Food sanitation & hygiene

Food sanitation & hygiene

welcome back and oh we have been studying how we have to learn about the balanced diet and how we have to plan a meal taking into consideration so many factors and how we feed our family and the people in a very good manner so that they keep healthy and fit after all knowing all this we should also know what is the food sanitation and hygiene how you prepare the food in a manner which it is hygienic ly prepared so forth sanitation means it implies cleanliness preparing storing and serving of food and water so this is the most essential part of the food preparation you see how neatly they are stacked and he is cleaning every place after preparation and the vegetables also are very nicely prepared using gloves and apron etc some items need particular attention and we should have a safe and portable water supply so that because the water is the best carrier of the microorganisms which make you ill health then selection of wholesome ingredients when you select vegetables and grains and all you select the best material so that it stays for a little longer time before you cook and there is no infestation or infection in the foods that you consume then after you get a good water and good vegetables and grains it is not enough that you purchase very good items without handling them properly so hygienic handling also is very important now water is the one ingredient which is essential for any preparation so it is an essential part in the food preparation and we use water to wash our hands and wash the vegetables and the grains before cooking so for that before cooking you have to clean the containers and for that also water is used then to make the beverages water is used and it should therefore water we select should be free from pathogenic bacteria that means it should be a pee or water and that is called a portable water now portable water which is free from pathogenic organisms it should not have any harmful bacteria because water is carrier for so many waterborne infections so it should be free from bacteria and it should not contain much of dissolved salts and minerals the water definitely contains some salts and minerals but the quantity should not be too much high and special treatment should be given to remove the impurities so that it is safe for portable purposes portable purposes is for drinking and cooking then sources of contamination of water you have through seepage of sewage when the water pipeline and the sewage pipeline go together there is a chance of sewage seepage into the water then sewage as we know it is a great carrier of the pathogenic bacteria because it comes through so many ways like the it comes through the waste of waste wastage that is released from the human beings from the animals and from the washing of various things like frustrating from clothes to animals to human beings so very healthy persons may be the carriers you will not know who is a carrier of disease and when they go and or take bath in the water and excrete in the water these organisms may be entering into the water then when you see near the shallow wells and ponds many people do their excretion so this expression when the human excreta is deposited near the ponds and the wells this slowly this gets seeped into the rivers or ponds and gets contaminated then hutment dwelling is another area where there is lot of contamination of water because of improper sanitary measures they follow and very low water facilities they do not have water facilities so they get water from somewhere and use the water outside their homes which causes a lot of health hazard then there is no facility for drainage and used water then there is the sewage stands around the houses and this encourages the breeding of mosquitoes and flies and the Flies they move from one place to the other and they may move from the excreta to the water or on the fort and they get contaminated very easily so what you can do about the pesticide residue now today what are the vegetables that are grown are highly containing the pesticides so after giving the pesticide they have to keep it for us period of time so that the pesticide residue does not remain in the vegetable but the farmers harvest is so fast that the residue remains on the vegetables so this can see because a very serious problem in the diet so you have to take precautions to remove the pesticides so thoroughly rinse and scrub fruits and vegetables so that whatever the dust that is remaining on the fruits and vegetables is removed then remove outer leaves of leafy vegetables like cabbage or you peel the vegetables and trim the fat from meat poultry and throw back the big fish because when these fish are given so many of the insecticides and all the things that remove the harmful things from the fish they grow very big so throw back the big fish then with regard to food you have to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before using and all the exposed foods must be washed with clean water when you go to the market you see the food entire fruits and vegetables are exposed and there is lot of dust and pollution around it so before cooking the food should be washed and clean and very good water should be used for watering for example if you see fruits like go ah they are sold on the cuts and it is open and we cannot worth purchase and eat it immediately so before eating they should be washed thoroughly then out the skin of and material they contain lots of microorganisms so again washing is very important to remove these microorganisms then when it is with the animal force the skin hair feathers and intestines of the animals again these contain a lot of microorganisms so you remove the hair whatever the skin is there the intestinal part everything is removed and only the muscle part and bone part is used for preparation now after taking so much of care for take care of cleaning the food and vegetables the food handling is another important aspect of hygiene and sanitation so food comes into contact with human hands during harvesting storage preparation and serving all these parts are sometimes serving also is done with hand so food handlers should be very much free from communicable disease what is a communicable disease the disease which spreads from one individual to another individual very easily either by contact or through inhaling the air is called a communicable disease so there should be free from the communicable disease then human hair nasal drainage and skin also can be a source of microorganism that is why they should have a head cap then they should have gloves and a mouth mask so that all these three are prevented from I mean the spoiling the food or contaminating therefore with infectious no organisms then persons who are handling the food must before serving the food or handling the food they must thoroughly wash the hand with soap it is not only with water but along with soap they should wash very nicely and refrain from touching the hair or wiping nose when the preparation is going on so because the food sanitation is the way of life if you prepare the food in a very hygienic and sanitized way the food will not cause any poisoning or infection in an individual then a number of gastrointestinal disorders are contaminated through water or food so all the water borne infection and foodborne infections are generally carried through the water so things like I mean in illness like typhoid etc are also carried by water and cholera diarrhea the simple cold cough everything is contaminated through the food and water a spread of disease through fecal contamination is if the person is a deceased person he will go and excrete the feces in a field which if this can be flown with water into the stream of water or through the hands if the person does not wash the hands properly it can be spread through the woods he will come and again touch the food therefore the food can be contaminated then flies they can reach the faeces and then again come and touch their food where it can contaminate and the soil soil where he excludes well again when the crop is grown there the bacteria also grows into the soil then these are the various ways how the food is contaminated and these organisms enter into a new victim and make him a sick person that is how the communicable diseases are spread now food contamination may be contaminated if water is not portable if the soil is not removed and the utensils are not cleaned properly and you have unhygenic habits like without washing hands you touch the food you just go under sneeze on the fork off on the food and clean your nose before while preparing the food then in all these cases you have communicable diseases and a person who is having communicable diseases will definitely spread the disease to the others now the equipment so all the equipment coming in contact with the food should be kept clean like the jars of the mixi the blenders the grinders the knives like sector should be very clean so they should be scrubbed clean with detergent and water and finally there should be rinsed with portable water and the equipment which can be dipped into hot water can just be dipped into water of 80 degrees centigrade at least for 30 seconds or more and remote so that whatever food material is remaining will be cleaned then you can remove the plop parts of the blenders everything can be separated and see that there is no food material remaining in the jar and it is perfectly clean to be used for the next time then use separate cutting boards when you cut meat and vegetables the same cutting board cannot be used because meat has lot of microorganisms which can spread into the vegetables then prepare raw foods in separate area from fresh and ready to eat force then clean and sanitize the equipment that is used the work surface should be cleaned after the entire cooking part is over because when the food is remaining there the bacteria are attacked attracted to that place and increase in number and the utensils all should be cleaned immediately after preparing the dish then use specific containers for various foods and make sure that cloth and paper towel is used for wiping the spills and the cloth that is used for wiping the spill is again clean and used and not used repeatedly so that it carries so many microorganisms and control of insects and rodents is very important so because common insects that are contaminating force you have so many things running around in homes like rats mice bundi coats they carry so much of infections in their hair in their own saliva and with along with their legs and or and the house fly which moves from this place to that place and contaminates food and cockroaches are one more very bad insects which will move on the food and on everything and contaminate the force and there are many small insects which we'll also help in the spoilage of food so how to prevent and exit the entry of air these insects so you put the prepared food in cupboards where there is a wire machine so that the insects rats and mice cannot enter into the cupboards and you put the food that is prepared on with a cover it is it should not be left open then filling the cracks fissures on the wall and flooring so that small insects and ants and the cockroaches do not crop up and covering the drains holes Edwin with the wire goes so there from the drainage the cockroaches do not enter into the kitchen then spraying on dusting the house with a mild pesticide which will neither affect the children nor at the same time it will stop the insects from entering into the house then sometimes fumigation also may be resolved when in large godowns where large quantities of food are stored and factories so that it destroys the insects and rodents all the food factories should be fumigated once in a while to clear the insects and rodents then insecticides since they are poisonous they must be used in small amounts and only when they are needed now good sanitation before preparation you should try the hair wash the hands properly wash all the fruits and vegetables and the cereals and whatever material that is to be cooked thoroughly before cookie then use clean whistles and equipment then before cooking also there should be worst again then cooked food should be covered properly using proper lids and leftover food should be stored in the refrigerator and reheated just before use if you follow all these conditions then the food remains hygienic and it is very good for individuals who are eating the food therefore food sanitation and hygiene should be maintained very well so that the family is healthy and having a good four there is no spread of communicable diseases and there is no extra expenditure on medical cost because of eating bad food thank you

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