Foods for Anxiety | Latest Research | Number One Nutrient You Need to Know

Foods for Anxiety | Latest Research | Number One Nutrient You Need to Know

A study came out earlier this month examining
21 studies across 1500 participants to determine whether changing your gut affected symptoms
of anxiety. I’m going to share with you what that study found along with tips for what
to eat to help relieve anxiety symptoms, on this episode of The Dr. K Show. (LOGO) I’m Dr. Karthik Ramanan. I help ambitious
individuals end self criticism with tools and strategies to create optimal everyday
mental health. If you’re new here and you know you need to get out of your own way to
execute on your passions, Iím here for you. I encourage you to subscribe right now. Each week on The Dr. K Show, I answer YOUR
burning questions. The second segment is Progress Success, where I share a win from K Nation,
people just like you. And in the final segment, I Bring The Heat. If you need a kickstart,
a little motivation, stick around until the end. I drop wisdom, raw and real. Before we jump into the study, I want to give
you a little background so that we’re on the same page. Did you know there are 100 million
neurons in your gut? So much in fact that it has its own classification within the nervous
system: the enteric nervous system. Did you also know that 95% of your bodyís serotonin
lives in your gut? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter thatís associated with feelings of happiness,
and it modulates cognition, memory, and learning, to name a few known functions. Now, weíre
just at the early stages of being able to fully understand how the gut-brain connection
works, but common sense says that given what we already know, it would make a lot of sense
to establish optimal everyday mental health with, you guessed it, caring for our gut health. There are trillions of bacteria and other
organisms that live peacefully in our guts. We call it the microbiome. Some believe an
unhealthy microbiome is the cause of many of our modern day chronic diseases, and though
itís difficult to necessarily determine causation, it is safe to say that we need a healthy microbiome
for optimal everyday mental health. What does that look like? In a study published in just this month, researchers
reviewed 21 microbiome studies accounting for 1500 participants to determine whether
there was a link between microbiome changes and anxiety. The study found that there was
a connection, and that non-probiotic interventions were more effective in reducing anxiety symptoms
than probiotic interventions. What does that mean? Itís not enough to pop a probiotic
to fix your microbiome. Itís important to eat the foods that create the optimal microbiome. Are you enjoying this episode so far? If so,
hit that like button. And what are those foods? Primarily, fiber-rich
plants. Look, we get all caught up about high protein, low fat, low carbÖ and yet 97% of
Americans fail to meet the recommended 30 grams of fiber per day. And that recommendation
isn’t necessarily the optimal level. Fiber is critical because it feeds the bacteria
that we want to live in our gut. Those favorable microbes extract the short chain fatty acids,
vitamins, and other micronutrients from the fiber which can decrease inflammation, improve
immune function, and, you guessed it, improve cognitive function. Focus on your fiber-rich
foods like broccoli, sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, lentils, beans, almondsÖ even unsweetened
dark chocolate. Oh by the way, that fiber supplementÖ it’s not going to cut it compared
to real whole plant foods. Bonus tip: Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut,
and kombucha are fantastic as well. These are sometimes referred to as pre-biotic foods
because they grow the bacterial strains that we want in our gut. So there you have it. Your gut is intimately
connected with your nervous system and its functions. Your gut is populated by various
strains of bacteria that make up your microbiome. A healthy microbiome created with whole plant
foods, not just probiotic supplements, helps relieve anxiety symptoms. Question of the day: do you get enough whole
plants in your diet? Let me know in the comments below. If you donít, let me know whatís
your biggest challenge, and Iíll see if I can give you some pointers. Todayís Progress Success is brought to you
by my client who you met in last weekís progress success. At our last appointment, she dropped
some major news on me that she hadnít smoked in several days! Mind you, sheís been a smoker
since her late teenage years, and all attempts to quit to this point had been unsuccessful.
So what happened? We were focusing on creating healthful habits to help her reshape the way
she saw herself and establish behaviors that will keep her mentally and physically healthy
for years to come. We hadnít even gotten to the smoking yet, but thatís the power
of creating momentum in your life! Make a few changes, and they all start flowing. Iím
so proud of her. It has been estimated that one out of three
people experience anxiety symptoms at some point in their lifetime. If you deal with
anxiety, you are absolutely NOT alone. It is ok to feel anxious. You are not broken. The question is, how badly do you want to
change. How much is this anxiety keeping you from taking action. How badly is this anxiety
keeping you from having quality relationships. How much is this anxiety stopping you from
being the person you KNOW you can be. That ends today. Look my friend, the bottom
line is this. If we want to feel differently, we have to act differently. We canít sit
in our pain and expect it to go away. What if your anxiety was a gift, a gift that led
you down a path of healthy habits and a healthy life? Make that your truth. Take the first
step and shift your physiology by eating one thing today thatís one hundred percent whole
plants. Maybe itís a whole salad. Maybe itís just a single carrot. It doesnít have to
be much to get your momentum going. And yes, I know, maybe it’s not tasty eating
those foods. Here’s a question to ask yourself. How good does our mental suffering taste?
It tastes nasty. Trust me, within two weeks of eating more whole plants, this process
will sell itself to you because you will start to FEEL so much more alert, calm, and most
importantly, alive. Shift the way you eat, shift the way you feel.
I know you can do it, today. You donít have to be victim to your anxiety
any longer. It doesnít have to control you. It doesnít have to determine what you deserve
in life. You can, and you will address it head-on and become the vibrant person that
deep down, you know you are. I believe in your greatness.

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10 thoughts on “Foods for Anxiety | Latest Research | Number One Nutrient You Need to Know

  1. K-Nation Question of the Day: Do you get enough whole plants in your diet? If you don’t, let me know what’s your biggest challenge, and I’ll see if I can give you some pointers.

  2. I can confirm that a change to a whole foods, plant based diet has made significant improvement in my life. I tried the probiotic path with my traditional diet and it did not help.

    I had no idea of the impact the gut has with the nervous system. Thank you for the video.

  3. Yes! I've been getting in the habit of cutting up jicama to include with every meal lately. It's a super fresh and crispy addition as a side dish to anything!

  4. I love this, because all we ever hear is, "You shouldn't eat this, you shouldn't eat that…" while the new studies show that what we DON'T eat has a greater effect on overall health and longevity than any of those supposedly "bad" foods we consume do. As for me and plants, I get my recommended dose every day!

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