are poisonous by smelling or looking at or even by tasting bacteria caused food poisoning is colorless odorless and tasteless but it can kill how can you be sure then that the food you serve is safe only by carefully following the rules of sanitation not very pleasant to look at is he do you know what a roach does on foods a trail of content including the germs he has picked up in his truck he's been in such places as the garbage he's been in the plumbing and around the toilets he's walking around on somebody's food apply not only wiped his feet on food he also vomits up a stomach liquid to help dissolve it and make it easier to digest one fly or rope can carry enough germs to start food on its way to becoming poison make sense to do your part in keeping those filthy pests in their place but what about these carriers of bacteria believe it or not roaches and flies are not the main sources of foodborne illnesses and the main point of is the hands be places where flies come and ends up the same hands that handle food utensils equipment and work surfaces also come into contact with dirt and filth when you stop and think about it don't the rules of cleanliness make sense make it a habit never to handle food at all if you have cuts or infections on your hands a good general rule to remember is to handle food as little as possible in tasting for example if you must taste the food use a tasting dish every time your hands contact food some contamination always results and the hitchhiker's get on board that's why tools have handles so hands do not have to come into contact with the part that touches the food always use the handles that's what they're for there is a good reason why smoking is forbidden around food preparation areas a smokers hands are contaminated by the moisture from his mouth smoking also encourages coughing and spitting which can spread germs into food all of these rules about your hands make good sense and are vitally important never forget that the health of hundreds or perhaps thousands of people is in your hands the rules about hands seem to make sense all right but what about all those rules about storing and keeping food why so much fuss about refrigeration for example most foods are safe for several days at a temperature of 45 degrees or below to keep the food at that temperature it is necessary for the refrigerator to be kept a few degrees colder and the thermometer should be placed where it measures the warmest spot in the refrigerator which is usually near the door it pays to check the temperature frequently to be sure it remains at a safe level in order to be sure that food will cool quickly enough it is sometimes necessary to pre cool it in cold water or ice the food must reach the safe temperature zone within 2 hours time to prevent germs from multiplying after cooling with the food properly covered it can be refrigerated now you can be sure it will reach the safe temperature in time to prevent bacteria from growing when storing food in refrigeration always keep prepared foods on the upper shelves above raw foods Moisture dripping from a pan of raw meat for example will always carry potentially dangerous bacteria it is important to allow some space between the pans so air can circulate freely throughout the cooling unit the pans should not touch each other or the walls of the refrigerator the rules of proper refrigeration are important because nothing is quite so dangerous as almost cold enough where germs are concerned moisture is the enemy of Sanitation all work surfaces must be kept not only clean of food particles but also dry a smooth dry surface free of cracks and crevices will not give bacteria the food and moisture they need a sanitary surface like this literally starves them to death so sanitation rules do make sense when you understand something about the deadly hitchhikers when you know what the potentially hazardous foods are and how they can be turned into poison in a few hours time and when you remember that the health and the lives of hundreds of people are in your hands when you know why the rules exist they begin to make pretty darn good sense after all oh yeah that cockroach hi that was good that was good stuff yeah so these would be shown to people either learning about restaurant work in or being chefs or cooks at Community College's or sometimes they would show these to people in the military or people that worked at restaurants or at places where lots of food was served like cafeterias and things like that and so yeah there's a whole series of these and I'm slowly trying to collect as many as I can because they really do show this entire niche industry and I never worked in food service so I have very little clue of like what this is all about but you know I certainly know the elements of hygiene and sanitation what it takes to get sick cross-contamination etc we'll revisit cross-contamination later this evening by the way so yeah that was sanitation rules make sense and then so this next one is principles of food sanitation and we are on a theme here we are not varying from this theme of food safety there's some good suggestions somebody suggested a film I showed was a jack and a box employee training film called dark dangers dangers anyways uh but it's definitely safety but it's more about working in a restaurant safety and less about the making the food safe or keeping it safe and then someone else you know what there's some good suggestions but they're ones I've been actually shown recently so I will probably not run and pull those but thanks thanks for remembering the good ones all right so friend up the next film principles of food sanitation now here I don't know if you notice you see it says film library Department of Human Resources I got a lot of my first big batch of 500 films from this library this was North Carolina library so there's a bunch of really awesome stuff in there including food handling venereal disease drug alcohol I think beckon cover was in there how to deliver a baby sudden birth of course some of that dumpsters it was such a great collection anyways it definitely kind of pushed me on my way so anyways there's I have a lot of films from this this does not meet it was made by people in North Carolina it just means it was part of their library that they made available so here we go all communities from sleepy villages to great cities need safe clean preparation and distribution of their food supplies in the United States over 65 million meals a day are prepared and served by your industry with modern equipment and well-trained employees the food industry can provide safe appetizing and nutritious meals for our citizens you occupier leaders of both the business and labor sections of the food industry are recognizing that it's not only good citizenship but good economics to work jointly with official health agency in maintaining clean and safe food supplies many progressive communities have formed joint health department food industry labor committees to sponsor or aid food handlers educational programs designed to promote and encourage clean and safe methods of storing preparing and serving food and drinking there are certain fundamental principles of food sanitation that all food handlers should follow to protect the health of their customers you the leaders in the industry and yes you the actual food handlers of this community have important responsibilities to see that all food you serve is safe clean and wholesome food handlers training programs are conducted by trained sanitarians these classes and programs are designed to give a working knowledge of clean and safe food handling methods it's important for you to understand how communicable or catching diseases may be spread to customers catching diseases are caused by germs or microbes food that has been handled or improperly stored or protected will always contain Juris germs over one-third of all communicable or catching diseases known can be spread by the means of food or food handling germs are very small bits of life they actually cannot be seen except with the aid of powerful magnifying instruments like the microscope they are so all that 25,000 placed in a line measure only one inch long or as many germs as there are people in the state of California could be placed on the head of a pin and there would still be room for plenty more microbes are found almost everywhere on earth most are helpful many new methods they play an important part in the production of our food and in the growing of our crops they aid in many manufacturing processes and perform an employed mankind under the microscope here we see the germ that causes our most common food poisoning the Staphylococcus germ others in which food handlers are particularly interested include the bacillus the type that causes dysentery poisoning streptococcus the cause of septic sore throats and scarlet fever spear Allah the cause of trench mouth Wiles disease and syphilis microbes have enormous power to multiply under ideal conditions one germ can become 2 in 20 minutes 4 in 40 minutes 500 in 3 hours and 281 trillion in 24 hours microbes like other living plants and animals must have food moisture and the right temperature to grow and multiply a careless food handler may cause disease germs to spread to restaurant customers here we have a sparkling apparently clean glass but this glass has not been properly sanitized by either rinsing in water of over 170 degrees or by exposing it to the right chemical solution it is loaded with microbes and some may be diseased germs from the last customer how do we know it's loaded with microbes the sanitarian is preparing to gather the invisible microbes from the rim of the drinking glass with equipment surgically sterile he follows a standard test procedure recommended by the American Public Health Association the bottle and swab now contained microbes from the rim of the glass a well washed and sanitized glass has few a poorly washed and sanitized utensil may have millions in the laboratory liquid from the bottle is poured onto special plates that contain food and moisture necessary for microbes growth the plates are then placed in an incubator at a temperature at which they grow best about the temperature of a warm kitchen then each single microbe will multiply into a colony of millions after allowing the plates to remain for a number of hours they are removed and now look from each individual microbe we now have so greater mass we can see the colony with our unaided eye a few of these germs are placed on a glass slide as the powerful lens of the microscope magnifies many times we're able to see this great colony that grew from a single Staphylococcus germ we have just seen how germs can be found on improperly handled or unsanitized glasses there are many other places where germs are likely to be for example here's a food handler just coming to work let's see how well he washed his hands the sanitarian is having him touch his fingers to the Petri plate although the microbes on his fingers now may be harmless many dangerous ones could be on his fingers if he had touched any unclean material how often have we seen this smoking while preparing or serving food a practice that should be prohibited everywhere see what we mean the cigarette with a saliva Laden end is put right on the food preparing table besides the nuisance of ashes and burning equipment dangerous germs are transferred from his mouth to the food we'll see some of these after this plate is incubated a food handler with a cold and she is really spraying the food with germs while intercepting a few of the germs on a Petri plate we'll see what happens after the germs have grown in an incubator now that these microbes that we secured on the plates have grown in the incubator let's take a look at them standing out clearly we see large growths of germs where each finger tip touched the plate the same growth could occur in food if it isn't kept hot or cold this growth from a simple little cough gives some idea of the danger from coughs and sneezes you can see the enormous growth of microbes around the mouth end of the cigarette these germs get into food when cigarettes are placed on food preparation services food handlers have an important responsibility in protecting the public against the dangers of germs cleanliness is a basic part of good management customers appreciate places where food handlers always wear clean washable and attractive uniforms proper hair covering net orb and short finger nails clean hands that are kept away from nose mouth skin and hair the same requirements apply to all persons handling preparing or serving food from the standpoint of customer protection good personal hygiene is more important than a physical examination examination cards are being replaced by certificates from food sanitation Institute's but periodic visits to your own doctor or public health clinic are of vital importance to your own health and the health of your fellow employees this is especially important if your troubled with a persistent cough cold sore throat fever loss of weight or any other sign that all is not well owners realize that in addition to having well-trained healthy and neat employees good construction and maintenance of buildings and equipment play a vital part in the economical sanitary operation of a food establishment street clothes and shoes won't come in contact with food when managers and owners provide locker rooms or other suitable space for food handlers to change clothing and store personal belongings clean well-ventilated and lighted toilet and washrooms encourage food handlers to keep them clean a reminder should be posted in every toilet room and should always be followed it is important that every food handler washes hands before beginning work and after every visit to the toilet room or immediately following the handling of any unclean objects such as handkerchief soiled dishes or shipping crates everyone should share in the responsibility of keeping the toilet room clean see that there are plenty of sanitary towels soap and toilet paper sufficient working and storage space is of prime importance in maintaining cleanliness lessening fatigue and reducing waste safe sanitary dishes and glasses come from the well operated dishwashing machine that sanitizes at the proper temperatures care should be taken that germs and dirt are not carried by the hands from unclean dishes counter and towels to the clean food or drink that's to be served later to your customers clean and safe service should never be sacrificed merely for speed clean safe and fast in that order our business builders the good employee always uses clean scoops spoons or tongs to handle all unprotected food or drink we're good equipment like this running water dipper well is provided the use of insanitary germ breeding devices is inexcusable all equipment such as Tong scoops or Forks that are repeatedly used must be kept clean and protected at all times Staphylococcus germs must have the right temperature to multiply and cause their type of food poisoning when foods are kept refrigerated below fifty to forty degrees is even better dangerous germs cannot grow and spoilage is kept to a minimum milk cream and meats should be kept under refrigeration at all times fresh fruits and vegetables are maintained best in cool rooms at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit a good refrigerated display case not only protects these otherwise dangerous foods but is an important sales builder germs grow quickly and dangerously an unrefrigerated cream or milk filled pastries and custards these and all other perishable food products should be kept under continuous refrigeration some foods must be kept hot germs stop growing or die at above 140 degrees hot cooked foods should be held in hot tables at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or more customers enjoy a well ventilated dining room free of cooking orders employees work more efficiently and walls and equipment remain free of grease in well-ventilated kitchens good lighting helps prevent mistakes and lessens fatigue so sanitarians recommend 10 foot candles of light at food preparation and dishwashing areas and one or more foot candles in the dining area good lighting cleanliness and tidiness are the keys to efficient and economical operation here neither Sophie The busboy or his employer has been very alert to these things Oh hold it boy time and money lost for the boss confusion and injury for Sophie yes tidiness really is the handmaiden of cleanliness and safety good store rooms pay for themselves many times by promoting tidiness and increasing the efficiency of the whole establishment self closing doors that are never left propped open screened windows and covered garbage cans help keep flies and rats away and out maggots are sure to develop in unwashed garbage cans they can't become flies if garbage is removed regularly and cans are scrubbed after each emptying all infected cuts boils or pimples contain huge numbers of the Staphylococcus germs that cause food poisoning clean hands are the first step in preventing food poisoning this food handler with his infected finger is planting literally billions of dangerous germs into this hand now a few hours at room temperature and the people who eat the ham which won't taste a bit spoiled will be hauled off to the hospital this means a lawsuit damaging publicity ruined reputation so we learned that microbes get into food from hands pests poor equipment untidy premises or careless storage they can't grow if foods are kept hot or cold the best sanitary equipment construction and facilities are of little value unless all employees know and practice good sanitation a fundamental principle is that prepared foods and lip contact surfaces of glasses dishes or utensils should not be touched by the fingers this is important because not all germs require growth in the food or on the utensils to be dangerous some germs like the dangerous typhoid fever germ can be passed directly from food handler to customer without a growth period modern concepts and methods demand that the fundamentals of food sanitation be carried out in every public food serving establishment regardless of size or location a restaurant need not be big to be clean customers increasing numbers approvingly watch this kind of service we have learned that microbes are tiny bits of life we cannot see with our unaided eye some of them are harmful cause spoilage and disease they are widespread over the earth many harmful germs and her food that has been improperly handled germs are prevented from getting into the food or on utensils by well built and maintained buildings screening out rats and flies and a prime importance personal hygiene of the food handlers hands and fingernails must be washed frequently and always after visiting the toilet room and before beginning work Clean washable uniforms caps or hair nets worn no person at work with coals exposed sores or infected boils or wounds proper maintenance and operation of the temperature control equipment 140 degrees or above for all hot foods 50 degrees or below for all other perishable foods correct dishwashing sanitizing handling and storing all these things are more than ideals their absolute necessities safe clean attractive food in Pleasant sanitary surroundings combined with gracious service and unfailing courtesy is the road to better wages greater profits and increased pride of achievement don't break it all right you're in we're back people were asking about my nephew Nate here he is hello get down and frame this very very tall and he's also very very young only 17 I'm trying to reach up trying to teach him the ways of the AV geek trying to teach him so this film was beautiful one of the things which was doing it greenish so I returned it and I mean it's beautiful so pretty so somebody asked like why wasn't this on ektachrome one potential reason and I didn't get a real good look at the cars but exocrine didn't really come out until like 63 or so oh my god that guy was popping a zit at pulling this thing so this film probably came out before 1963 that's my guess based on the cars this probably came out in the late 40s early 50s so they didn't have actor chrome and I don't even think they had Eastman colour they just had Kodachrome so this is the way it was distributed and so the colors didn't fade the dyes did not fade and so you're left with this beautiful really beautiful image and we find these every once in a while they're just stunning color and usually they're from like the 50's and or the early 60s and so it's interesting to see like the 70s is a faded color time because so many people use that that color color technology because they weren't interested in keeping it safe there was a anecdotal story I heard about how George Lucas knew about the color fading problem and so he purposely shot scenes using colors that would not fade I know that's not true but it just seems like that was that was something that was known in the 70s like oh yeah be careful what you'd print too because your stocks going to fade the hilarity of course is that George Lucas was repeatedly changing his films so that that wasn't really an issue like there was always prints were being destroyed and new ones were being struck supposedly there's rumor that there is a Technicolor print prints of Star Wars which are stunning beautiful color prints but there's not a lot of them they didn't go into big distribution they were expensive so they're out in the world collectors might have archives my happens so as I'm rewinding some news that has been servicing is in the archive world is that the universal fire which happened can't remember how long ago it was a archive at Universal Studios California is a warehouse that basically burned to the ground or mostly burned and they were like oh yeah yeah it's no problem there's just film prints there so it was just stuff that we were you know renting out so in that markets not there anymore so many other people are going to other types of forms of showing stuff and stuff that nobody cares about well when that happened my first feeling was no that's wrong they're totally covering something up and part of the reason why is because I know when you have a giant archive of stuff other stuff kind of collects there where it's like oh well yeah we've dedicated all this space to this to all these films 35 millimeter films and they're climate-controlled so we can also store other stuff there too so I'm sure there was some original material stuff that was lost and there were master audio tapes that were lost of you know serious recording artists so I just saw there's a class-action lawsuit for I can't remember how much it was it was millions of dollars maybe even billions of dollars from Tupac's estate tom petty's estate and from whole band whole saint-like but there's others that were basically they've lost everything you know there's copies out there there's digital copies but you know some was really gonna go in and try to you know remaster from an analogue master so I was right unfortunately I was vindicated in thinking that no it's something else was lost in that Universal fire so there you go it's just like if there was a fire heaven forbid at 80 geeks there would be more lost than just educational films there would be my staple order collection that would go away there would what else I have a variety of different oh my wait oh I have a world smallest museum and that would be gone so the world's smallest cook bottle the world's smallest camera will smallest penny all that stuff will be gone so you know it's it just happens because I have a film archive that it attracts things like staplers and world's smallest things yeah happy birthday Bill Taylor bill I've known for a long time and I met him in Austin even though he is a Canadian and thank you Bill for tuning in on your birthday eating pizza while we're watching films about horrible food sanitation this next film is when somebody mentioned food safety this is the one that came to mind and of course it is glorious it is we type in the title as I talk to you it is outbreak of soundmen and that's why I write sound and neljä infection it's made by the public health department it is so good and what it makes me realize is there are other films in this series somebody gave me like a videotape and not a very good videotape of another film that was called outbreak of staph infection and it kind of recreated what was in the principles of food sanitation which is you have this guy who has this band-aid and has his sore and he's making delicious French eclairs playing this background this happy background music as he's injecting this cream in it and then basically he's saying like oh well he has a staph infection in his little sore and it got into the cream and it's being injected and it's multiplying and then it was in this refrigerated truck and the truck broke down and so the coolant started it started getting warm inside so the cream got warm and so all the staff like multiplied and it ends up at a dinner party where oh it's a horrible scene both see it's so good anyway so this is in that same vein and it's it's one of the first 500 films I got and it's like okay this is what I want to do I'm going to collect the film's like this so here it is outbreak of Salmonella infection this is captain Kimberly our medical officer and these are some of our men eating their evening meal as usual at the end of another routine day yes everything seems to be going well just another day but believe me what followed turned out to be anything but routine this meal is the beginning of our story a story that developed during the night and continued for several days during the early part of the night we all went about our duties as usual everything was nice and smooth and quiet the way we like to see things run at midnight about 40 of us in the duty section got a light meal it was just about this time that things were beginning to happen it began like this at first a few of the men who weren't in the duty section got sick more followed suit and just before dawn most of the men who had the midnight meet you join their ranks you never saw such a sick bunch of men in your life and it got steadily worse vomiting abdominal pains and diarrhea it was hard to tell which caused the most trouble one thing is sure the boys were well taken care of some of them at the base infirmary and others at a private hospital in town for a while all we had time to do was bring in the sick and some of them were plenty sick get them in bed and leave them to captain Kimberly and his assistants it was pretty rough going for a while vomiting diarrhea cramps headache sweating prostration fever and dehydration yes Salmonella can make you plenty sick just as soon as we got the chance to let up and breathe a little we got down to the business of finding the cause of all the trouble naturally we had suspected some kind of food poisoning and so it was look here this is what we found these are Salmonella organisms of the species typhimurium which were isolated from a patient stool specimen from the lapse of time between our patients last meal and the outbreak of illness it was pretty evident that the evening meals were responsible for the presence of the Salmonella organisms in the stool specimen in the meantime our laboratory was working on samples of food eaten that night sampling incubating plating transfer and then law incubating laboratory examinations require time and it may take several days to identify the organism our results show that the other foods were ok but the samples of leftover chicken and the gravy revealed the same bacteria as the stool specimens of the patients for these two were thoroughly contaminated with Salmonella typhimurium how and when did the chicken and the gravy become contaminated with the organisms well here's one thing we'll have to assume but it's a pretty safe assumption one or more of these chickens were contaminated by the Salmonella organisms on the outside and very likely inside and of course the liver and gizzard are prime suspects during the cleaning operation this cutting board was undoubtedly contaminated after the chickens were put in the oven the giblets were cooked separately on top of the stove and the cutting board was clean but what a cleaning it got maybe we should just say that the Salmonella organisms were more completely distributed over its surface and embedded in the cracks while the giblets were cooking a white gravy was prepared and then the giblets were taken from the stove thorough cooking had killed the Salmonella organisms but this good clean food was recontaminate Adan the cutting board as it was chopped then these recontaminate adju blots were put into the gravy this contaminated gravy was not reheated it was prepared for serving and on the steam table there wasn't enough heat to kill the organisms in fact there is a good chance they began to grow the story was much the same with the chicken he'd kill the Salmonella organisms in the oven but again the unclean cutting board contaminated the safe chicken meat as it was carved for serving there wasn't much delay in getting the chicken served and between the gravy and the chicken we can account for the men who were sick around midnight or soon after those acute cases that occurred later form another chapter in our story here's how the next chapter goes food left over from the evening meal was saved for the midnight meal and here in this lukewarm steam table the Salmonella organisms continued to grow and to make matters worse the cutting board contributed a new bunch of organisms as the leftover chicken was prepared for serving salted by the time the midnight meal was served the chicken a la king was supporting large numbers of Salmonella organisms enough to make the men on the Night Watch so violently ill what could have prevented this sickness and suffering we couldn't know that the chickens were infected look here this is a detergent this is hot water this is a brush these are hands put them together use them and get a clean cutting board with all the troublemakers washed off a good scrubbing immediately after the raw chicken was prepared would have gotten rid of the Salmonella organisms force the supplies to our hands and anything else that might be contaminated by contact with the foul we made some other mistakes too the leftover chicken should have been put into the refrigerator as soon as possible and the gravy it was cooked before the contaminated giblets were added Darul cooking after they were at it would have killed the Salmonella organisms the air base mess-hall accommodated the men in three shifts of approximately 150 at a time out of some 450 regular personnel 173 became infected with salmonella sauce of which 84 were seriously ill enough to be hospitalized all effected complete recovery and were back on duty within several days Рabout two weeks oops whoopsie-daisy yeah so the splice broke or actually the leaders just kind of abruptly end anyways wow I love that film pretty color servicemen barking what else could you possibly want and that film was not variable density soundtrack Kevin if you are asking or wondering so that's so great meant for a niche audience of course it's meant for people working in the kitchen and explain some of the concepts behind cross-contamination and how to keep things clean and the importance of using soap and scrubbing things clean especially wooden heading blocks anyhow so we have one more film to show and I might as well go ahead and announce when the next baby geeks screaming streaming events gonna be and that is every Friday we do short little 30-minute thingies in the afternoon I was gonna say around lunch but it's proven not to I don't want to take lunch at the same time or I'm running around with my head cut off or whatever so it's in the afternoon on Facebook and YouTube 30-minute little theme and things or maybe it's stuff that we just got on on eBay or I don't know but so join us next Friday this upcoming Friday if you're in the area we've got some of that's coming up on Tuesday I will be helping to host a Mortal Kombat 2 tournament at the Alamo Drafthouse in Raleigh it starts at 7 o'clock 8 o'clock so if you're a good at Mortal Kombat 2 I'm told that a scorpion noob and sub-zero will be there including maybe some other people and if you happen to enjoy dressing up as those characters come on out Mortal Kombat 2 is kind of after my arcade days but it's wonderfully violent and hilarious let's see then Wednesday if you were in Durham we're gonna be doing the screening at Pony Saurus we're gonna be filming films with mischievous girls called those mischievious girls and it's a lot of fun we show outside weather permitting and then on Thursday also the Alamo Drafthouse we're gonna do another iteration of kudzu bingo or we watch a kung fu movie and then we play bingo along with it it is a lot of fun so again if you're in the area come on out the next like full streaming event I feel like is going to be let me look at a calendar let's say all right back July 14th July 14th and it's gonna be films about feet my nephew Nate said no they said that you'll have all these weird foot fetishes well come on down because I actually have quite a few films about feet and all of them are pretty entertaining so I'm excited for this upcoming show not in a weird sexual way just excited to show a bunch of different genres of films and I'll deal with feet so July 14 if you like what you saw you like AV geeks there's ways to support us one is to buy DVDs online one is to go to patreon and donate another way is just to tell people about what we're doing and in that that's fun basically yeah let people know that we want to put a balls on these films so share these when we're doing these live or share them after the fact most of them are still up even though they're constantly getting flagged for background music copyrights so but most of them are still up alright one last film bill this is for you I noticed a lot of people are watching the film and felt kind of queasy because there was an ordinate amount of vomiting well this next film will make you feel queasy for a different reason you know thinking about food sanitation we learned about different ways to keep food safe and one way is to keep them in a cold or even better frozen situation so this next film is for people who sell freezers and it is an internal film which is especially great because these are not meant for the general public and so they tend to get a little silly or a little goofier racier and this one is great but why will it make you nauseous let's just watch it find out so here we go here's freezin fear people a year are inconsequential and now the Sears Roebuck and Company freezing takes a look at freezer selling past present and future here's a look at how freezers were sold 30 years ago good morning man I see you're interested in a freezer oh you undoubtedly saw our head on this little jewel we call it our jewel box it's the most freezing you can get for the money right here look you could put a whole side of beep right here and everything and over here there's room for all the kinds of things I'll bet you're not unfresh strawberries aren't you all you have to do is buy him by the bushel even I bet you could put a whole bushel of fresh strawberries right here and look at these new features look [Applause] well that was readings look at the past here's freezing's look at the present that seems as they are now good morning ma'am I see you're interested in the freezing you are undoubtedly have seen our ad for this little jewel here in fact we call it our jewel box this is the biggest freezer you can get for this price look here you can get a whole side of beef right here everything over here there's room for all kinds of things I'll bet you're a nut over fresh strawberries aren't you yes all you have to do is buy them by the bushel even I could just see a whole bushel of fresh strawberries right there and look at these other wonderful conveniences and now reason takes a look at the future that's 30 years from now do the song good morning madam I can see you're interested in a freezer you undoubtedly saw our ad I missed you will in fact we call it our jeweled box this is the biggest freezer you can get at this price and right here you can get a whole side of beep right here everything and over here you can put all sorts of things I'll bet you're kind of a nut over fresh strawberries aren't you all you have to do is buy them by the bushel even I'll bet you could put a whole bushel of strawberries right here and look at all these other features another it's it's me time [Applause] the point to this ladies and gentlemen is that freezers haven't been selling very well 20 years ago we were pushing the cold dark holes to farm families as a cheap place to put stuff we're still doing it today but if we keep doing it tomorrow we're going to miss a lot of customers after all that economy model freezer is what he's trying to say is that this bottom-of-the-line freezer is not what we should be selling the hardest at all it's just a cold dark hole inconvenient and nothing but a coffin very interesting but more yeah yes the lady is right it's time for Sears to quit pushing those cold dark coffins onto everybody who comes into the store customers have changed we need to talk to the millions of young married couples who have more money to spend than ever before what these housewives want is convenience not cubic feet per Donner's and only Sears can give them true convenience in a freezer that's right today's freezer customers are young better educated housewives intelligent gracious more sophisticated and these housewives are mainly interested in convenience that is what we have to sell them enough books it's okay to me time good afternoon hello it's what what my husband Shelton ilk well I I see that's why I need a phrase you see uh-huh never tried to put now can you refrigerator no but once I tried it with an odd fellow this one's big enough see it's on sale damn oh well mrs. mrs. how can think Oh mrs. Botwin t-talking pink oh well mrs. Finkle parlor park and pink oh I see yes well this this is big enough to hold an elbow right but may I suggest you see the cold spot TimeBank it's really much more than just a feasel oh look at all those lovely pizzas that's the idea of the time bank when you make one pizza or anything else just make an extra two or three at the same time and put them in the freezer it just takes a few minutes more to make extra servings of a meal so when you store them in the freezer you're actually storing up time see if this is a withdrawal slip I know I'd like to withdraw 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time bank very interesting we tried it in Camelot and it worked Camelot course part-time banks have poor things that make them more convenient than any other freezer you can buy today findability accessibility flexibility and visibility yes course part-time banks have findability that means you can always find what you're looking for easily my time bank gives me complete findability I always know where things are it's like a filing system let's see cast of all oh well you see my husband and now folks it's to me time why is there time bank the most convenient breather on the market oh that's very easy for for big reasons first there's fine ability then flexibility because you can arrange the shelves to fit any food you have then of course accessibility because you can reach in and take anything out then visibility because you can see everything very easily oh can i buy one with invisibility invisibility yes i want to put one in my living room and if it doesn't have visibility then it must have invisibility and i won't be able to see it with time bank flexibility the housewife can design her own freezer to fit whatever she wants to keep head handy with that thanks [Applause] [Applause] Pizza my favorite dish since I've had my time bank I've been making up extra pizzas in fact I've made 273 of your favorite kind what is my favorite kind mommy granite of course burn up the bridge club anything you want is in the freezer mainly the Red King eating habits cuckoo papa but you don't put pigs in a piggy bank do you he's gonna be so proud of him when he finds out I've stored a year's supply salami sandwiches in my new time bill she serves me another salami sandwich today I may be something else too and so with the cold spot time Bank you can eat better save money and above all save yourself lots of time I don't really need one but why why not remember the elk all right your Bible well I gotta paint boy just take your check to the cashier what are you what you might say about all this is that you haven't really lived until you thousand or one could say one can't really freeze conveniently until you're frozen in a cool spot bang bang you got to keep moving in here to keep warm very interesting but who's watching the store we'd stick wggg tofu Miyagi decosta my boy a Sears Roebuck okay I once had a film professor a friend of mine who I showed I did a show in New York City at Anthology Film Archives and he saw it there and then I did this screening again our screening of it it was shown again at the bastard film encounter which was in Raleigh North Carolina and the same professor was at both of them and he basically stood up and said I cannot believe it skip Alzheimer has made me watch this film twice this is so wonderfully horrible I'm a big fan of laugh-in I've watched a lot of laughs in a couple of years ago barely remembered as a kid but we watched it and really got I loved the pacing of it and the humor was just goofy and stupid and really liked it anyways so when I saw this on eBay freezin freeze in Sears Roebuck I was like huh I think I might want to buy this and I can't remember how much I paid for it but it says basically on the can it says attention personnel manager department 47 manager this film is part of a sales training package that introduces a new cold spot freezer selling concept the TimeBank it is designed only to introduce the concept and is to be followed by a series of freezer sales training and film strips therefore it is important that the movie be shown as part of the sales training and not by itself alone and you know have you remember it at the beginning that was for internal use only I mean the idea was like this is the Icebreaker quote unquote this is like we're going to show you a bunch of really boring stuff but we brought in we pay it's a big money we work with Calvin productions Calvin productions did a lot of industrial films and films for corporations and things like that and we hired two of the most two actors from the most popular TV show at the time because this was made in the late 60s laughing so laughing was number one they hired Artie Johnson Judy carne who are funny people and they did not edit this like laughing so it just falls so flat it's just that the just the length of it they could cut because that was the key if you watch laughing is it has these quick breakaways you know it's just rapid-fire and they did not whoever edited this did not understand that so or they're like well we paid for them why should we cut those scenes down and they probably used every scene that they did I it's obvious I used everything they did but uh the gags just oh they're so flat and some of them and are internal to people that worked at Sears so there was there were poking fun at their competitor Montgomery Ward and they called the monkey Ward's there's they're making fun of their customers the there's a radio announcer guy who keeps doing this thing with his hat who would normally be Gary Owens on laughing but this guy I don't know who he is so I like this because it's just again it's a cultural artifact it is like laughing was a thing and it was great and weed so we want to do a parody of it I mean I think it's hard to do a parody of comedy anyways I do have another film that is a laughing parody which I will show again it's I will show it some other point but this one is quite something I love it anyways so thanks everybody for joining us tonight for food safety with a weird training into of freezer sales the next show is I wrote it down and that remember is July 14th and it is films about feet and it is all over the map it's films for kids I don't think there's any gross unless you're grossed out by toes I don't think there's any gross it's so it won't be about athlete's feet and stuff like that it'll be just other things involving feet there's a couple of Encyclopedia Brittanica films called a mystery feet and toes tell which are just a fantasy of feet and toes tell that are just films of people's feet that are hilarious there's some safety stuff in there there's also some weird art stuff so I'm excited to show you comes about feet also if you like this we are experimenting with doing a little 30-minute thing every Friday afternoon the time to be announced I don't know it's really all over the place but it's an opportunity for us to break up our work week and show a couple of shorts thanks everybody again for coming out if you liked what you saw you can donate at patreon it's a like a tip jar subscription site money goes towards buying more films or I don't know splicing tape and leader which we need so yeah I know so you can go to AV geeks comm there's around 3,000 films there we're gonna be uploading a bunch of them this this summer that we've digitized for other people so stay tuned for that but yeah thanks you guys for your comments thanks for watching this is really why we do it if it was just me I wouldn't be streaming this I'd just be sitting quietly by myself boring my nephew with watching films so Nate you want to say goodbye all right so this is my nephew Nate who I'm trying to pass the baton on goodbye yeah he's he's got to get better he's very tall so and he's clumsy so that's I know that very well again thanks everybody take care have a good rest of the week bye

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