Food Safety Rules You Should Know!

Food Safety Rules You Should Know!

we often don't think twice about what we do with our food if it smells good and looks good then we eat it for the most part that way of thinking is okay still take some precaution food and eating aren't always so simple food safety rules you should know 17 smell the milk we've all been to that point where it's the morning rush to work or school and all you want is a bowl of cereal then you grab the jug and realize that today is past the milks best by date what do you do experts say trust your sense of smell first of all if it isn't discolored then that's a good sign smell the milk if it still smells like milk and there isn't a tinge of something sour then you're probably good to go if it's been only a day or two after the best by date then there's no need to worry however if you're part of a vulnerable group like young children the elderly or pregnant women you might not want to take the risk that least pasteurization kills most of bacteria but to ensure the milk is as fresh as possible for as long as possible don't leave it out for too long when you put it back in the fridge close the jug or carton all the way 16 good or bad chocolate if you've kept chocolate around for a long time then you've seen that powdery white discoloration that forms some people thought this meant that the chocolate is now no good to eat that isn't true what you're looking at isn't mold but something called fat bloom fat bloom happens when the cocoa butter and the candy migrates to the surface of the chocolate and then crystallizes for years scientists didn't know how to prevent or slow down this process until recently in 2015 scientists discovered that reducing the chocolates porosity makes it more difficult for the fat to migrate therefore increasing how long the chocolate stays at its highest quality 15 freeze the chicken when it comes to the expiration date of a food item and the freezer things get a little tricky when you buy unfrozen meat from the grocery store and keep it in the fridge then it's a good idea to cook it by the expiration date if you buy that chicken and then later decide to place it in the freezer instead of the fridge and you don't have to worry too much about the date food professionals say that freezing chicken meat even if it's close to the expiration date can ensure that the chicken will be good for a year you have to make sure that it's stored properly and is as frozen as possible once you saw the meat out though make sure you cook it within a day 14 don't double dip some people may make fun of you for caring about double dipping but don't worry you have a right to be wary of that sort of thing aside from manners scientists say you shouldn't double dip because it spreads germs according to a study conducted by researchers from Clemson University the more watery a dip is the more contaminated it will be research shows that bacteria spread faster in sulle than a thicker liquid like cheese or chocolate thankfully salsa is so acidic that it kills bacteria more quickly within two hours of the double dip and crime that tomato filled Bowl of deliciousness will return to its lower levels of bacteria still if that person who stuck their chip in the bowl twice as sick you'll want to avoid the bowl altogether that bacteria carrying illness will be more harmful than someone else's regular old mouth germs 13 how to refrigerate your food most of us there are food in the refrigerator and hope for the best but there are certain things you should abide by to avoid some unpleasantness down the road we take our fridge for granted seeing is how mechanical refrigeration didn't exist until 1834 and wasn't available for home use until 1913 before the last 200 years people had to pay attention to the state of their food and always worry about it even now you need to take care of the fridge and the things inside keep your fridge sanitary cleaning it out at least once a week the temperature should be at 40 degrees Fahrenheit fresh meat seafood or poultry should be kept in a sealed container to prevent those raw juices from spilling and seeping onto other foods 12 into the same don't eat straight out of the produce aisle or out of the grocery bag you must always wash your fruits and vegetables before consuming them while that produce may have been washed at the store or by the packaging company it's still best to run it under some water anyway wash those leaves fruits and roots even if you're gonna peel away the skin you should still wash the outside this surface could still hold some bacteria and dirt amongst other things when cleaning gently rub the vegetable or fruit under running water no soap is needed but you may want to use a vegetable brush 11 now the meat most people place frozen meat on a counter or in the sink and then wait for the ice to melt doing this will only invite bacteria and possibly attract the attention of insects so it's best to forego this method entirely the safest way to thaw meat poultry and seafood is in the fridge in the microwave or a leak-proof plastic bag placed in cold water when thawing meat in the refrigerator make sure it's in a container that won't allow leakage you don't want the blood or other liquids to run onto your other food 10 a new glass the word is that you shouldn't drink water from glass you left overnight many people who have done this say that the water later tastes strange like it's full of dust or it's turned stagnant this taste doesn't mean you're drinking anything toxic though health professionals claim that water left overnight is fine to consume water does not contain anything that will expire that change in taste on the other hand can come from a few factors if it's tap water the chlorine in its most likely evaporated changing the taste if it's not tap water that perhaps the carbon dioxide in the air reacted with the water changing the pH and the flavor 9 the chip crunch you hear all the time how unhealthy potato chips and other back snacks are for you they're full of sodium fat and preservatives however all the additives and potato chips and similar snacks help retain the eat ability for a prolonged amount of time even after the best buy data's past chips are still safe to eat usually the chips may lose some of the flavor and crunchiness but they're typically okay to eat for months if the chips are chewy and not crunchy at all anymore throw that stuff away ate some fridge etiquette like we said before you can't just throw food in the fridge and think you don't have to worry about it paying attention to the food's placement the temperature the cleanliness of the refrigerator and the expiration dates are all important keep fruits and vegetables together in one drawer or shelf and place meat in a different one try once a week to go through your units and throw out food that you can't eat anymore try to pay attention to the date and how the food smells and looks you don't want to throw food away prematurely 7 use a thermometer a majority of people who cook do not use a food thermometer many of us were taught to cook without it and are recommended to observe the appearance when deciding if it's ready in regards to meat here are a few things you need to know when hooking red meat like beef pork or lamb the temperature must reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit the same goes for poultry like duck chicken and turkey seafood like fish only needs to reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit or cook until the flesh is opaque cooked shrimp crabs and lobsters into the flesh is opaque to for shellfish like clams and mussels and oysters if that shell opens up during cooking it's ready 6 softer cereal let's be real a lot of cereal doesn't last long if it's your favorite within a week you might have eaten the whole thing four times you forgot about the cereal or preferred waffles in the morning then you might be wondering if months later those fruity pebbles are still okay to eat if the cereals crunch is less intense than before but it still tastes fine then it probably is fine cereal loses its flavor and gets stale but it can last for six months after its due date if you notice discoloration or it's no longer crunchy buy some new frosted flakes five are raw eggs bad for you in general don't eat cookie dough because the eggs in the mix could lead to salmonella infection our raw eggs that dangerous for you it depends on a nutritional level raw eggs have all the same benefits as cooked ones the difference is is that protein absorption is lower with uncooked eggs if you want or need to consume rye x-5 pasteurized eggs which lowers the risk of any contamination when cooking eggs cook them until the yolk and white are firm for save the soda we all know that soda is full of sugars and that it's unhealthy for you on the flip side those sugars are what keeps soda fresh enough to consume for a long time scientists say that pop will be good up to four months after it's expiration date drinks with a higher sugar content will last nine months after for the best tests these rules are best applied to unopened containers of soda however if you pour that soda and it no longer fizzes don't even risk drinking it soda cans aren't ideal because you can't reseal them if you leave that sitting around the carbonation runs out and it will taste stale 3 in the market we've talked a lot about what to do with food already in your home but food safety starts with the supermarket when shopping for food separate everything keep fruits and vegetables especially ones you will eat raw away from uncooked it's also separate non-food items like cleaning products or other objects away from your food too if the bag replaces bleach our laundry detergent in the same container as food ask them to put them in two different bags when choosing packaged foods make sure the safety seals are intact and that bags and boxes haven't been opened to cut the mold pretty food with mold throw it away just because you can't see fuzzy stuff on some parts doesn't mean it's not contaminated this rule does not always ring true though when it comes to cheese with cheese you can certainly cut the moldy parts off and eat the rest but it depends on the kinds of cheese – soft cheeses like brie can not be eaten if there's mold on it you can eat hard cheeses like cheddar Swiss and parmesan if you cut at least one inch or 2.5 centimeters of cheese around the mold spot this is because hard cheese is denser preventing bacteria from spreading throughout the whole thing before we get to number one we have a question for you have you ever eaten food that was past its expiry date what's your cutoff limit when it comes to stuff that's past its best by date let us know in the comments below 1 recycle your food the Natural Resources Defense Council reported that 40% of food in the u.s. is never eaten a lot of that is because people throw away food prematurely that's a lot of food that goes to waste as well as a lot of money down the drain to make the most of your meals make sure you save leftovers and that you store them properly put the remaining meal into a shallow container and immediately put it in the fridge or freezer use leftovers within three to four days and reheat them to 165 degrees Fahrenheit if you don't think you can eat it within four days freeze the food immediately throw away food that has been left at room temperature for more than two hours thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up for more content from us subscribe to our Channel and turn on the bail notification so that you don't miss an upload

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