Food Safety Accountability: MNCs vs. Street Vendors

Food Safety Accountability: MNCs vs. Street Vendors

there are many defenses offered for Maggie some fair some not so fair and some completely bogus we've dealt with monosodium glutamate which might be kind of fair but the one that's completely bogus is this whole led argument if there's lead in Maggi noodles or any other brand of movies there is no excuse it's toxic it's poisonous it's something you shouldn't be giving up yoga but what really gets my goat is the defense that yeah what can you do this is India have you bent up which koala have you been to samosa wallah have you tried their food it's not so safe here are you telling me that this multi-billion dollar Swiss multinational which makes billions of dollars in profits is to be compared to your neighborhood which koala the some guy at the bottom of the food chain struggling to make a living beaten up by the cops hit on by the municipal authorities forced to pay half the force to come miles just to earn the most simple living are you telling me that this guy is the defense of this Giants will spark a national come on that makes no sense yes street food is often unsafe nobody disputes that buts unsafe because these guys don't have the facilities and they don't tell us lies they don't get celebrities to tell us that this is healthy this is good for our children they have no money to spend on advertising it's a struggle to survive to compare them to Maggi or to the lies in store makes me really really angry did you like the video well if you did poster like it's easy enough to do and if you have comments suggestions complaints even send them to us but whatever you do don't forget to subscribe to going viral

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4 thoughts on “Food Safety Accountability: MNCs vs. Street Vendors

  1. One Maggi is caught when will our authorities get serious about food adulteration and bring out that multi billion dollar business sir????

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